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Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.


December 9, 2013


  • Welcome
  1. Approved the November minutes.2.  Introductions and AnnouncementsFor more information, call 530.543.5537.c. Diana Hankins, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): She will make a presentation later in the meeting. e. Tara Styer, Mobility Manager, Tahoe Transportation District: She handed out a Tahoe Transportation District Mobility Management Program brochure. Contact her for copies, tstyer@tahoetransportation.orgg. Pete Van Arnum, El Dorado County Sheriff: He was present to hear Diana’s presentation.h. Marlene Eames, NAMI: No announcement.j. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: The emergency supplies grant is refunded. They can provide emergency diapers and formula for those in need.  Families are in need of child care providers for weekends and the holidays.l. Janet Stevens, El Dorado County Mental Health: The Aspens is opening very soon, mid-Dec and mid-January. There are 6 units designated as specialty mental health, meant for those homeless, risk of homelessness, and mental health issues, including having a child with a mental illness. The application process is to apply through Mental Health, and then the applications go into lottery. The maximum people will pay is 1/3 of household income or 1/3 of Social Security Income ($600). n. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: The open enrollment for the winter quarter is starting January 6, 2014. p. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: November was a successful month. Toast to Twain raised money for the library. The South Lake Tahoe Library was proud to be nominated for the Tahoe Chamber for Customer Service award, though they did not win the award. Storytime is wrapping up for the year. David Foster is presenting tomorrow. Saturday December 14th the Dream Spirit Baroque Band will be at the library. December  21 is the Crazy Club Books, see handout, or go online, they will be presenting their book and your wear pajamas. The Giving Tree is up at the library, they accept unwrapped gifts until Dec. 13. They are collecting winter clothing, caps, mitten, scarves, and food. See the January calendar, David C. Antonucci will be presenting on the 1960 Winter Olympics, “Images of Sports,” on January 7th at 6pm.r. Rabbi Morty Richler, Chabad Jewish Center: Chabad has educational programs for youth, teens, and adults. They are focusing on doing social programs with Jewish teens to teach them how to give back. They have more teen events planned for future. They are currently working out of their home,  and  rabbi@jewishtahoe.comt. Gina Morros, Barton University: 3 days a week she does Language Access Services, she is bilingual. She is an instructor of childbirth education in Spanish and teaching smoking cessation classes.v. Trina Brown, El Dorado County Mental Health: She is an Intensive Case Manager. She is working with Janet and Sabrina to support the Aspens and work with clients in those units to make sure they are supported. x. Josefina Solana, El Dorado County Public Health: They still have flu shots, call 530-573-3155 option 1 for an appointment. They will be closed December 24, 25, and January 1.z. Kathy Ide, Together We Grow: They continue to provide Ages and Stages questionnaires for families.z. John Pillsbury, El Dorado County Department of Rehabilitation: They are still functioning despite many changes in the department with downsizing and reallocating staff. Mark Minsky is a support staff and working with clients now. If you have someone with a significant disability and want to go to work, contact them. The age of their clients are adults and young people coming out of high school with a disability. A disability is defined as: a condition or problem that limits one of life’s major activities, and a diagnosed disability. They have a holiday fundraiser through Vail, if you shop at Northface or Heavenly Sports, add a donation at checkout and Vail will match. cc. David Kelly, Coordinating Council for the Disabled: He publicly thanked John Pillsbury for nominating him for fifteen top Disabled People in California.4. Special Presentation: “Warm Room” Diana Hankinspatdihank@sbcglobal.netThis month NAMI is doing Christmas with their clients who have little/no family up here, as a personal gift for each one. This helps with stigma issue they have, to know that someone understands their plight and what they are going through.She is here today because we are all freezing and cold. It is worse this winter than last winter. We all see homeless people on our street and look the other way. These people are not going away. Many are teenagers living in broken down hotels, seniors who gamble their monthly checks away and have no way to leave town, family conflict leave some living on street, one lady lives mostly at the library, some go to Barton hospital to stay warm. One of us could end up in this situation and end up in a place we didn’t expect to be. We feel that it’s especially cold this year. Some are in need of shelter in our town, a temporary shelter. An emergency shelter is synonymous with a temporary shelter. This is needed especially for cold nights. Places we could consider:  City Recreation complex, trailers, garages, motels. A voucher system could work, too. The City doesn’t have as much influence if it’s called a Mission to Help. Restrictions can also be waived if we’re having unusual weather, 30F or less. Art Edwards has working 10 years in Placerville with the homeless and Ruth Evans got 16 churches organized to assist with shelter. One location is easier for supplies and scheduling for volunteers and for the clients.Transportation: Use Veterans Administration bus, senior bus, public transportation, or a combination of these options.Needs and Amenities: Floor mats, sleeping bags, hot beverage/soup, restroom, cribs. Rules: No weapons, drugs, alcohol, quiet time hours, clean up, no loitering in front before/after business hours, smoking outside.City has come up and said they could do a grant to help with start-up, then someone/agency would have to take it from there. Need your help, want to put together a committee to see how to put this together. Q: Would you be taking on children/families? A: Diana wants the community’s help on this. Comment: I think we need this service in town, TYFS has a children’s youth shelter and host homes and this and Live Violence Free has a domestic violence shelter, and we need this in the community. Q: Is it possible to put together something that you have a couple locations and then have a plan for the emergency shelter? A: Yes. It could be rustic at first, not permanent. Q: Have we looked into American Legion? Recreation Center? A: No.Q: Is there any way any of you are interested in joining a committee? This winter is very cold but won’t have this plan together by then. Homeless stay warm by couch hopping, staying in vacant buildings, casinos, sleeping in cars, camping. Wendy: 100 people get food at Bread and Broth.De-Anne: From a law enforcement standpoint, what is biggest problem?Marlene: Do the homeless have income?Marlene: Do you see mostly local youth? Out of area? In school?Marlene: Is there any reconciliation with the parents and homeless youth?Diana: Who is doing heated tents for Snow Globe?Kristin: Reno Gospel Mission has a set-up to look at as a model and they are excited to help out when they can. Wendy: People can give Diana their contact information so they we can continue to meet on a Warm Room committee.5. 2:15 pm Adjourn 6. Drug Free Communities meeting 3:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue.
  3. De-Anne: Basic needs, food, shelter clothing is the focus for United Way Northern Nevada.
  4. Pete: High school girls got together as fundraiser/memorial for Alyssa Byrne.  Snow Globe is also helping.
  5. Erica: Yes, try to do this and family counseling. Many times it is not possible, if the family is far away.
  6. Erica: We see ages 21 and under (shower, laundry, internet, phones, food) at the drop in center which is open at 1:00pm. We see both local youth and transient youth, youth get employed by ski resorts and it’s either very part time or they get no hours, some are kicked out of their home, run away from home.  In Gardnerville, we see more school aged youth.
  7. Lt. Van Arnum: Many do not. Many drive to Tahoe, thinking things will be different here and we don’t have the services larger cities do.
  8. Lt Van Arnum: Single moms with kids who live in campgrounds. We send them to LVF, or to camp at Luther Pass where it’s free. They are vulnerable to sexual predation. We do make calls to churches for help.
  9. Erica: A point in time count stated there are 240 Homeless Youth in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District, though the school definition for homelessness is different as it includes temporary housing and includes families doubling up in a dwelling.
  10. Lt. Van Arnum: We used to have vouchers to get people on a bus to Reno, sometimes they drop off people at the casinos so they can keep warm.
  11. Q: REI gives away so much of their ruined/tainted sleeping bags…good resources. A: Thanks. We have given out sleeping bags, too. This is a good idea.
  12. Q: Are any churches on board at this point?  A: No.
  13. Q: 365 day or seasonal? A: Cold nights at freezing temperatures to begin with.
  14. Q: Have you spoken to United Way? A: No.
  15. Action: Need the community to partner on this issue so folks don’t freeze and they keep warm at night.
  16. Spreading the Word:  All those who come into contact with homeless, volunteer phone tree service.
  17. Pet: Many homeless people have pets, so perhaps we could work with the Humane Society or Animal Services with crates for animals.
  18. Hours: 7pm-7am.
  19. Insurance: Use a facility that is already covered, or sign a hold harmless agreement.
  20. Nevada City has one, they use Veteran’s Hall. Churches in Placerville rotate duties on evenings.  She has done research on colder climates that have this emergency shelter. A group of local agencies and individuals had a meeting January 28. They were basically told to go to the churches. They felt that non-profits would be interested in this, and she has an outline on what is needed, including research on costs, hours, how to do it, rules.
  21. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) El Dorado County
  22. bb.  Nicole Zaborsky on behalf of Julie Day, Children’s Dental Van: The El Dorado Children’s Dental Program Mobile Dental Unit has been at Al Tahoe and will be there through next week. They are working on the calendar for the South Lake Tahoe mobile unit for January and February at the elementary and middle schools. She is progressing on the building remodel for a new Dental Clinic at the “Y.”
  23. aa. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: They reach out to families in crisis. A family can apply through a referring agency to get help with essentials (gas, electricity, rent, car repairs, shelter, food). They have some Santa suits they loan out during the season.
  24. y. Kim Stadtlander, Together We Grow: No announcement.
  25. y. Arturo Rangel: Cal Works, Lake Tahoe Community College: After 9 years of service he is leaving the Cal Works program. He has taken a job in Placerville. He brought flyers on Cal Works, welfare, cash aid, county social service referrals to get people’s educational goals on track.
  26. w. Amie Brown, Tahoe Dream Foundation: see flyers. They have paired with Tot to Tot (children clothing store) to get Christmas Gifts for needy families. The store has a tree with ornament; clients select an ornament and will buy a gift for them for the holidays.  Fundraiser at Our Lady of Tahoe, Aztec Dance performance, with Catalina Rodriguez, 5:30pm on Thursday evening.
  27. u. Erica Eng, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: Their annual Evening of Giving, an open house is on Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm. Bring in-kind donations—see wish list on website or cash donations).  They are progressing in hiring an Executive Director. Melody Easton is the new Drug Free Coalition Coordinator. Today the Coalition is working on school interventions with alcohol and drug use.
  28. s. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Their first Learn To Ride started for middle school and Tahoe Valley students. 50 kids participated and it was successful. This is the heat of their busy time. SOS is in their 20th season and they are doing their pledge drive, money donated here will stay in Tahoe, see flyer and email Theresa, below.  They have room in their second session Learn to Ride, registration will be tomorrow at Bijou, 5:30pm. They will be kicking off their north shore season tomorrow. Sushi Pier will hold a rail jam and donate money to SOS on Thursday night. There will be a DJ.  In the past, SOS Outreach provided all the helmets, gear, boots, clothes, bindings, etc…for each participating youth. This season, the resorts are providing these items plus free tune ups for a $100 per child fee.  SOS assists some members with this fee. They will have a used gear sale for to get equipment to community and ask for a $5-$10 charge per item. Contact Theresa  They have just opened a storage unit for gear. The University program is a long-term mentor program where participants learn to snowboard/ski, living skills workshops, goal setting. There are 60 participants from South Lake, 40 from North Lake. They finished their 10th day of service with the Festival of Lights and Trees. They are always looking for service projects, contact Theresa.
  29. q. Colleen Cadaret, Lilliput Children’s Services: They are serving all of El Dorado County and have a Tahoe number and will have flyer printed with this number. We will be in Tahoe once a week. They are still working on needs of community and how to serve them best.
  30. o. Kristin Mozzochi, Live Violence Free: Frank Blakeney left the agency last month. They are seeking an Executive Director. Janna Genovese is coming in as Acting Executive Director to help during the transition, she will start next week. The Adopt-a-Child program is still going. They are still accepting toys and donations for the shelter.
  31. m. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: They continue to be fully staff, they are taking girls.
  32. k. Chandra Bomben, El Dorado County Mental Health, Intensive Case Management: No announcement.
  33. i. Kristin Hunt, Tahoe Turning Point: They are thrilled to be providing snowboarding for the kids.
  34. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) has trained 15 deputies on the West Slope and 5 on the East Slope, thanks to a partnership with NAMI.
  35.  f. De-Anne Hooper, South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center: Toys for Tots is on December 23 and 24. On Dec 20th there will be a Clothes Giveaway, more information is forthcoming.
  36. d. Tracy Thomas, Lake Tahoe Community College, Cal Works Program: She will be taking over Arturo Rangel’s position. He is leaving at end of the month to take job at Mental Health in Placerville.
  37. b. Jeff Dent, El Dorado County Child Protective Services: Leah Brown was the recipient of an El Dorado County Public Service Award. They are hiring an Office Assistant III and Social Services Aide position this month.
  38. a. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: They continue to work towards enrolling people in Covered California, the next enrollment dates are: Tuesday, December 10 – 5 – 7pm, South Lake Tahoe Library; Tuesday, January 7 – 12pm-2:30pm, Tahoe Family Resource Center, 3501-B Spruce Ave; Tuesday, January 21, 2014 – 9am – 12pm, Lake Tahoe Community College, Room D121 1 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA; Saturday, February 1, 2014 – 10am – 12pm South Lake Tahoe Library, 1000 Rufus Allen Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA


  1. Next LTC meeting January 13, 2014, 1-2:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue