Lake Tahoe Collaborative    September 9, 2013     Minutes

1.  Welcome

     Approve August Minutes

2.  Introductions and Announcements

a. Frank Blakeney, Live Violence Free: The Live Violence Free “Gala” is Friday September 27th from 6-9pm at the Top of Harvey’s. Purchase tickets online, at their office, or from a board member. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

There will be a free all day training on Sept. 16 on the topic of “Human Trafficking.” If interested, contact him and he’ll get you the information.

CapC has gone forward with “Fathers Initiative” training. We’ll have two teams attending from South Lake Tahoe.

Leadership with South Lake Tahoe begins Wednesday and the topics are wonderful.

b. Alissa Nourse: Tahoe Youth and Family Services: The Drug Free Communities (DFC) was awarded the federal grant. They were one of less than 150 in the nation and 1 of 9 organizations in California to be awarded, so this is big news! This grant brings in $125,000 to this community (guaranteed) for next 5 years. This is money to promote a drug free community and build the coalition. The DFC meeting is today at 2:30pm right after the LTC meeting. DFC is looking for more members and hiring for a coordinator for the grant.

This Saturday is the Color Blast fundraiser at LTCC.

They have hired a new mentoring coordinator; she will introduce herself (Emily).

They are hiring two people for the Juvenile Treatment Center, Schools, and Incline Village. They have applied for the PIP contract to continue doing the same work as last year.

c. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: JTC has 5 girls. They are excited about getting two new employees at JTC. JTC is working on getting new programming, ex: Matrix (individual and family participation and education).

d. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: Registration is open for the Fall quarter and classes begin Sept. 23rd, register online. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Friday Sept. 20th Visioning Session (postponed from earlier in the year) from 10-3pm, lunch will be provided, RSVP to 530-541-4660 x210.

e. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: The Education Department has new “Safety for Baby and Child” classes Sept. 30, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, and Dec. 23 6:30-9pm, $10/class, call: 530-543-5768 or visit “”.

The next wellness lecture is on “Back Pain,” on September 19th from 6-7pm, LTCC Room A208, for more information call: 530-543-5537, see flyer.

There are multiple handouts on “Concussion Awareness” for athletes and parents. If you know of any high school athlete who gets injured while playing a sport, Barton offers free evaluations.

f. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: Katharine Miller is the new branch manager at the South Lake Tahoe Library. They will be filling a library position soon. Storytime season begins again next week.

g. Jan Robbins, Chair of Western Slope Community Strengthening Group: She came to visit the LTC and introduce herself.

h. Alexis Foley, Court Appointed Special Advocates: They are launching a twice annual training on Oct. 3 at LTCC, see handout.  They are especially looking for male and Spanish speaking advocates.

i. Carol Almanza, Anthem Blue Cross: They are still on track for a Nov. 1 start.

j. Angelica Nungaray, Anthem Blue Cross: Yes, they are looking forward to Nov. 1.

k. Kathy Ide, Together We Grow: She is the newly hired Early Childhood Specialist for the South Lake Tahoe area. She is based in Placerville and is bilingual.

l. Emily Bennett, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: She is the new Mentor Coordinator. She is based in the Woodfords office. She will oversee the South Lake Tahoe area and getting a program up and running in the Minden/Gardnerville area. Looking for mentee/mentor signups.

m. Charlene Giuli, Barton Health: She works in the Quality Department. With Health Care Reform, Barton is looking to improve the care of patients.

n. Deborah McCarthy, Barton Health Community Clinic: They have changed their name to Barton Community Health Center.

o. Sabrina Owen-Balme, El Dorado County Mental Health: Mental Health is advertising for a clinical position. They are currently looking for a new site to locate them all in one location. Josefina reminds everyone about a website on navigating the Affordable Care Act, “” .

p. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: The next  Regional Coordinating Council meeting (and interdisciplinary group coordinating transportation needs in the community) is Sept. 18 at 2pm at TRPA.

q. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: The Signature Cocktail Contest is Sept. 12 at Riva, 5-8:30pm.

r. Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension: The nutrition funding has transitioned so they are getting more money. She is still teaching youth and adult nutrition classes. Volunteers are teaching all the kindergarten components. There is a new parent workshop at the schools.  Classes are continuing at the FRC and Library. Their new partner is Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS).

s. Delicia Spees, Family Resource Center: They are elated to have De-Anne Hooper as new Executive Director. Delicia will be working 15 hours/week coordinating programs and working with families.

t. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: Delicia has been at FRC for 20 years now. FRC assists people with translations, basic needs, nutrition for families, and food handouts.  There are four Cafecitos groups (Spanish speaking PTA)–Bijou, Tahoe Valley, Sierra House and the Middle School. She extends an invitation for those wanting to join Cafecitos—it’s a great way to interact with mothers and fathers who are leaders in their own communities.

u. Meghan Ciampa, Foster Family and Adoptive Services: She is getting geared up for the Fall Training for Foster and Adoptive parents in South Lake Tahoe. They are now reaching out to Truckee area. Each year, they will hold training in the fall and spring. This past spring training trained 8 new families– 4 are up and running.

v. Theresa Papandrea, Snowboard Outreach Society: They are gearing up for winter. They have 4 schools onboard for 100 snowboard spots for kids. They have a teacher or faculty on board at each school to help recognize kids to recruit. SOS supplies clothing, gear, lift tickets, certified instructors, and snacks. They train mentors and coordinators. They are kicking off the University program (graduates of Learn to Ride), are hiring mentors for a Sept.-April commitment and they’ll have 65 kids in that program. SOS has programs at Northstar and Tahoe Donner. In South Lake Tahoe they are in their 4th year of the University program. Registration is Sept 22 at 3:30pm at the Tahoe Chamber (for kids who already know how to ski or snowboard). They are looking for Service Projects, call her to coordinate.

w. Kristin Hunt Naefke, Tahoe Turning Point: The Labor Day Carnival made ~$35,000. They plan on doing the carnival again next year.

x. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Many Childcare Centers and Providers are full right now. If you know of anyone who would like to be a licensed daycare home, contact her. Should the economy pick up, there will be a need for more providers. There is also a need for school aged population childcare centers. For El Dorado County’s last year’s budget, there was not a significant cut to childcare funding, which is great. They still have emergency diapers and clothing.

y. Wendy David, LTC Chair; Lake Tahoe Unified School District; Tahoe Magic: A couple of grants are closing soon, El Dorado Community Foundation—enrichment for school aged children in our community and the Vail Echo grant is open through Wednesday. Tomorrow is Endow El Dorado deadline through El Dorado Community Foundation 10-11:30am there will be a bidder’s conference via special invitation at Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe.

LTUSD: It has been an awesome start to the new school year. There are new administrators at the schools and they bring an exciting new energy to the district. Measure G funds are completely finished at the high school and Bijou school. Now the school district can focus on programs especially career tech skills. They are seeing graduates come back to the community.

Tahoe Magic is a non-profit and funds families going through crisis. Contact her to make a donation or refer a family.

LTC is funded by First 5 El Dorado. She welcomes your input and she’ll relay any information you would like her to bring to the attention of the commission including updates on awesome things happening in your organization.

z. Francie Alling, St. Joseph’s Community Land Trust: (Not physically in attendance) They are partnering with Habitat for Humanity on a fundraiser, “Hike for Housing,” $15 individual or $25 for family, 9a-1p at Lam Wa Tah Trail, September 21, 2013, meet at Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church off Elks Point Road.

aa. Nicole Zaborsky, LTC Coordinator:  The Maternal Child Health Task Force is printing more of the Parents of 0-6 mo. olds brochures in English and Spanish; will be working on the referral matrix over next 9 months, and are designing a Postpartum Depression bookmark and community education lectures.

3. Special Update: “Blue Ribbon Awards”

Presenter: Sean Sweeney, Blue Ribbon Award Task Force, Tahoe Chamber.

Contact: Emily Abernathy,  775-588-1728 ext. 303.

To make a Blue Ribbon Award nomination, visit:

This presentation was cancelled.

Alissa Norse commented that she would like to advocate for a Nonprofit Blue Ribbon Award, others agreed.

Alissa attends the Tahoe Chamber meetings and finds them very beneficial to Tahoe Youth and Family Services.

4.    Special Discussion: “Human Service Transportation Needs”

Tara Styer, MPH, Mobility Manager – Tahoe Transportation District, 775-589-5509

The Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee holds a transportation discussion in October to summarize the human service transportation needs of the community before the regional Social Services Transportation Advisory Council meeting conducts a formal needs assessment in November.  Tara led a discussion to determine if the Collaborative would be willing to do something similar on the south shore.

Each year there is an unmet needs hearing at TRPA for the North Shore. She’s giving the South Shore the same opportunity. This will be a great tool that she can pass along at the hearing.

Tara: Does LTC want to do this?

LTC: “Yes.”

She will send a needs assessment spreadsheet to the LTC electronically. This allows her to bring specific needs up at the hearing.

Tara: “For example, if there was a vehicle that went outside of the area, would this be a need that could be used?”

Please share any anecdotal information to her in the needs assessment spreadsheet. TTD’s focus is on older people, people with disabilities, and low income people.

Tara will need the completed needs assessment information by the second week of October. Nicole will email a form that can be filled out.

***Bus posting: Crisis Line and bringing back information since safe places went away. Signs and information will change. Alissa is coordinating this.

5.    Special Discussion: “LTC Partnership MOU”

Follow up conversation on document format.

We should develop both a short and long version. The short version will be one page, describe the LTC, and include a list of the member organizations. The long version will include a summary of what the LTC is (Ex: LTC is a forum that supports the community through discussion, member input, fosters collaboration amongst members, vehicle to share information and ideas) and a summary of each organization’s mission. Additionally, each agency will generate an agreement as to what they provide for the LTC. This agency document will state things such as: we will refer, provide xyz services, be collaborative, etc. 

6.    Special Discussion: “October Meeting Format with Special Guest Senator Ted Gaines”

When Angela Swanson returns to town, we will schedule a meeting with her and all interested LTC members as a pre-planning meeting. We will discuss the October meeting venue (Aspen Room?), time allotment he will be in South Lake Tahoe, itemize agenda items, meeting format and other details.

An idea could be to take the Congressman on a South Lake Tahoe back roads tour.

7.    2:30 pm Adjourn & Drug Free Communities Meeting begins.

8.    Next LTC meeting October 14, 2013, 1-2:30pm.

9.    2:30 pm Adjourn

10. Next LTC meeting October 14, 2013   1pm-2:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue