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Lake Tahoe Collaborative
December 10, 2012

1. Welcome
a. Approve October Minutes

2. Introductions and Announcements
a. Frank Blakeney, LVF. They have done Adopt-a-Family for 25-30 families for the holidays. They had more donors than families this year. They’ve received a couple grants, one from the Federal Government DOJ and one from El Dorado Co. The home visiting grant starts in January. The DOJ grant is for supervised visits for the Parent-to-Parent program.
b. Alissa Nourse, TYFS. The drop in facility is for anyone up to age 25. It now has a shower and laundry. Their Open House is this Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm. They always need donations for the drop in center, such as: soap, towels, underwear, socks, and winter clothes. The Ski Duck program takes local kids to go skiing/riding and they need outdoor clothes for youth ages 6-teenage. They started the PIP program at three elementary schools (FRC is doing Bijou Elementary School). The Drug Free Coalition meets after this meeting today… The Child Abuse Prevention Council is always looking for more representatives, contact Alissa or Frank Blakeney. Meetings are every other month at 9am on Friday. January is the next meeting.
c. Megan Ciampa, Foster Family and Adoption Services. They have a push to recruit more adoptive and foster families. She passed around a handout. They’ll host a training for new families in April. To plan for this recruitment, agencies are meeting Tuesday January 8th at 2pm at Foster Family and Adoption Services office. This recruitment effort is meeting once a month through April. Contact her if you’d like to join the planning effort. In the short term, they are looking to expand to Alpine County and other areas they can serve.
d. Danielle Rees, Girls on the Run, Sierras. She handed out brochures. There’s a program for girls 3-5th grade and a middle school program for 10 weeks after school. They have volunteer coaches. This program is evidence based. It increases girls’ physical exercise, self-esteem and increases their positive body image. They will host an information session after the holidays for volunteers.
e. Karen Houser, Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe. They are facing funding challenges. They have had to do staffing reductions. This year, they are focusing on after school and summer programs and they are closed over the school Christmas break. The Holiday Angel program is underway. They have 37 donors purchasing items for kids. After the holiday break, they’ll be open January 7th.
f. Tina Barna, Choices For Children. She can tell you what child care providers will be open for the holidays, off hours and weekends for both infant care and school aged populations. They have had some donations for emergency diaper and formula. Coats for Kids allowed them to provide for their families. They’ve been enrolling a small number of new families.
g. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health. The Foundation says “THANKS” for making Festival of Lights and Trees such as success. The 2013 Health and Wellness Calendars are available for everyone and the Community Benefit Report is included in the package, too. 2013 is Barton’s 50th Anniversary, so you’ll be hearing a lot about their history and celebrations.
h. Elizabeth Ferry-Perata, Together We Grow. The early care and education program continues to work with the CARES program and with parents. Kristen Torres of Best Beginnings will be at Tahoe Tot Spot to present “Why Won’t My Kid Listen?” on 12/11from 10-11am. Melissa is still out on medical leave. Contact them if you’d like them to host a presentation at your location. They’re looking for ways to reach Tahoe families while Melissa is out on leave.
i. Kathy Martinez, UCCE Nutrition Program. They’ve had three adult classes graduate. These graduates committed to an eight week program. They hosted an award ceremony. Three Family Resource Center youth classes graduated and they will host a program extension due to its success and popularity. They have added two classes at Boys and Girls Club. If you have families that would like to have a program, Kathy can do home classes with groups of three or more. UCCE has developed brochures which should be ready for distribution next month. They have posters going up in all the schools. They are trying to get into Tahoe Valley Physical Education classes beginning in January.
j. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library. They did a lot of outreach for Measure L in past few months. It didn’t pass. The library has the book budget frozen since Measure L did not pass. They have a very positive outlook and continue looking for grants. Should you see any grants, please contact them. They are finishing up the storytime programs this month, then take a 2 week hiatus, then restart programs in January. The Mother Goose on the Loose program is at 11am and 3 pm on Thursdays. In February, Spanish Mother Goose on the Loose will begin for children 0-2 years. This program will run on a trial basis. Next year, they will have a toddler specific story time. They’ve included an interactive light table, an interactive computer and a kitchen area to encourage young families to the library.
k. Angela Swanson, City of South Lake Tahoe. The ambulance services underwent upgrades to its infrastructure. They have updated heart equipment which also upgraded their level of service. They have made upgrades to dispatch too, which has improved patient outcomes, provided better quality care and also increased training for staff. The holiday fire truck is out in the neighborhoods and handing out candy canes. Snowglobe is coming the 29-31st. They are hoping to make it an annual event. This year the City is asking them to do more charitable giving. The Recreation Master Plan will begin in 2013 and focus on increasing organized tourism which will increase the number of local jobs, and keep more families in the community. They are partnering with the college and the school district to improve quality of life here. TOT has skyrocketed up. They are starting to feel a slow turnaround in tourism and spending. Through the use of GPS, the City website shows where the snowplow is and where it’s been.
The Tahoe Transportation District bus system is doing free days throughout the year. TTD receives air quality monies to fund free and discounted rider days. On the free days, there has been a 20-30% increase in ridership. The bus services have stabilized and are now running in the black.
l. Sally Williams, Probation. She has been at the Juvenile Treatment center for two months now. Mental Health did recruit for her previous position and it closed last week.
m. Pat Okacza, Barton Health. The Childbirth and Beyond brochure is hot off the press. The Maternal Child Health Task Force brochure is being designed. The target population is new parents who are going home from the hospital. They are in the brainstorming phase and it will be in a question and answer format. Adult Protective Services and Barton are contacts for elder abuse. She’ll work with a group if they’d like to meet about this, contact her.
n. Deirdre Slater, El Dorado County Office of Education. Child Development Program. Nothing to report.
o. Lorrie Pond. Nothing to report.
p. Adriana Salas-Rodriguez, El Dorado County Public Health. Call them for flu shots.
q. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado. Dental van update-it’s back up and running through Tooth Travelers. They have had a slow time working through contracts and legal agreements, so thanks for your patience. They are following the dental van published calendar. There is Child Care support for families that accept foster children. They are meeting to brainstorm strategies on how to bring this information to the LTC group.
r. Rick Alford, First 5. All kindergarten teachers in the community have filled out evaluations. He will tabulate the information and present it to us soon.
s. Misty Dee, Tahoe Turning Point. They are partnering with LVF for supervised visits and home visits. They are providing mental health and drug and alcohol counseling for these families.
t. Kristi Boosman, TRPA. The Regional Plan Update is going to the Governing Board for vote on 12/12/12. It supports livable and bikeable communities. It will incorporate environmental redevelopment to spur economic development and beautification. Lake Tahoe needs to have a regional focus on this support structure. Thanks to members of this group for talking to the Governing Board and it was great to hear from you on the impact of this plan on our families.
u. Amanda Morozumi, CASA El Dorado. Placerville has had many staff changes, but there have been none in Tahoe. There will be no annual fundraiser in February in South Lake Tahoe. Thanks for your support for the holiday donations.
v. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic. Dr. Ortega has upped the age for dental insurance to 16 years old. She accepts DentiCal. The older children have such extreme issues that they may need many dental visits. Dr. Ortega is dedicated to this community and we thank her.
They have two Santa outfits so contact Wendy to borrow them.
Tahoe Magic gave out $27,000+ to families in 2012. They accept donations; please contact her to make one. Thanks for your support and referring families to Tahoe Magic.

3. Special update: Leanne Wagoner
Community Outreach Coordinator
Barton Health, Public Relations Department
(530) 543-5537,

Community Health Needs Assessment Results
In May 2012, Barton Health worked collaboratively with community partners to conduct a community health needs assessment for the South Lake Tahoe region. This presentation provides the results from this assessment, areas of opportunity to improve, and action items in the works–responding to the community’s needs.

Barton, as part of Health Care Reform Act, is required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years. Barton did local one last May. It’s a 250 page report. Visit: for more information.
Barton needs to create an action plan to respond to the needs from the Community Health Findings. The data is primary and secondary. They did a phone survey with 400 local residents in their service area from Glenbrook to Tahoma. It was 146 questions and lasted approximately 25 minutes. Adults 18 and over were interviewed. The secondary data is from public health, death records, and health records. Barton held two community forums, one was clinician based and one was a social services and community leader group. They talked about health concerns and social factors. Once the data was combined, nine areas of opportunity emerged: access to health care services, cancer, dementia/including Alzheimers, housing, immunization/infectious diseases, injury/violence prevention, mental health/mental disorders, substance abuse, tobacco use.
They realized that education and prevention need to be incorporated into everything. Then they ranked and prioritize the nine areas of opportunity. The three top issues were: substance abuse, access to healthcare services, mental health. The next issues were: dementia, unintentional injury and violence, immunization and infectious disease. Barton will address these issues as priorities in the next few years.

• Note: Leanne can create data from this 250 page report for non-profit agencies and for grant writers. She can break down the data by socio-economic status, age, and ethnicity.
Contact Leanne for more information.

Barton’s strategic plan is about 20 pages long. They sit on STDFC, support community prevention programs, identify resources for patients with alcohol and drug dependency (including training all doctors and nurses), enhance internal protocols to reduce the abuse of prescription narcotics (electronic medical records, EPIC).

Access to Healthcare Services: They have a high statistically significant population of uninsured/underinsured residents. Another fact is that adults in their service area are less likely to get an annual check-up; however, children are getting more frequent than normal health care check-ups. They are in the process of expanding the Barton Clinic. They are creating the health resources guide for the community. Barton focuses on increasing health outcomes for the community. Looking at services for seniors and they realize this is a service gap. They have an expansive tele-health program. They offer 6 specialties rather than sending local patients travelling to outside the area.

Mental health and Mental Disorders: They have a higher risk of suicide versus other areas of California and the United States. Mental Health issues came out as a high priority for them.

They have a Mental Health program, and are continuing to expand their tele-health program, connecting partners with funding resources, community education and prevention (ex: help with county suicide prevention and campaigns, do community presentations).

The region has a low childhood obesity rate versus the rest of the country.

For more information visit:

Contact Leanne with any questions.

Re: Obama Care and Barton: In Spring, we plan to hold community forums for business owners (large and small) and one for community members. Early fall exchange programs will roll out

4. 2:30 PM Adjourn

5. 2:30PM DFC Meeting, 1100 Lyons Avenue

6. Next LTC meeting January 14 , 2013
1-2:30pm 1100 Lyons Avenue

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