Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

August 11, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm Welcome
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Heidi Hill Drum, Tahoe Prosperity Center: Their agency is focused on Economic Prosperity in the Basin. Their current project is to make data and voice upgrades in the community. Please take one brochure and order some for your office for the survey and speed test.  It will tell where the gaps in service are in the community. They will work on grants to pay for upgrades.Marleen Ames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: Hope to have a NAMI college chapter soon. They have support groups run by volunteers for the mentally ill. They recently had a program, dinner and film, “In Our Own Voice.” There were two guest speakers (one was bipolar and one schizophrenic). Their next meeting for Family Members is Tuesday 8/12/2014 at 6pm in the Library. (*Corrected 8.22.2014)Victoria Ortiz, California Tahoe Conservancy: They are an environmental part of the LTC. They continue to face ongoing management issues at the Upper Truckee Marsh.  There is a lot of vagrancy and drug use in the marsh.  Contact her to discuss your ideas for cooperative solutions for better management of the area.  Jamie Orr, Tahoe Mountain Lab and Lake Tahoe Community College: She is here as general support, looking at upper pipeline internships and outreach in Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) education.Sue Novasel, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: She is her as a sponge today.Doc League, Board of Directors, Food Bank of El Dorado County.John Blank, Board of Directors Chairman of Food Bank of El Dorado County.Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health: Study released about SIDs kids that died. 0-3 months died because of bed sharing. Older kids suffocated with objects in the crib. The County will start a new campaign on this topic.  Going back to school: 6th graders will need to have immunizations, Meningococcal and T-Dap, which are also recommended for pregnant women in their third trimester.  Andrea Powers, First 5: The Dental Van is coming out with new calendar, visit the calendar at:  The Dental Van is working on where they will be on holidays and vacations. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: They raise funds for community health. They met two weeks ago to review grant applications for this year. Their Cocktail contest is September 24th, Riva Grill, proceeds benefit community health.Kathy Ide, Together We Grow and High 5 for Quality: TWG: Collaborating with Barton and doing Tahoe Tot Spot Parent group with babies, 0-12 months. The 4 week series will be held quarterly. All details are on the handout. Hoping to give parents support during the first few months.                   
  2. Tahoe Chamber (emailed update): They are offering a “Financials for Non-Profits” workshop the morning of September 30th at 9:30am  – 11:00a, 169 Highway 50 (next to the Urgent Care). It will be taught by the CFO of Parasol. Free for TC members $20 for non-members.
  3. Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension (emailed update): She is missing the meeting since her last class is with the seniors at Kelly Ridge on Monday. They are looking for two new educators, Family Nutrition Educator positions with University of California Cooperative Extension – Central Sierra. They are currently recruiting for two positions, one each in Amador County (Jackson) and El Dorado County (South Lake Tahoe).
  4. Sarah Lanni, Tooth Travelers (emailed update): They are parked behind Barton Community Health Center and are booked solid through the end of the summer!
  5. Steve Heggen, El Dorado County Probation: No updates.
  6. Wendy David, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: They have hired a new high school Principal, he is young and energetic. In his spare time he designs snowboards and skis.  Ivone Larson has moved into the district office as Assistant Superintendent working on grants and special projects.
  7. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: Non-profit provides crisis funding and works through referrals from non-profits and governmental agencies.  This is bridge, one-time only funding, their website is coming soon:  “”
  8. Anna Njoten, Tahoe Turning Point: They have a successful Transitional Housing program that accepts 18 young adults. They currently only have 5 at present.  This program is open to a young person who was  in foster care then they turned 18.  If you know anyone, contact TTP. A person transitional housing gets assistance with bills and independent living skills. The requirements are to stay enrolled in college or work 30 hours/week.  A new group home has opened for girls (they have 4 boys homes in Tahoe and one in Placerville).  The capacity for girls is 6 beds.  They look for the children to volunteer in the community.  The Kiwanis Community Fair is coming up, Labor Day weekend, Friday-Monday, carnival rides and games, food.  If you have a storefront, please put up a poster to advertise the event..
  9. Marisa Wishart, Sacramento Covered: She works out of Placerville. Covered California is in a Special Enrollment period.  If you have questions, bring them to next month’s meeting where she will give a special presentation.  She gives presentations and conducts outreach to small businesses in South Lake Tahoe.
  10. Mishell De Felice, Project 44 and Sky Forest Acres: She is a Site Liaison at Sky Forest Acres (across from the Cantina on Emerald Bay Road).  There are both available apartments and a waiting list. If you know anyone who might qualify, she is in the office in the afternoons.
  11. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District:  She is the Mobility Manager. They have an On-Call bus to meet American’s with Disabilities Act, see the brochure. Adults over 60, individuals who are certified through agencies, and veterans qualify. The fare is $3.
  12. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: They provide services to the chronic mentally ill.  They plan to move back to 1900 Lake Tahoe Blvd. (across from Les Schwab), the last week of Sept.  and be up and running at that location on October 8th.
  13. Mary McKee, Court Appointed Special Advocates: They continue to have a need for advocates, and have children on wait lists. The next advocate training starts on October 6th, see flyer.  Their Halloween fundraiser is on October 30th from 5:30-7:30pm, at Chevy’s, see flyer.
  14. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: They partner with First 5 and Ready to Read at Your Library for birth to 5. They have programming every day and promote early literacy. The Summer reading club for adults and teens was very popular.  August 23, 10-3, Saturday, Friends of Library Book Sale.
  15. Jude Wood, Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe: They have new programs for the after school semester. They are targeting increasing middles school and teenage participants and want to offer really fun life enhancements such as: yoga, junior cross fit, Glee Club. The annual fee is: $100 for the school year, if a child came every day it’s 40 cents a day.  Have donors who will fund this fee for the child, so no child is turned away.  They are averaging about 80-90 kids per day for the summer. Next year they will do summer camp programming. There are three jobs available for young and dynamic folks, Program Coordinator at Bijou Site and prefer  bilingual personnel; and 3 program leader positions. The Annual Golf Tournament is Monday October 13th at Edgewood.
  16. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Day of the Young Child in June was positive, They are open to suggestions on how to improve getting more families there, such as holding the event on a different weekend other than Father’s Day.  If families need help with back to school childcare, refer families to them. There still is not as much school aged care available. Families are finding out that once they are off of welfare to work and cash aid that there is little help for childcare. It is harder and harder for families who have a job and get help with child care.  Emergency supplies are going fast, such as with diapers and formula.  They have a toy lending library.
  17. Carla Sells, Barton Health Family Birthing Center: They offer Child Birth Classes,  Home visits after delivery, and Lactation consultants by appointment.  There is help for costs of Child Birth Classes, contact Krista Carson.
  18. Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free: They have a 24 hour crisis line, safe house, and conduct education on domestic violence and abuse.  They offer back basic needs to their site: food, clothing, find mattresses, furniture.
  19. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: They’ve grown in leaps and bounds. A new chief was hired last winter and is interested in programs. Their two biggest changes are: Moral Reconation Treatment (MRT) to reduce recidivism.  The other big change is they are now able to let kids out for work.  They have three kids working at FRC.  Contact her for employment opportunities,
  20. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: She extends an invitation to everyone to participate in Cafecitos, a parent engagement program at each school. The elementary school meetings are held every week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. They schedule specific speakers and attract Spanish speaking parents. If you are interested in a 15 minute talk, they look for topics specific to parents who have children enrolled in school.  Contact:  They can provide a translator.
  21. Molly Hucklebridge, Barton Health:  Free Wellness Lecture on August 19 on Improvisation in the Wilderness with Tamara Burns. She will discuss how to prepare and offer safety stories. 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College, see flyers.  Pertussis and Whooping Cough is still around, and they encourage pregnant women to have the vaccine. Barton’s website is now in Spanish.
  22. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: They are wrapping up summer programs. Had a lot of support and went kayaking, to the library, on hikes, and conducted clean up days. Hope next year to get funding and staff to grow this summer program. Did 5 day learn to Mountain Bike camps at Northstar.  They partnered with another program in North Lake and 70 kids participated in activities. They are gearing up for winter. Their  main focus is a 5 day learn to ski program. Long term program offers 8-18 year olds life skill workshops, service requirements, give them season’s passes to get on the hill and gear and clothing. In the next two months, she will provide registrations for winter programs. If you ever have a child you’d like to enroll, contact her,
  23. High 5 for Quality: They have 5 providers, it’s a quality improvement program to assist pre-school and day care providers to improve the quality of programs they provide.  The Cares Plus program has 75 people enrolled, which gives stipends to early childhood education students to supplement their educational costs.
  24. “Food For Tahoe” discussion              Doc League: It is important to take care of needy adults who have needy children. Adults need products too.  Mutual efforts are important to take care of adults in the community. Have over 4,000 veterans in South Lake Tahoe area, many of those are hungry and many of them are homeless and as a community we put them on the back burner and forget about them and figure they are able to take care of themselves. Let’s not forget about our veterans.  Lance Watson, Operations Manager for Placer Food Bank: One of the things food banks are doing as an organization is they are building relationships with agencies that are providing services to specific groups.  What questions do they need to ask their clients?  Economically, how do they get the clients in touch with services in communities?  They invite agencies to connect to clients at their distributions.Wendy: Bread and Broth has been servicing meals to hungry for 25 years. They serve Mondays from 4-5:30pm and also send clients home with one very large bag of groceries. A large majority are vets who have come out of our wars and come out with mental issues that have kept them from working at long term jobs.  This is their home on Monday afternoon. This is a culture that is very important to them.  Jude Wood: They run summer food program out of the Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe. This program provides breakfast, lunch, and a snack Monday through Friday to anyone under 18. They would appreciate a heads up if there will be more folks eating than at the BGCLT so they cook enough food.  They are putting on “A Master Chef” program to look at how to shop, cook, and work on essential life skills.  If you are in the field and have staff that can help, they would love that. They are looking for grants and are lacking a stove top and food for the program.  Victoria: What’s best way folks can help?Carey:  Volunteer. Taking food to recipient’s car at an event. Participate in food drives. Advocacy and getting the word out there.  Mobile Food Pantry Outreach is working with other agencies and they outreach at distributions to educate recipients.  Bob Lear: Call Christmas Cheer: 530-542-4934 (leave a message) to volunteer.  De-Anne: She is new to Family Resource Center and found in the last year that there is a great need for nutrient dense food. They have had an increased delivery to their clients thanks to Raley’s. Bread is great as it’s a filler.  Mentally ill are not helped by this though. A large quantity of folks are on the brink of mental illness. Canned food is great, but it is not nutrient dense food. There is a causal link between nutrient dense food and mental illness prevention. If folks don’t have a home, they take non-perishable food.  Folks need our support.  Wendy: Bread and Broth would love to see more Hispanic folks at their dinners.Joanne: They have seen a huge bonus of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Kathy Ide: As a home visitor, she’d like to know, does the Food Bank require documentation?Carey: They request a client to self-certify they meet income requirements.Lance:  They don’t turn anyone away. Grocery stores are not throwing food away.  Typically when they pick up food in the a.m. they will have it on someone’s table in the p.m.Carey: They collaborate on the “Fresh to You” program with Raley’s. Wendy: Would a smaller group that would like to continue this conversation?  Or will this conclude this conversation at this time?Steve: What’s the unmet need? How many still need to be served?  Carey: Quite a bit. The “Hunger Survey” will be available next month and she will send it to Nicole for distribution to the Lake Tahoe Collaborative membership.  Jenny passed out a document, see attached.  Many folks make too much to get services and there is a gap there. Doc: One last comment. There is such a great foundation of a team here.  And it is wonderful to hear a team that is working together to come together. This will help individuals and the team will help feed the multitude.
  25. John Blank: They built a 21,000 square foot building in Cameron Park with a USDA Rural Agriculture Grant. The loan payback is same as rent for 25% of the space. It has allowed the Food Bank of El Dorado County to coordinate from a central location, store, and distribute food.  Comments on produce in 6 months has been that the quality of the produce has been amazing. They have a Friday night dinner at a church and distribute twice a week to folks and the recipients are in awe, saying, “I couldn’t buy this stuff.”
  26. Mobile Food Pantry Rural Outreach: American Legion on a rotation schedule at their 12 different sites throughout the county.  This is emergency supplemental groceries. They outreach to partner agencies, local media, flyers.
  27. Mishell: Thank you Carey. Only one person has a car in our complex, and you helped 14 folks. Residents don’t usually come out of their rooms and this fresh produce brought joy to these residents who are usually apartment bound.
  28. The Free Farmer’s Market at the American Legion go through October. They are held the fourth Wednesday of the month, 10-11am. Thereafter, agencies come to pick up produce.
  29. Carey Fong, Food Bank of El Dorado County: They are doing a lot of outreach. Their work helps to fill void in South Lake Tahoe by collaborating with agencies to fill needs. They come up monthly with commodities and monthly with a food pantry trailer and free farmer’s markets. In April, they rolled out a Hunger Study, and the results are being compiled. They will host a follow up meeting to discuss the Hunger Study. The results show a glaringly evident need here.
  30. Clyde: Increased. Walmart also gives lots of produce.
  31. Bob: How did summer work for fresh produce from Raley’s?
  32. Jenny Yeager, Food Bank of Northern Nevada: They have had a great relationship with clients in South Lake Tahoe. Their fresh produce, quality, amount, and quantity has improved dramatically.  Families on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits struggle to have fresh produce and their partners have stepped up for cold storage for this produce.
  33. Clyde: It was almost 20 years ago Christmas Cheer called and partnered with them to bring food to South Lake Tahoe. They stepped in where there were not too many resources.  Today they continue to service the north side of Lake Tahoe and Nevada.
  34. Audience Question: How can you cross state lines?
  35. Clyde Takahashi, Food Bank of Northern Nevada: All the Food Banks present today are members of “Feeding America.”  It is a parent organization with 250 member food banks nationwide and coordinate their efforts and increase their buying power related to hunger.  The Food Bank of Northern Nevada has helped Christmas Cheer, Tahoe Turning Point, and Live Violence Free.  Carey has lots of ideas to expand and increase energy of Food Bank of El Dorado County.  Having a physical presence here and how they can collaborate to provide food for folks.
  36. Joanne Shope, Christmas Cheer: They have changed their distribution times to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11am-2pm. Their other change is Virginia Buffington has moved so they are working up a coalition with three people.  They need volunteers.
  37. Bob Lear, Raley’s: This is a feel good room.  He has been involved in Christmas Cheer since 1981 and been on the Board most of the last 20 years. Raley’s has been supporting Christmas Cheer for many years and the owner asked them to get involved.  We need to feed people and supplement that.  All your donations go to “Food For Families,” Raley’s matches that and donates to Christmas Cheer.  Good to see young faces in the room so that he has faith in the future.  Thank you for the invitation here today.  Raley’s gives food on a weekly basis to Christmas Cheer, Family Resource Center, Bread and Broth.  Raley’s has been a stable distribution of food.  Their goal is not to throw food away and to help you help others.
  38. Wendy David: Look at the agenda for definitions on Food Insecurity, Food Scarcity, and Food Stats in El Dorado County.  For each invitee, what do you see on this topic?  We encourage the members to ask questions. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be here.
  39. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  1. Next LTC meeting September 8, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.