Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

April 14, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm Welcome Review and approve the minutes from the March 10, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Kristin Hunt, Tahoe Turning Point: Transitional housing has 3 kids, will have 7 soon. Dr. Leo Kadehjian is doing a presentation on “Legalities of Drug Testing,” May 1, 11:30-1:30pm, Harvey’s Casino, RSVP 530-541-4594, see handout and RSVP. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: “Day of the Young Child,” June 14th.Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: They are well staffed, and have 2 girls right now. They are in the process of being trained in MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy), it’s a 12 to 16 step program cognitive skills program where offenders participate in a group setting and focus on thinking errors. Melody Easton, South Lake Tahoe Drug Free Coalition: “Prescription Drug Takeback Day,” Safeway parking lot, 1020 Johnson Blvd., April 26, 10-2pm, safe disposal.  Looking at an early June event at LTCC, more information will follow.Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension: Jan-March did 14 youth classes, all schools except the Magnet school. Reached 75 adults, 35 adults did 6 hours. Adult Classes, see flyer for schedule.  Workshop April 23 9:15am and April 24 at 6pm, Tahoe Valley Elementary, contact Kathy 530-543-2312 x238, see flyer.Francie Alling, St Joseph’s Community Land Trust: 12 years as a non-profit. They purchase property in the Tahoe Basin for moderate to low income local housing. They are looking to purchase a new property and conducting fundraising now.Carla Sells, Barton Health, Labor and Delivery: Continuing all their services. Do home visits with Best Beginnings; still have lactation consultants and child birth classes.Emily Winter and Annie Kiel, Firefly Yoga: Establishing a non-profit to pilot in South Lake Tahoe and Boston. Fire Fly Yoga International, designing a program with specialized yoga classes as complementary therapy for those who have experienced trauma. Just getting started, pilot beginning early this fall.  Pilot groups: Chronic STIs and STDs, trauma: at risk youth, veterans, police, fire fighters.Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Wrapping up winter season this week. Graduation for long-term university, Friday,  5:30pm American Legion, upstairs. 7 youth have completed the 4 year program. Over the winter their youth completed 360 hours of service to the community, 237 in North Lake. Summer programs are on track in South Lake and North Lake Tahoe, topics to include: nutrition, goal setting, paddle board, disc golf. If you have a need for youth, contact her. There will be an info night in May. South Lake Tahoe Rotary Club: Theresa  is selling tickets for car raffle. $50 ticket, coupons, and support scholarships and community groups,
  2. Lake Tahoe Unified School District: The State of California is interested in universal pre-school for 4 year olds. It would change the childcare community and public education in the community. Potential changes could be to have the transitional kinder housed at one site.  Governor Brown is adamant about public education and getting teacher’s raises.
  3. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: They are a non-profit that helps families in financial crisis and work through referral agencies. They are working on a website, getting a logo, and business cards. They were given some funds through El Dorado Community Foundation to assist South Lake Tahoe folks through the poor economic winter. If you know of a family that is suffering, contact them (groceries, month’s rent).
  4. Liz Barnekoff, El Dorado County Office of Education, Family Engagement Coordinator: 24 parents completed a “Parent Leadership,” four session training based on the 5 protective factors.  The parents felt empowered by the training and EDCOE can’t wait to bring it to South Lake Tahoe this fall.  EDCOE will partner with other South Lake Tahoe organizations on this effort.
  5. Jan Genovese, Live Violence Free: All day training on June 20pm, Inn By The Lake, 3300 Lake Tahoe Blvd., 9am-5 on “Human Trafficking”, contact Kate Cowan 530-544-2118 x7627, see flyer.
  6. Marleen Eames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: The Mental Health Commission will meet April 22 at 11am, 1360 Johnson Lane, South Lake Tahoe, to discuss representation within the county. A combined meeting April 23, 5pm, will be held at the library.  It is important to keep representation here in South Lake Tahoe. NAMI assesses local agencies, juvenile detention center, jail. It would be more challenging for someone from outside the basin to come here to do assessments. The issue could be elevated if need be and your support is appreciated.
  7. Andrea Powers, First 5 El Dorado: They are in the process of revising scopes of work for next year. Looking at investing more money and time in communication plans for next year, strengthening families frameworks, offering things like webinars, monthly newsletters, updating website. Grant funding, Mental Health Services Act, prevention and early intervention to expand and reach their target underserved populations.
  8. Angela Swanson, City of South Lake Tahoe: Spring recreation programs are up and running. 2014 will be a quieter summer in road work. CalTrans is delaying some work slated for this summer.  Lakeview Commons’ access will be challenging this summer due to the Harrison Ave construction. Parking improvements begin May 1.  Funding for Harrison Avenue was made possible from the City, Business Improvement District, and water quality improvement project monies.
  9. Paul Smyrski, California Highway Patrol: “Prescription Drug Takeback Day,” Safeway parking lot, 1020 Johnson Blvd., April 26, 10-2pm. They continually take back drugs, contact them at their office, or call them to safely give prescriptions to them in the field.
  10. De-Anne Hooper, South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center: Cinco de Mayo, May 2, Heavenly California Lodge, 5-10pm, $20, authentic food, tequila tasting, bouncy house. Tickets going out later this week. Call them: 530-542-0740.
  11. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: No updates.
  12. Steve Heggen, El Dorado County Probation: No updates.
  13. Matt Williams, Center for Violence Free Relationships: There is funding for families falling through the cracks. This funding will serve families who do not qualify for MediCal. It will fund families for home visiting, counseling, group services, etc.  He has a referral form he will email to Nicole and she will distribute to the group.
  14. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: She partners with First 5 El Dorado.  Saturday they had screening of “Frozen” and 50 people came. They have adult programming, too. Kevin Manning, “Star Tour,” May 6, 6pm, a former NASA Consultant will present Astronomy for Everyone; Debra Gauthier will present “Bright Lights Dark Places,” pioneering as a female police officer in Las Vegas, April 26th at 1pm. They have online magazines, free computers for public. 83% of library funding comes from taxpayers. Measure L is on the ballot. Only South Lake Tahoe residents can vote on it, see flyer. Passing of Measure L ensures the same level of service from the library in the future.
  15. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: No updates.
  16. 2014 Health grants are open, see flyer, or website,
  17. Tahoe Type 1 Diabetes Support Group: May 6th is the next mtg, 5:30pm, Barton Board room, see flyer.
  18. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: Barton Health updates, “Mom’s Morning Out,” event at Lake Tahoe Community College, massages, food, fitness 8:15am. Don’t have to be a mom to go. See flyer.
  19. Mishell De Felice, Foster Family and Adoptive Services: April 21, see flyer, for  “Project 44” info night.
  20. Leila Rosner, Foster and Kinship Care Education: They are hosting an info night for prospective local Foster and Adoptive parents, April 21, 5:30-6:30pm, Foster Family and Adoption Services, 2580 Lake Tahoe Blvd. She offers PRIDE training at the end of this month for certification for foster/adoptive care.
  21. Kim Stadtlander, Together We Grow: They use the “Ages and Stages” screening tools. They work with care providers. Doing a series of 7 programs, starting April 21.
  22. Judy Knapp, Community Resource Center, Placerville: They received a grant from “New State of Mind” to bring a film to the community regarding Mental Health Stigma. Barton had a Mental Health Awareness Symposium; this forum would be a bit different. She will coordinate all the details, the grant pays for food, room, daycare, etc. She was hoping that group would be willing to host event with a panel. Mental Health has been a constant topic. The film shows what different counties are doing to advance community education on this topic.
  23. Prescription drug use leads to heroin use in our community, and they are the leading cause of accidental death in our community. Post the Prescription Drug Takeback flyers. The next DFC meeting is May 6th.
  25. Lilliput Children’s Services UpdateTracy Hancock, MSW2750 Sutterville Road, #3  Kinship Support Program: Lilliput has been around since 1980, providing kinship care in El Dorado County. They assist with adoptions in California, about 500 a year. ~60% of adoptions are kinship care adoptions. There are a number of benefits to kinship adoptions, such as: formally provided with a provider (Lilliput), a family member providing for the children.  Benefits of kinship care are less traumatic for a child. Siblings are more apt to be placed together, less apt to be moved around a lot, and to see their parents more often. A child’s stability and well-being are better in kinship care than stranger foster care. Many kinship providers are financially and emotionally unprepared to care for the children and need to rearrange their lives. Most have had no training and support when they assume this role and the provider can be socially isolated.  A core clinical issue that caregivers face is grief and loss for the children and providers. Most times the grandmothers face this plus a loss of personal space, free time, and helping the children cope with their loss of neighborhood/school/friends. Roles and responsibilities change in the family and Lilliput helps the caregivers navigate them and set boundaries.  Lilliput also help providers deal with anger, resentment at birth parent, resentment at the person who called CPS. They provide supportive services on the Western and Eastern slopes of El Dorado County. Their programs are provided for caregivers to work with each other. Lilliput assists caregivers work on guardianship paperwork, help with fees associated with court documents. Lilliput hosts events, such as respite activities that are free of charge for families to connect. They do a lot of advocacy. It can be difficult for providers to navigate the systems for support and care. Colleen:
  26. “Derby Day” is a 2014 Kentucky Derby-themed Fundraiser in Sacramento, wear your hats.
  27. Karen Russell coordinates emergency gift cards for families for necessities.
  28. June 2, there will be a South Lake Tahoe get together, more information will be forthcoming.
  29. “Parenting Second Time Around” will be offered April 29, 1-2pm, 2494 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, Room B-6, see flyer. This is a kinship care informational meeting. Call 530-314-5998.
  30. A Kinship Support group meets the second Wednesday of the month at Tahoe Turning Point, 10:30-11:30am.  Currently, 6 caregivers attend the meetings. The format of the meeting is to have a presentation and then to have an open discussion. At a recent meeting, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department came to share the concerns of the community.
  31. Tracy:
  32. Sacramento, CA 95820
  33. Regional Program Director
  34. Child Protective Services & Adult Protective Services UpdatesAPS                                                     CPSProgram Manager                              Program Manager
  35. Suzanne Ballen, Child Protective Services:  Tahoe will have new manager, Moirhian Martin, starting Monday. CPS is housed in the El Dorado Center. Currently, lots of referrals are being screened through Placerville. Met with their director, Don Ashton, she does not think this is effective for Tahoe; so they are looking at that. They employ three social workers. They look for relatives if they have taken children from the birth parents. There is a full-time placement worker that supports El Dorado County as a whole, works with group homes and county foster homes.  They have a foster care licensing unit, Foster Care Manger and Social Worker, and connect with PRIDE classes for incoming family caregivers.
  36. In cases with adults versus those with children, they deal with self-neglect. APS works with the adult to see if they can put services in place to help the person at home.
  37. When they hear from banks on suspected abuse, they collaborate with Senior Legal Services and the local District Attorney’s office.
  38. Jayle Goucher: Adult Services Program Manager, Adult Protective Services and In Home Health Services. APS is a state mandated program for them to take suspected abuse reports and conduct an investigation for seniors, elders over 65, or disabled 18-64 year olds. Phone: 530-642-4800, ask for APS or make a report with intake staff 8am-5pm. Most of their reports are made by social workers, doctors, banks.  The 341 form was handed out. They cannot remove anyone from their home, but work with various agencies to best support folks.  Your job is if you feel that a situation is inappropriate, call them and they will investigate.  There is one worker in South Lake Tahoe and 2.5 workers in Placerville.
  40. Jayle Goucher                                                Suzanne Ballen
  41. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  42. NOTE DATE & TIME CHANGE: Beginning in May, Drug Free Communities Meetings are the first Tuesdays of the month at 3:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue (Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room).
  1. Next LTC meeting May 12, 2014, 1-2:30pm.