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Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.


January 13, 2013


  1. Welcome
  2. Approved the December minutes.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies
  2. Debbie McCarthy, Barton Community Health Center: No update.
  3. Mathew Ferron, BSN, Clinical Liaison II, Suboxone Film, Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: No update.
  4. Megan Ciampa, Foster Family and Adoption Services: Their Mental Health Clinic is up and running. They are in the process of hiring a second clinician. Passed out the “Project 44” flyer regarding a fostering and adoption informational night January 23rd, 5:30-6:30pm, 2580 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
  5. Jeff Dent, El Dorado County Child Protective Services: They have hired additional support staff. They had a supervisor announcement that just closed, so they hope to hire that position soon.
  6. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Last 2 enrollment events for Covered California are January 21 at Lake Tahoe Community College and February 1 at the South Tahoe Library.

The new Health and Wellness Directories have been printed and she passed them out. Contact Leanne if your agency would like a box for staff/the public.

The health lecture tomorrow is on hip pain, presented by Dr. Rupp.

The next presentation will be given by Dr. David Young on Heart Health/ Cholesterol management.

Barton Health and affiliated physician offices are going smoke/tobacco free effective April 1.

On Friday January 10th, Barton’s Community Advisory had a Mental Health Forum with panel discussion from law enforcement and clinicians to discuss gaps in services. Barton will be applying for a grant relative to filling these gaps in services.

  1. Janna Genovese, Live Violence Free: She’ll be the acting Executive Director for a few months. They are working on restructuring and reaching out to the community.
  2. Angela Swanson, South Lake Tahoe City Council: We got through another year of Snow Globe, it was a safe year, and the organizers tamped down the noise. The event brought in about $5m into town. They are looking at long term contracts for them to come to town.

On February 10th, the City is doing finance workshop.  Unemployment is down. The City is has a $1.2m surplus, without cuts and layoffs. If we don’t get snow, this surplus can collapse with TOT and sales tax down due to a lower number of visitors. Please come on Feb. 10th to represent the Social Service voice in the community. If there are partnerships for housing projects, be there to weigh in and give the City Council feedback on how one time dollars can be invested in the community.

Two potential measures will be on the ballot in November: No paid City parking and marijuana measures.

Are any of you attending the Women’s Policy Summit, January 16th in Sacramento? Leaders in social services will attend regarding policy changes and trends in legislature. Angela will attend and report back.

  1. Shannon McIsaac, Tahoe Chamber: Join the Tahoe Chamber, . There are special non-profit advantages for members, one benefit is that you will get your calendar events on their marketing to the community.

The Planning Commission doing a Housing Update on January 23rd from 3-4pm in the City Council Chambers at the Airport.

  1. Shannon Earley, Communications Coordinator, Tahoe Chamber: Speak to her on membership,
  2. Kristin Hunt, Tahoe Turning Point: They have their first client in Transitional Housing, and have another one in the works. They will go to CPRT meetings to give presentations on the program.
  3. Kim Stadtlander, Together We Grow: No updates.
  4. Tina Barna: Choices For Children: They are disappointment with the state budget with cuts for child care. There is still a need for families to have child care for evenings and weekends for school aged children. They are struggling to find care for parents.

The State Legislature is supporting transitional kindergarten to make sure 4 year olds have quality pre-school. If all 4 year olds leave private child care, this could make business challenges for private child care, so they look forward to how this rolls out.

  1. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: There will be a Mental Health Forum on February 13 from 6-8pm in Spanish. This meeting will address the mental health needs in the community.
  2. Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension: Nutrition programs are going well. There is a mom volunteer group, which consists of 11 moms that taught all 315 kindergarteners 4 hours of nutrition education. All magnet school youth got 4 hours of education as well. They would like to expand to teach first graders. The volunteer moms agreed to do another 4 hours of education in the Spring.

She is partnering with the Sustainability Collaborative to work on adult education via parent nights at schools, Family Resource Center, and Live Violence Free.

  1. Colleen Cadaret, Lilliput Children’s Services: Lilliput focuses on foster/adoption services. In the last 5 years they have been working on kinship care. She passed around packets, see: for more information on kinship care. They have a reserved room at Tahoe Turning Point to serve families in the community.
  2. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: There are new things going on at JTC. Recently, they enrolled someone in college. They have realized that contacts from the Lake Tahoe Collaborative and around the community are helping them be successful with youth job interviews, family services, etc.
  3. Fernando Vargas, Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe: No update.
  4. Francie Alling, St. Joseph’s Community Land Trust: They are having a Board retreat January 27th, to talk about team building for the Board and their mission statement and budget. Their mission is to get as much affordable housing in South Lake Tahoe as possible. The main thrust for 2014 is to do fundraising projects to purchase a house or property and build a house and designate it affordable for a local family. She will give an update in February on Board retreat.
  5. Carol Almanza, Anthem Blue Cross: As of November 1, they started being a care provider for El Dorado County. See packets they brought, Q&A, informational sheets, .
  6. Lai Lee, Community Outreach, Anthem Blue Cross: If you have community outreach events or health related fairs, contact them to sponsor and attend.
  7. Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health: The flu is hitting the community hard right now. They still have flu vaccine. The flu is affecting people at a younger adult age; it is getting in the lung and causing pneumonia. Call and make an appointment.

She ran across the article: “A Gap in the Affordable Care Act,” dental issues and Affordable Care Act, .  We have a dental problem in South Lake Tahoe and especially with the pediatrics. The legislature needs to change to cover dental for more people.

  1. Lorrie Pond, member of the community: No update.
  2. Liz Maul, Lake Tahoe Humane Society: Their executive director, Dawn Armstrong, retired. A new ED, Niki Congero, has been hired and is interested in working with the community. They are having an open house in February. Continue to work with LVF for housing pets, and do emergency pet food bank, spay/neuter.
  3. Peggy Wright, Barton Health: Last year, they did a complete switch in doctors and birth rate was down. This month, they have already hit what they had for a complete month at this time last year.
  4. Karen Houser, Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition: She is looking at future opportunities to collaborate with your non-profits and agencies.
  5. Maureen Eames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: She is sending a letter of support for the community grant for mental health.

El Dorado County Sheriff has new Crisis Intervention Team which is a type of wrap around service consisting of intensive home visits for mentally ill. The officers make sure they have and take their medication which will prevent them from recycling back into the jail.

The Warm Room meeting will be from 9-10 am on January 22nd the Library.

NAMI meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm in the Library.

  1. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: The next Regional Coordinating Council meeting is January 23 at 2pm.
  2. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: This year is their 40th anniversary. Their main event will be on June 7th. They have a fairly new program called Last Start meaning that some classes have a later start date and are still accepting enrollment.
  3. Lake Tahoe Community College, Study Abroad in Guatemala: July 27-August 10th, .
  4. Steve Heggen, El Dorado County Probation: They have a full staff and are searching for Senior Office Assistant.
  5. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative: No update.
  6. Veronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative: No update.
  7. Tracy Thomas, Cal Works: She is new and glad to be here.
  8. Wendy David, Lake Tahoe Community College: There has been an influx of money for education for the State of California. Hopefully we will have positive negotiations with teachers. That is good news.

The interest of Governor Brown is to expand transitional childhood education.

We have a new, Local Control Funding Formula, which gives individual districts control on how to fund their programs. The district gets a bigger pot of money and has more local control on how to spend it. The district can put their money where it’s to a greater educational benefit to students. This year is a planning year. Gov. Brown is working hard to change formulas for students.

  1. Wendy David, First 5: The Dental Van is still up here, will be at Tahoe Valley, have over 50 children to sign up for that location. Dr. Ortega continues to see uninsured children, 6-16 years. First 5 van sees primarily 0-5 years. We continue to work hard through our programs to meet these dental needs.
  2. El Dorado County Library (not in attendance-update read by Nicole Zaborsky): The storytime program schedule has been emailed to the LTC ListServ and is available on their website.

The Mother Goose on the Loose program in Spanish has not had the consistent turnout they had hoped for since it started in September. If you come in contact with any Spanish speaking families at your agency, please let them know this is a free 30 minute program.

The library offers free computer use to those visiting or living in the South Lake Tahoe area, free Wi-Fi and free book/CD/magazine checkouts. Student laptops are available to help getting homework done. They offer free ebooks and emagazines for users to download onto their smart phone or tablet.

  1. Sabrina Owen-Balme, El Dorado County Mental Health: They have new Intensive Case Management, working with the most intense needs clients from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. They are working with the Crisis Intervention Team and putting together interdisciplinary teams. They are looking at a 3-5 year plan to revamp how they do their programs in South Lake Tahoe.
  1. Crisis Needs Discussion

Wendy David: Bill Roby, El Dorado Community Foundation (EDCF), brought a topic to Wendy as a result of the weather predictions for South Lake Tahoe. EDCF can help with the same needs as Tahoe Magic; they could infuse more money into Tahoe Magic to help meet those needs. Tahoe Magic really helps children and families. They are expanding to meet elder-needs, small business owners in jeopardy of losing their business, single adults coming out of Barton that does not have a place to go. During a harsh winter, adults, the entire community, and children are affected.

If there are certain needs popping up with non-profits, then let’s talk about how to meet those needs, in a crisis sense.

Janna Genovese: Live Violence Free sees people who do not have shoes for cold and winter, Family Resource Center clients are in a similar situation. Can Tahoe Magic do vouchers, and collect shoes and distribute to community?

De-Anne Hooper:  Family Resource Center gets $500/month from the Salvation Army to hand out to people to help with unmet financial needs. As of January 13, they have already handed out the allotted money for the month.

Tina Barna: They would consider doubling up their emergency diaper vouchers, as they have seen this need. Clients are in tip jobs, they are hearing that they don’t have gas to get around town and they run out of minutes on their phone.

Wendy David: Tahoe Magic has a hard time putting gas money and phone minutes as emergency needs, but they can be creative on these things.

De-Anne Hooper: She has petitioned the El Dorado County Food Bank, as she has seen an increase in families that need food in the community. January 16th she has a meeting, sometime in the afternoon, with Mike. Contact her if you’d like to participate in that meeting.

Wendy David: Bread and Broth has a hot meal on Monday at St. Theresa’s at 4-5:30pm, plus to-go food. Friday Bread and Broth has a meal from 4-5pm at the Presbyterian Church.

Shannon McIsaac: The next Chamber Mixer is Thursday night, Riva Grill, $20/person, 5:30-8:30pm, 100% of profits benefit Christmas Cheer and Bread and Broth.

Angela Swanson: She is hearing the ski resorts are cutting hours. The ski resorts imports kids, cuts hours, and then they are stranded here. She is hearing about increased law enforcement calls involving these people.

Wendy David: EDCF money is going to be restricted for residents that have lived here awhile.

Colleen Cadaret: With EDCF, if one agency has assisted a family, what criteria do they meet to ensure they are not also being assisted by other non-profits/agencies?

Wendy David: Tahoe Magic does one time crisis assistance. The non-profit/agency refers a family through the head of household name and that’s how they do not duplicate services with other agencies.

The next steps should include working on winter shoes and gas cards. Tahoe Magic also assists with utilities (gas/electric), rent, one-time deposits, help with gas cards especially if it’s medical related, help with car repair. They work with the School District, County, Barton, Boys and Girls Club.

  1. 2:30 pm Adjourn


  1. 3:00pm Drug Free Communities meeting, 1100 Lyons Avenue.


  1. Next LTC meeting February 10, 2014, 1-2:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue