Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.


March 10, 2014 Agenda

  1. 1:00pm Welcome Review and approve the minutes from the February 10, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.a. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: This Saturday, March 15, Friends of Library will hold their Book Sale. Come on in and get bargains on books, cds, dvds, etc. Measure L will appear on the ballot June 3rd. Measure L: continues the existing tax for the South Lake Tahoe Library which has been in place for 20 years. It is not an additional tax. Every dollar raised is used solely for the support of the South Lake Tahoe Library. It is not an additional tax. $20 per year per parcel to support library services in South Lake Tahoe; Annual increase not to exceed 3% based on the Consumer Price Index; 12 year expiration date. If Measure L passes with a two-thirds majority, the South Lake Tahoe Library will maintain library hours and services. If Measure L fails, services will be cut as the South Lake Tahoe Library competes for General Fund dollars.c. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: Their annual Golf Tournament will be held June 26th, she will bring more details next month.Tomorrow is the monthly Mental Health meeting for parents and caregivers at 6pm at the Library (held the second Tuesday of every month).e. Marlene Ames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: Lilliput has a Guardianship workshop, see flyer. g. Tara Styer, Mobility Manager, Tahoe Transportation District: They are revising their Demand Response procedures, referred to as On Call Service, please visit, under Project Updates. documents are listed as links on the lower left side of the page.h. Colleen Cadaret, Lilliput: They offer case management, support groups, guardianship workshops, tutoring. The “Guardianship Workshop” is offered twice a month. They held “Parenting the Second Time Around”, 7 people attended. The next support group is the third Wednesday in April at Tahoe Turning Point.j. Tina Barna, Choices for Children: They have appreciative parents for the extra diapers for families, Grocery Outlet and Gas gift cards they received through a grant. They continue to do formula and emergency diaper programs, so send referrals. There is potentially more funding for child care at the state and federal level in the future.  They are still accepting some clothing donations especially for younger ages and little boys.l. Melody Easton, Drug Free Communities:  The time of the Drug Free Communities meeting changed to first Tuesday of month at 3:30pm, except for April. April 1st is the Drug Store Project so they will hold the DFC meeting on Tuesday April 8th (the second Tuesday of the month). They have several workgroups that are meeting throughout the month, one is altering the school suspension related to drugs/addiction/substance abuse; another to educate parents/community; the Youth Advisory Council is open for youth members; and the Marketing/Collaboration Work Group to spread the word about the coalition. Contact: Melody@Tahoeyouth.orgm. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: Registration for Spring is open now. The state has come out with many new regulations now and online registration may kick you out saying that you can’t register yet, so call for help with registration, x231.o. Megan Ciampa, Foster Family and Adoption Services: They are hiring another full time therapist, send them her way. “Project 44” is their awareness campaign to recruit 44 foster homes. They just had a class with 4 more foster families. They will host an April. Radio is helping them get the word out. People can sponsor their commercial, $6 to sponsor their commercial for a15 second commercial. Buy one get one free: if you sign up for your own business commercial, Foster Family and Adoption Services gets a donation.  They are getting a phone call a week on average for foster families and have 8 families who are interested in foster training now. q. Suzanne Ballen, El Dorado County Health and Human Services: No update.s. Kristen Mozzochi, Live Violence Free: Self Defense classes at Escobar’s, Friday April 25th, 6-8 and Sat 26, 11-1, free, women only; and 5-12 year old children. u. Kristi Boosman, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency: She passed out the winter issue of “Tahoe In Depth,” Lake Tahoe’s environmental newspaper, twice a year publication. They are receiving tremendous feedback from the community on the paper. “Best In Basin Awards,” is for businesses that incorporated sustainability into their businesses. Nominations are due at the end of the month.w. Paul Smyrski, California Highway Patrol: CHP wants them to attend community events/ meetings. They are here to help. “Safety, Service, Security” is their motto. They are part of the community, if you need them, call them.Reminder: Barton is going Tobacco and Smoke free on April 1st, all forms of tobacco, e-cigarettes, tobacco are not allowed at local physician practices and hospital, see frequently asked questions.z. Liz Barnekoff, El Dorado County Office of Education: They received a grant from the Office of Child Abuse Prevention for “Parent Leadership Engagement Seminar Training.” Funds will start on the Western Slope and coming to Tahoe in the Fall. They will train parents to become leaders and advocates in the community. bb. Josefina Solano, EDC Public Health: No updates.
  2. aa. Amie Brown, Tahoe Dream Foundation: They are hosting a fundraiser at Tahoe Cottage Inn Motel, Thursday-Sunday March 13-16, 11am-5pm.  20% of proceeds go to child care centers in the community.
  3. y. Sabrina Owen-Balme, El Dorado County Mental Health: They have some movement on relocation from the Senior Center and Johnson site. They have a portable office on the Johnson site.  They are moving forward with improving quality of service for clients.
  4. x. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Two wellness lectures are coming up: Wednesday March 12, 6-7pm, “Understanding Your Risk of Breast Cancer,” Lake Tahoe Community College; Tuesday April 1st, Dr. Amanda Weavil, Ob/Gyn is doing a lecture on “Female Pelvic Pain.”
  5. v. Nancy Lee and Eddi Beaty, A Gateway of Hope: They are a faith based group and go into brothels and work with ministries in Reno. They love going to Reno and Carson and know this issue (trafficking) exists here in South Lake Tahoe.
  6. “On Our Way” grant program, from Sustainable Communities, awarded them $600,000 total for community groups to create infrastructure for crosswalks, bike paths, sidewalks, to help people to be safe and wean off automobiles. The deadline is on March 14th.
  7. t. Peggy Wright, Barton: Last year, switch over of ob/gyn doctors and their baby numbers are up. Interviewed a new pediatrician today. She is retiring Carla Sells, her last day is April 4th, Carla comes from Carson Tahoe Hospital.
  8. r. Kate Cowan, Live Violence Free: They got an exciting new grant for service provider training on trafficking for Minden, Gardnerville, South Lake Tahoe. If interested, talk to her:
  9. p. Karen Houser, Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition: They have been in Tahoe for five years, have no paid staff, only volunteers, and focus on advocacy to work with partners.  Their hardest task is maintenance and working collaboratively with partners on South Shore, North Shore, Alpine County, Douglas County. The bicycle is a form of transportation for many LTC members’ clients. June 7-20th is the Bike Challenge. They feel the Bike Coalition can help with Area Plans, by giving the community the opportunity to have a voice. March 27th, “Wild and Scenic Film Festival“ at Mont Bleu, doors open at 6pm, and “Earth Day” Saturday April 26th, 10-4 at Bijou Park.
  10. n. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: largest weekend 320 kids on mountain Sat and Sun. Wrapping up second sessions this month. Early April is wrapping up for kids in long term mentor program with service. Next month she’ll have info on summer, partner with north shore on Family Solutions, 5 days a week, sharing resources, focus on service, outdoor activities, goal setting. Planning to do one or two weeks in South Shore.
  11. April 26th they are supporting the “Drug Take Back Day.”
  12. k. Carey Fong, Food Bank of El Dorado County: Wednesday April 23rd, 10am, American Legion Hall, 2748 Lake Tahoe Blvd., there will be a “Hunger Response Network Meeting.” They will discuss food insecurity in South Lake Tahoe, its plan for expanded presence, and the collaborative roll out of a Hunger Study to truly understand the need in Tahoe.  All are invited to attend, contact: Carey Fong: or 530-621-9950.
  13. i. Janna Genovese, Live Violence Free: The “Annual Bowl-A-Thon” is April 30th. They are looking for folks to put together teams, or support someone who is putting together a team.
  14. The next Regional Coordinating Council meeting is March 27th, 2pm, Parasol Bldg., Incline Village. Teleconferencing is an option, contact
  15. f. Tracy Thomas, Lake Tahoe Community College: They are currently registering for Spring. Classes begin April 7th. If you have any questions, call student services, x 231.
  16. On April 8, 2014, 6pm, Dr. Sonia Rupp, MD will be the special guest. The meeting format will be Question & Answer regarding Current Psychiatric Treatments. The meeting is at the South Tahoe Library, 1000 Rufus Allen Blvd, call: Diana 530-577-4740 or email:
  17. d. Diana Hankins, National Alliance on Mental Illness: She recently sent a Mental Health Commission update via email. Placerville may want to get rid of the South Lake Tahoe seats on the Commission. They are not voting and changing their by-laws. The other Boards of Supervisors can approve the by-laws and take away seats in South Lake Tahoe. She may be asking for future support from Lake Tahoe Collaborative to approach the Board of Supervisors. If we lose our seats, we will lose representation in South Lake Tahoe, Mental Health Services, Juvenile Treatment Center, and the Jail. Other districts are saying the current system is not democratic because they hold most of the population in the County.
  18. b. Kindle Craig, Barton Foundation:  She will speak later in the meeting.
  19. March 25th, the library will host the “Explore Your 21st Century Library” presentation.
  20. Local Human TraffickingEl Dorado County Superior Court Commissioner Dylan SullivanSee the attached “Human Trafficking” Powerpoint.• Human Trafficking is happening in South Lake Tahoe. Children who are in the child welfare and • Labor and Sex Trafficking are forms of slavery. • Teenage boys, especially runaways, are also involved in prostitution.  cleaning/domestics, and restaurant workplaces; and in textiles and agricultural fields in • To obtain more information contact: National Human Trafficking Resource Center
  21. • Contact Commissioner Sullivan to present this “Human Trafficking” Powerpoint to your agency.
  22.   1-888-373-7888, text “Be Free” or
  23.   California.
  24. • There has been an increased incidence of labor trafficking in El Dorado County in the massage,
  25. • The age of onset of juvenile prostitution in the United States is 12-14 years old.
  26.   delinquency system are at increased risk of trafficking.
  27. Mental Health Forum Follow UpKindle Craig, Executive Directorkcraig@bartonhealth.orgLots of things going on in mental health. Kindle runs the Community Advisory at Barton to meet the unmet health needs in the community. Barton did a Community Health Needs Assessment and determined that: substance abuse, access to health services, and mental health are the top issues in the community. There was a panel that consisted of: the Community Health Center, Barton Emergency Room, Sabrina at El Dorado County, Sheriff Crisis Intervention Tea, and the City of South Lake Tahoe and they were asked questions. 85% of the people who attended the Mental Health Coalition meeting signed up to give further input/assistance. The meeting highlighted the many good things to celebrate in the community: Crisis Intervention Team, work at El Dorado County.  This Collaborative is Mental Health focused and different from the Drug Coalition, however, they will partner with one another.  The Warm Room is a separate endeavor being spearheaded by a subcommittee of the Lake Tahoe Collaborative. If this endeavor does not get funding, Kindle will pursue other options to make this happen.Are these people who show up at the hospital by themselves? These people are known to the providers in the community. For these affected folks there is not a great care path and it doesn’t seem there is a good way to navigate the system. For example:  how do you know if there is a dual diagnosis issue? What are the clear paths for a caregiver and provider, especially if you know the next step and can’t wait for three months to get care. What are some other ways to get care to folks?
  28. If someone has a head injury and now mental health issue, refer them to neurology.
  29. Are the casinos involved on the NV side? No.
  30. For the first year the Collaborative will address what the gaps and needs are.
  31. The mental health needs are not just psychiatric but also behavioral health.
  32. Miscellaneous Questions/Comments from the Lake Tahoe Collaborative:
  33. She has applied for grants and the money would fund hiring someone to run this Coalition, as they really need someone to spearhead and make this happen. The position would be a minimum of two years to include outreach and education to the community.
  34. They see this rolling out to first target adults, then children.
  35. What they are trying to do is form a Collaborative to all take this on as everyone’s issue. It affects Barton by someone coming into the Emergency Department and they stay for three days; or they come into the Community Health Center and it takes three months to get on psychiatrist appointment. These are the most complicated patients, and many times have dual diagnoses. She invites everyone to come together at the table to make this happen.
  36. The Mental Health Coalition was held in January at STHS, 65 people attended.
  37. Barton Foundation
  38. 2:30 pm Adjourn.
  39. NOTE DATE & TIME CHANGE: Drug Free Communities Meetings are the first Tuesdays of the month at 3:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue (Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room), beginning in May.
  40. The next meeting is April 8, 2014, (second Tuesday of Month).
  1. Next LTC meeting April 14, 2014, 1-2:30pm.