Lake Tahoe Collaborative

September 9, 2013


1. 1:00pm Welcome

Review the minutes from the August 12th meeting.

2. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies

Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.

3. Special Update: “Blue Ribbon Awards”

Presenter: Sean Sweeney, Blue Ribbon Award Task Force, Tahoe Chamber.

Contact: Emily Abernathy, 775-588-1728 ext. 303.

To make a Blue Ribbon Award nomination, visit:

4. Special Discussion: “Human Service Transportation Needs”

Tara Styer, MPH, Mobility Manager – Tahoe Transportation District, 775-589-5509

The Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee holds a transportation discussion in October to summarize the human service transportation needs of the community before a regional Social Services Transportation Advisory Council meeting conducts a formal needs assessment in November. Tara will lead a discussion to determine if the Collaborative would be willing to do something similar on the south shore.

5. Special Discussion: “LTC Partnership MOU”

Follow up conversation on document format.

6. Special Discussion: “October Meeting Format with Special Guest Congressman Tom McClintock”


7. 2:30 pm Adjourn & Drug Free Communities Meeting begins.


8. Next LTC meeting October 14, 2013, 1-2:30pm.