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Lake Tahoe Collaborative

October 14, 2013



1.  Welcome

Approve September Minutes with the change of Ted Gaines as the October special guest (for which he cancelled) and not Tom McClintock.


2.  Introductions and Announcements

a. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: Two big events month: Teen Writing Group for “National Novel Writing Month”, meets Fridays at 3pm; “A Toast to Twain” in celebration of his 150 Anniversary, $40 appetizers and all you can drink wine, all proceeds go back to SLT Library. Go online to see their story time calendar for children 0-5 years, “”.

b. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: The Health and Wellness Directories will be updated for January, please review your organization’s listing and submit edits if needed. The free community lecture series continues with the “Shoulder Injuries and Treatment Options”, October 23, 6-7pm, Kahle Community Center.

They are focusing their community outreach on the Healthcare Reform, Covered California or Nevada Health Link. Covered California is working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They will be doing many enrollment days and outreach efforts in coming months. Call her with questions, (530) 543-5537.

c. Megan Ciampa, Foster Family and Adoption Services: She will present later in the meeting. They are hiring two part time positions in our South Lake Tahoe office. One is for a clinician; the other is for a visitation coordinator /mental health worker. Here are the links to the job postings on Craigslist for those who are interested:


d. Jenyn Darnell, Sierra Child and Family Services:  She is based in Diamond Springs and comes up to Tahoe once per week for mental health related services.

e. Sabrina Owen-Balme, El Dorado County Mental Health: They provide services to adults and continue to see children through their contract providers. They see children to do their assessments. They focus primarily on adult mental health issues and have just hired four new clinicians.

f. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach. They are signing youth up for the 5-day “Learn to Ski/Snowboard” (have 7 days or less or have never skied/snowboarded) ages 8-18: Middle School registration is October 30 at 5pm for middle school and high school youth; Bijou Community session is December 10 at 5:30pm for elementary aged youth; Sierra House registration is November 5at 5pm for elementary aged youth. They will schedule a Tahoe Valley registration date soon. 

The Long Term Program is for youth who already know how to ski/snowboard who have 8 days or more experience and are 9-18 years old.  Registration is October 23, with a mandatory meeting on Oct. 27.  See website for more information,  

SOS is still looking for service projects for members for December through April.


g. Francie Alling, St. Joseph’s Community Land Trust just had their “Hike For Housing” at Kahle Meadow, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. Their next meeting is November 21 at St. Teresa’s Parish Hall.

h. Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health is continuing to do Flu Clinics, $10, but they don’t turn people away for inability to pay. Flu Clinic locations and times: October 16, Bijou School Teacher’s Lounge, 3-6pm; October 23, Senior Center 9am-12pm; October 23, South Lake Tahoe Airport, 1901 Airport  Road, 3-6pm. Once the community clinics are over, If individuals wish to receive the Flu shot or Mist they can call their clinic and make an appointment (530) 573-3155, option 1 on the phone menu. Rite Aid and CVS bill insurance for flu shots. Cobra California may be doing some outreach at upcoming clinics.

October 26th is Lead Prevention Week, there will be screenings done at physician’s offices.

i. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center:  They are going strong with the girls at the facility and staffing with females remains really good.  They have 2 girls-only curriculums, Girls Circle and Girls Book Circle, which are very well received by the girls.

j. Rich Barna, Tahoe Turning Point: They are hiring for line staff for child care workers for extreme at-risk youth; call their office 530- 541-4594. Group homes are serving ages 13-18, and they can serve 19 year olds through AB 12 and work on high school diploma/GED. THP+FC can serve foster youth from anywhere in California as long as the county is willing to pay for it. They do remote sites for 18-21 year olds and they can receive services up to age 21. Remote sites means TTP puts them in an apartment and they are visited everyday by TTP, they are visited by a worker twice a week, and work with budgeting and independent living skills.  They prescribe to remote sites so that the youth are so successful with independent living skills that they take over the rent for the apartment.  If you know of foster youth struggling with transitional housing, send them to TTP. They serve transitional housing youth ages 13-21 and soon to age 23.

k. Tina Barna, Choices for Children is helping families find child care. They need additional child care for off-hours and for infants, especially for weekends. As soon as the ski season bumps up, they will need more off-hours care providers. They offer emergency formula and diapers. The local WIC office closed their doors because of Federal Shutdown. Let WIC families know Choices can help parents (formula, diapers, etc.).

l. Arturo Rangel, Lake Tahoe Community College Cal Works and Latino Affairs Group: The Latino Affairs Group held an Affordable Health Care Act presentation at Lake Tahoe Community College last week for the Latino population, 80 people attended. They were able to talk about issues people had and there is a need for more information to be provided via a future community forum.

m. Diana Hankins and Marlene Ames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: Marlene will be attending LTC. Marlene has been part of NAMI for many years and she teaches “Family to Family.” National Alliance on Mental Illness are advocates for the mentally ill to get them the services they need ex: navigating community services, medication assistance. They partner with the jail and Health Works. Tuesdays they have a support group at  the library conference room.

n. Mary McKee, Court Appointed Special Advocates is having a fundraiser at Chevy’s, October 29th from 5-8pm, $10 for adults, $5 for children, there will be a taco bar and costume contest.

o. Alissa Nourse, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: Alissa is stepping down as the Executive Director. She will be working at TYFS through end of October. She has accepted the Director of Behavioral Health position in Alpine County.  They are accepting Executive Director applications through mid-November. Cheyenne Lane will be in charge in the interim, with support from Pam Wheeler, President of the Board.

They are seeing an influx of youth.  Our community received the Federal Drug Free Communities Grant; Leanne Wagoner is the Chair of the DFC.

They have hired two clinicians to work at Juvenile Treatment Center and school sites and help with Medi-Cal sites. They have been approved to be a Medicaid provider.  They applied to two grants this year to fund working with runaway and homeless youth and received an increase in the grant awards.

p. Frank Blakeney, Live Violence Free had a successful Gala last month. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. The SLT Library Playmobile, an impromptu play center, visited LVF this month.  Any center may request a visit from Playmobile. Their attorney has historically been paid exclusively through a federal government grant. They did not receive a grant for the coming year. Their staff attorney will work part time through the end of the calendar year and then they will not have an attorney as of January 1, 2014.  Their staff members are fluent in filing restraining orders and other legal needs their clients may have.

q. Liz Barnekoff, El Dorado County Office of Education: They still have a few openings at Tahoe Center, ages 3-5.

r. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: They had a successful visit from the Mexican Consulate. Their tamale fundraiser was also successful. Their USDA Food Commodity program has seen an increase in people who are coming for food. Food is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

20 FRC kids went camping with the Police Activities League on September 13-15 at Fallen Leaf Lake.

s. Jeff Dent, El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency:  He has been with EDC for 6 months now. He is working in Lake Tahoe Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They are not hiring for social workers right now, and are excited to be fully staffed. They have a Voluntary Services Department now, which is a significant gain. They are working on a consistent system with the west and east slopes. He heard the concerns about contract issues, Child Welfare Services. They have currently replaced their supervisor and a new person is awaiting to be hired. Call him if you have concerns about Child Welfare Services in El Dorado County, 530-642-7124.  

t. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic, First 5 El Dorado and Lake Tahoe Unified School District:

Tahoe Magic helps families in crisis.

The LTC wants to recognize Alissa for the incredible contribution she has made to our community for many years.

First 5 is meeting this afternoon. They are revising the strategic plan and brought on two new commission members.  She always takes what happens at this meeting to the commission. Recently, she has talked to the commission on behavior issues with preschoolers and mental health issues.

u. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado (emailed update): Please visit the newly updated website at “”. The next Commission meeting will be held on January 13, 2014 at 4 PM.

v. Kathy Ide & Elizabeth Ferry-Perata, Together We Grow (emailed update): They are continuing to work with parents with children ages birth to kindergarten entry understand their child’s development through the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. They are available to help with kindergarten readiness through the Ages and Stages: Social/Emotional Questionnaire. If you would like them to give a presentation to any parents with children ages birth to kindergarten entry, please contact Kathy Ide (530) 295-2456 or (530) 919-6868.

w. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District (emailed update): Please fill out the transportation needs assessment.  So far she has only received two forms.


3. Special Discussion: “Parent Engagement Presentation”

At the June Retreat, the LTC members requested a Parent Engagement Presentation from Family Resource Center and Tahoe Youth. Please give your input to both agencies on if you would like this presentation at a future meeting and what you would like addressed at a future meeting.


Wendy:  Does Collaborative want to hear about this? And if so, what does the LTC want to hear about?

No one expressed interest in this topic to be presented at a future meeting. De-Anne prepared a presentation geared toward service providers with reference to national standards on parent engagement. De-Anne considers this a training tool for staff.  A presentation to parents is geared toward a different audience. FRC is updating their website. De-Anne will add a link to this presentation for people to access it at their leisure. Once it is up, she will let Nicole know and we will share the link with LTC.


4. Special Discussion: “LTC Partnership MOU Update”

Follow up conversation on one page document.

This came out of the retreat conversation, that if we had an MOU in place then folks could submit this when applying for grants.

Wendy: Let’s sit down as a small working group and work on the heart of what LTC is. LTC has been in existence for 20 years, First 5 is not the reason that LTC exists; we share, advocate, collaborate; create change that benefits children and families.

Does anyone else have ideas on how LTC is described?

Tina: LTC is: our community agencies sitting together and problem solving; we’ve been collaborating for about 30 years; we have met for many years without any funding; we brought in Baby Think it Over, and Mandated Reporting. Comment: She does not understand how this document will benefit a grant application.

Alissa: Suggests that we are clearer on our opening statement and add another signature. She would not use this for every grant, but a one-page document shows a breadth of the collaborative. If we work on the opening statement, put in some outcomes on things we’ve accomplished then it would be a strong tool. LTC works on: efforts to not duplicate services, identify funding gaps for community, identify needs and services, add successes. This document would show that you work with other agencies, not just saying that you do.

Leanne: Do you think this requires a signature?

Alissa: Change this to a Statement of Participation, not really an MOU at this point. Wendy could sign and each agency could put their own signature on it. Each member agrees to: share information, attend as regularly as possible.

Wendy: Who would like to help tweak this?

De-Anne: Has a mission or vision statement been created for the LTC lately?

Wendy: No. Who would like to be a part of the revision of this document? Let Nicole know.

Tina: We accept anyone who wants to share information, but we should decide who should be on this document.

Alissa: Non-profits and governments should be listed on this document, and we are human services focused.


5. Special Discussion: “Renew Domain Name?”


The domain name will expire in November. Renewal is $35/year.

I don’t see any traffic to the site. Should we have a Facebook page instead or in addition?


A blog has been used in the past, “”; it archives the minutes and agendas.

Facebook is an option.

Rich likes Facebook.

Diana Lozano thinks our meetings are Facebook.

Theresa: SOS has a Facebook page and people can always visit it.

Leanne: Does not see it a good use of time.

Diana Lozano: Does not see it a good use of time.

Wendy: Consensus is that we do not renew the domain name.


6. Special Presentation: “Foster Family and Adoption Services Update”


Megan Ciampa, MSW
Foster Family and Adoption Services
(530) 544-2111


For about a year now, she have been talking about recruitment. 40 people contacted her regarding begin trained for foster/adoptive families. There are 12 total foster families at the Lake. She has de-certified 4. It is rarely an incident that decertifies a family, but some adopt children, move, their children grow up. They are excited about the general response from the community, 20 families said they are still interested, but it’s not the right time yet to foster. Their goal is to have 44 families for foster and adoptive families that they can find the perfect match for. It will take a long haul to get there. They will continue to raise awareness and recruitment. 8 families finished the training.  4 are still in the process of getting certified. 1 decided not to move forward. They are working with 3 families that want to get trained. She is scheduling training with them. It is a slow process and don’t want to force families in too fast.

A new Mental Health Clinic has opened in town, Sierra Child and Family Services. Jenyn Darnell has been here since July. She feels fortunate to help expand services in Lake Tahoe. They felt it would be another option/opportunity to come to Tahoe and offer more services.  El Dorado County talked about the not to exceed limit, Barry offered her the job up here and she is glad to be back. They have met with staff at Mental Health about new referrals and the referral process has modified a bit. They will only provide referrals. They do provide wrap services in Diamond Springs, 1:1 services for kids working on stabilization in foster care or with their families. They want to help kids stabilize. Another staff member is coming from Diamond Springs to Tahoe once a week to help a foster family. This is a different option than family or group therapy. It is based on a program from SB163. This money went away and morphed into a Children’s System of Care, it is a Medi-Cal billable service. They are hiring a part time clinician.

They want to be able to meet the need for referrals that come to them. By working as part of the Collaborative, they will continue to work to provide specialty mental health services.

Wendy: Are your services offered to the general public, or only foster/adoptive?

Jenyn: Medi-Cal clients are eligible. Any kids having any issues with CPS will be assessed by CPS, then El Dorado County will assess them, then they will refer them, if needed.

Jeff: As a result of a class action law suit, CPS will screen all foster children, then the information will go to Sabrina, then she will decide where to route them. Then screening will continue every 6 months. Screening is basic, assessment is much more in-depth. The key is to get young people screened in a quick manner and into services. From here on out, the role of trauma will continue to be a key topic. They will screen everyone from infants. 0-2 is a touchy piece. There are infant mental health tools. CPS services caters to youth aged 2-17, and excludes non-minor dependents right now. Strengths Difficulties is their evidence based tool with a simple scoring tool to gather information. This is available for every child in the state.

Rich: If I bring a child in from another county, they are eligible for a screening?

Jeff: Yes.


7. 2:30 pm Adjourn & Drug Free Communities Meeting cancelled.  DFC Meetings will resume in November.


8. Next LTC meeting November 11, 2013, 1-2:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue



Lake Tahoe Collaborative
October 14, 2013

1. 1:00pm Welcome

Review the minutes from the September 9th meeting.

2. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies

Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.

3. Special Discussion: “Parent Engagement Presentation”
At the June Retreat, the LTC members requested a Parent Engagement Presentation from FRC and Tahoe Youth. Please give your input to both agencies on what you would like to be presented at a future meeting.

4. Special Discussion: “LTC Partnership MOU Update”
Follow up conversation on one page document, attached.

5. Special Discussion: “Renew Domain Name?”

The domain name will expire in November. Renewal is $35/year.
I don’t see any traffic to the site. Should we have a Facebook page instead or in addition?

6. Special Presentation: “Foster Family and Adoption Services Update”

Megan Ciampa, MSW
Foster Family and Adoption Services
(530) 544-2111

7. 2:30 pm Adjourn & Drug Free Communities Meeting cancelled. DFC Meetings will resume in November.

8. Next LTC meeting November 11, 2013, 1-2:30pm.