Lake Tahoe Collaborative

August 12, 2013


1. Welcome

a. Approve June Minutes

2. Introductions and Announcements

a. Alexis Foley, Court Appointed Special Advocates: South Shore’s Best Band Event fundraiser is Friday August 23rd 3-8pm Lake View Commons, free event, free parking at the library/rec center. There will be a live auction, silent auction, beer and wine garden, vendors, and a bike valet. Amanda has gone off to graduate school. They are moving towards a peer coordinator model with volunteer case advocates.

b. Tina Barna, Choices for Children: They have emergency diapers and formula. The toy lending library is free and you can rotate the toys in your home. They are located behind the Safeway Gas Station.

c. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: No updates.

d. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center, El Dorado County Probation: They have been taking girls since Memorial Day Weekend and have hired a lot of new staff.

e. Deborah McCarthy, Barton Health: The Community Clinic has changed its name to Barton Community Health Center.

f. Francie Alling, St Joseph’s Community Land Trust: They are partnering with Habitat for Humanity on a fundraiser, see flyer. Hike for Housing, $15 individual or $25 family, 9a-1pm meet at Lam Wa Tah Trail. A Fraud and ID Theft presentation will be given at Douglas Co Senior Center by Sgt Pat Brooks with Douglas Co Sheriff, 7pm on August 21st, free event.

g. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: The 10th Intensive Spanish Summer Institute is underway on campus and has over 400 students in attendance this week. Registration for the Fall semester starts after Labor Day.

h. Garry Bowen: He has been appointed to the Board of the Tahoe Resource Conservation District. He is working with the Framework for Strategic Sustainability Development (FSSD) and is working on a local K-12 Nature Center.

i. Carol Almanza: She will give a presentation later in the meeting.

j. Theresa Papandrea, Snowboard Outreach Society: They are about to kick off their winter programs, see handout. SOS is looking for service days for students who are in their program, so they can give back to the community. They are looking for volunteers and mentors for a 3 day commitment per month. One day is a ski/snowboard day and you receive a ski pass. Please give Theresa referrals of youth who would benefit from SOS.

k. Victoria Ortiz, California Tahoe Conservancy: She is the new Communications Liaison.

l. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Next up in the Wellness Lecture Series is a Tendonitis lecture on August 21 followed by a Men’s Health lecture. The Barton Foundation is prepping for Festival of Trees. Join them for the annual Cocktail Contest on Sept 12 5:30pm-8:30pm at Riva Grill, proceeds benefit the Cardiology Dept.

m. Deirdre Slater, El Dorado County Office of Education: Head Start and Pre School starts soon, call them for sign up information.

n. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: The Cocktail Contest will be held Sept 12 5:30-8:30pm at Riva Grill, proceeds benefit the Cardiology Dept.

o. Angela Swanson, City of South Lake Tahoe: Construction season is underway. Sidewalks are being installed along Pioneer Trail. The economy is up. Nancy Kerry has saved $3m for the City through Redevelopment Agency, State of California. They are hopeful that a new budget will get adopted with no reductions in staff or services. The Loop Road planning is underway with outreach and interaction with social service agencies for social justice in the project. Senator Gaines should join us for our October LTC meeting, as a group we will want to emphasize Social Service Relationships in the basin. The City is continuing work on the Recreation Master Plan; fill out a survey if you have received one. Chief Uhler is working with City Council on violence in the City and keeping our community safe.

p. Wendy West, University of California Cooperative Extension: She coordinates the Tahoe Master Gardener Program and works in Agriculture and Environmental Literacy. Tahoe Farm Day is on Sept 24 at Camp Richardson. California School Garden Training Program training will be held on Aug 20 with teachers in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

q. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: They had a busy, busy, busy summer filled with free yoga, free cooking lessons, and Todd Borg came to talk about book in July and Aug.

The Summer Reading Club had 445 kids, 61 teens, and logged 2250 hours read which is the highest ever seen. Sally Neitling is retiring after 29 years, Katharine Miller will fill her position. They are in the process of hiring a person for the circulation desk. Next month is library card sign up month.

r. Kim Stadtlander, Together We Grow: A new staff member, Kathy Ide, has been hired and is bilingual English and Spanish. Kathy and Kim will share the Lake Tahoe area. Feel free to reach out to introduce yourself to Kathy Ide, 530-295-2456.

s. Erica Eng, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: Their four main programs are: mentoring, counseling, substance abuse and treatment, drop in center for homeless youth for up to age 21. They will host a Color Blast Run 5k on September 14th, LTCC, Saturday, 8am, register online or call to register, $50 adults, $10 for kids 10 and under. They are looking for volunteers. Bike to the event and park your bike at the bike valet.

Drug Free Coalition: Their meetings are usually held after the LTC meeting, though they are on a summer hiatus. The DFC’s goal is to reduce drug and alcohol use in South lake Tahoe for youth and change the culture around that use. DFC just applied for a big federal grant to fund a Coalition Coordinator.

t. Frank Blakeney, Live Violence Free: Family Court has the T-shirts from Clothes Line Project on display. Commissioner Sullivan asked that they be displayed in the family court 2-3 weeks ago. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. They will host a Gala Sept 27th at Top of the Wheel. “” is a no risk auction item site for organization fundraising.

u. Kristen Hunt Naefke, Tahoe Turning Point: They just submitted two applications for transitional housing care for foster youth to stay in their system from years 18-21. They are asking for a letter of support from the LTC for the grant. Kristin will draft a letter and email it to LTC for review, then Wendy David will sign it. Kiwanis Community Fair, August 30-Sept 1, see flyer.

v. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative: She and Veronica are continuing to help families break the barriers to health services. They help get families to doctors and dentists.

w. Veronica Strauss, El Dorado County Public Health: She and Penny are continuing to help families break the barriers to health services, including helping get families to the doctor and dentist.

x. Wendy David, First 5 El Dorado and Tahoe Magic: Tahoe Magic provides bridge funding to help local families. Attend the CASA Event.

y. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado (not present, update read by Wendy David): Andrea Powers has joined the First 5 Staff as a program coordinator and will start this Wednesday.

In the last few months, the Commission has seen the resignation of two long time leaders, Dr. Vicki Barber and Dr. Clint Collins. The Commission continues to work with the Board of Supervisors to appoint new members. The Commission is working with Tooth Travelers to bring the Children’s Dental Van back into service. The Commission is calling a meeting on August 26, 2013 from 10-11 AM at the Commission Office to consider a proposal by Tooth Travelers to bring services back as soon as possible. Once services are secured, we will send out a new schedule.

z: Nicole Zaborsky, Lake Tahoe Collaborative: She has “0-6 month brochures” in English and Spanish for interested members.

3. Special Discussion: “Medi-Cal Managed Care”

Carol Almanza, Health Promotion Consultant

Anthem Blue Cross, Medi-Cal/Medicaid (CA)  (209) 323-0499

Anthem Blue Cross (ABC) has won the contract with the State of California for El Dorado County Medi-Cal Managed Care. Blue Cross will begin implementation of Medi-Cal Managed Care on November 1, 2013. Carol would like to understand the needs of the community better so that she can help assist LTC members.

ABC is going to be an option for Medi-Cal Managed Care beginning November 1, 2013. One of their challenges is making sure they have a network of doctors set up in this area. Managed care works like an HMO in that a member needs to have a primary care doctor. Primary care doctors can give referrals to other specialists. ABC has special programs for members with certain health issues, ex: diabetes. These special programs work on preventive care with members and add incentives into the program. ABC works with Public Health on immunizations and encourages members to get immunizations through their primary care physician. ABC works with the community on sponsorships for health-related events. There will be an outpatient behavioral health component, which is new to ABC, so they are looking for partnerships in this area. They want to look to partner with health education classes and support this in the South Lake Tahoe community. ABC offers an in person translation service or over the phone translation service for doctors and providers, including sign language.

Will Anthem Blue Cross contract across state lines? Yes

Will Anthem Blue Cross be part of Affordable Care Act? Yes, for individual plans, but not for small business plans.

Angela likes the pro-activeness of this presentation. How do we keep in communication with one another? Will you continue to be the point of contact with Nicole. Yes, she will be the LTC point of contact until there is a new contact. California State requires ABC to have quarterly stakeholder meetings to hear from their communities.

Remember to contact Penny or Veronica if you have questions for 0-18 year olds.

4. Special Discussion: “LTC Partnership MOU”

At the Retreat we discussed:

LTC agencies would like to sign an MOU to have a document to submit for grants.

Today’s discussion:

-What is the goal of the Agreement? Formal support, financial support.

-What will a successful Agreement look like? Content? Purpose? Flexibilities?

-What is the name of the Agreement?

-Who are the signers?

We agreed that this MOU will include a statement of how each agency works with the LTC. This document will include a description of the role the LTC plays. This document will include a line such as: “we are supportive of…”

All organizations will be invited to sign this MOU. If an organization wants to invite specific organizations into an MOU, they need to seek this out themselves.

Does this document have a fiduciary duty? No.

One thing that is unique and very successful is that LTC has government and agency representation with social services and educational programs/members. LTC spans a wide spectrum of services in this community.

**Bring MOU back on the agenda next month.

Homework item: Each agency will prepare a few sentences of what they do in relation to the LTC. LTC will reflect on its history to get a description of LTC.

5. 2:30 pm Adjourn


6. Drug Free Communities Meetings resume September 9 at 2:30pm.


7. Next LTC meeting September 9, 2013

1pm-2:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue