In April, Derek Reddin, Staff Services Analyst for El Dorado County Health & Human Services, attended our meeting to gather community input for CPS’s System Improvement Plan (SIP).

This is a summary of that input.

The feedback was clear.

South Lake Tahoe is experiencing crisis low numbers of foster parents.  We do not have enough foster parents in town.  As a result, children are being moved off of the hill and out of town.  These are children that have done nothing wrong. They lose their bedroom, their entire home, and their parents which is hugely traumatic. Then, if there are no local foster homes with enough space for them, they lose their friends, their teachers, and their entire social network.  This is devastating for these kids. CPS urgently needs to hire a recruiter for local foster parents so that we can at least keep part of these children’s worlds intact and keep the kids nearby for parental visitation as appropriate.

The other sentiment that was lifted up was that the high turnover at CPS is a challenge. When experienced social workers leave CPS and our community, all their experience leaves with them.  We need CPS fully staffed to be sustainable and to support our children and families.