Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

November 10, 2014, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

  1. 1:00pm WelcomeReview and approve the minutes from the October 13, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from AgenciesMembers are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Warm RoomWendy: Lake Tahoe Collaborative has been around for about 20 years. LTC is comprised of social service agencies and non-profits that come together to share what we are doing and include: CPS, Mental Health, CASA, LVF, TYFS, Boys and Girls Club–agencies that are focused on serving families and children. We are a Collaborative and there are no paid staff. Eight years ago, First 5 of El Dorado wanted to support groups in this area. Their funding pays for Nicole’s time and the retreat each year. When a need comes to us, we are not a paid group that can jump on a topic and make it happen. We try to bring together needs and gauge if the community is responsive to do something about it. We are an advisory group, a think tank. The Warm Room Subcommittee has held two meetings, that Salvation Army has already been involved, plus different entities; we are researching “can we sustain this (Warm Room) in the community?” Wendy: Some cities do have Warm Rooms. You can bring any agenda item to the City Council.Wendy: The meetings are geared around organizations and agencies serving the social, family service needs. There have been organizations that have joined our meetings. Each month there is a different makeup.  There is a special topic each community strengthening meeting and we can have this as a future topic, the City can attend, Police Department can attend, Salvation Army to attend.  Wendy: There are food programs out there. No homeless shelter. Most of the people sitting around the table deal with the homeless population.                                     Andrea Powers, First 5 El Dorado, apowers@edcoe.orgVeronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative, veronica.strauss@edcgov.usIntroduce the core First 5 Strengthening Families Framework Awareness Strategy.    Discuss what Mobile Outreach can look like in South Lake Tahoe.  Who is the audience? What are the themes or topics? Where in the community? When (winter=indoor, summer=indoor/outdoor).  Why is this needed?   Andrea: In their scope of works this year, they adopted Protective Families Framework. In the first strategy they ask as a collective if anyone is interested in participating in a planning session. They work to reduce isolation, take Children’s Health Initiative, Together We Grow, and the Library and conduct activities to connect families as networks and connect them to services in community. They discuss the importance of wellness visits, literacy, and developmental screens.  They modeling for 4 weeks, then have an exit strategy to ensure playgroups are formed and parents are connecting.Main question is how to best outreach to these families and meet them where they are and give them what they might need in areas of literacy, health, importance of wellness visits, importance of developmental screens, and any specific needs in the community, with an attention to health.Wendy: In the past, the focus has been on Bijou. There are at-risk kids at Tahoe Valley. There are about 35 kids at Sierra Garden apartments; there is also Tahoe Valley Apts that has a concentration of kids and populations at-risk. There are about eighty Preppy K’s at Tahoe Valley. This could be another opportunity for outreach to the developmentally young.Penny: Don’t worry about an indoor room. They can use the parking lot and dirt or gather under a tree, or popup tents. They bring carpet. They are planning for June and outdoors would work.  Penny: She and Veronica will talk to the apartment manager and get the information on families.Wendy: Amanda, with your job are you seeing homeless populations?  Kathi: One of things in groups with mom’s and babies is that we build relationships and we can coordinate with other agencies. First 5 wants to do prevention in a positive way to build assets and strengths. Kathi: They target children and families early. How do you find families?  Usually see them once they are in crisis. Messaging to families, “you are important enough that we are coming to you.” Engaging and developing relationships. Kathi: Want it to be owned in the community. Want to be the vehicle to start the conversation.Kathi: Successes: One family called her with questions in Spanish. Secondly, mom showed up at library. Little by little they build capacity.Kathi: There were families that went to talk about unmet transportation needs and got in touch with the transportation district to discuss how to better serve their needs.Veronica: In Cameron Park, apt manager’s sister drove in from Lodi with kids.
  2. 5. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  3. Follow up contact: Veronica and Penny
  4. They are coming to South Lake Tahoe in June, go to one place. Go the same day every week four times.
  5. Veronica: 3 moms signed up for library cards and had never been to the library.
  6. Kristi: In Cimmarron the isolated parents came down the street with strollers, just because live in apt complex, these events gave them permission to get to know each other, to play with their kids, go to the library. Each agency knew kid’s name, mom’s names. The engagement was incredible.
  7. Veronica: It’s a mini carnival.
  8. Penny: They have flyers to give to folks if they can’t come. Want parents to know they are their child’s advocate.
  9. Amanda: Bijou Woods, Sky Lake Lodge, El Nido. Mobile home park on Highway 89. Econolodge.
  10. Tina: Hope Lutheran Church is right next to Sierra Gardens Apts. and Tahoe Mobile Home Park is across the street. Hope Lutheran has licensed child care facility that closed and it may be available.
  11. Francie: Just got new little playground for children (at Sierra Garden Apts).
  12. Francie, St Joseph’s Community Land Trust: There are 35-45 children at Sierra Garden Apts. There is no community room there.
  13. Penny: In June, they were at Bijou Woods. The Library, Together We Grow, Public Health Nurses, Covered CA, and Dental Van participated. They engaged in activities where parents could interact with kids, did outreach to invite moms to come meet with these agencies, it went pretty well. Where are good places to focus on this next? Targeting stay at home mom or parent, talk to families/managers to see what places to focus. This could be an area to go or a place in the community.
  14. The reason they are here today is to see if anyone wants to participate in planning, and address specific needs in the community. The planning occurs over a few meetings. Contact Penny and Veronica to participate.
  15. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative,
  16. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado,
  18.      3. Discussion:
  19. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: Flyer for TRPA Unmet needs Assessment Thursday November 20, 2014 at 2:30, TRPA, Stateline, NV. If you are unable to attend, email or snail mail comments, Judy Weber, TRPA. PO Box 5310, Stateline, NV 89449,
  20. Andrea Powers, Program Coordinator, First 5 El Dorado
  21. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado: They have a new bilingual program assistant. First 5 El Dorado is sad to see Norma Santiago leave as Commissioner. Children’s Dental Van services have been suspended. Unfortunately reexamining service delivery, currently working with Community Health Clinic, Barton, Marshall, embed these services in our communities and schools. Bear with them through their growing pains. Working on grant opportunity with rural health services. Look for dental services again this spring.
  22. Christy White, Public Health, Health and Human Services, Children’s Health Initiative.
  23. Mark Contois, Health and Human Service, El Dorado County: They investigate child abuse. Happy to report out Karen Shaleen (sp?) has accepted a position. The good news is they are moving toward stabilizing staffing. He is on the First 5 El Dorado Commission.
  24. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: They assist families that have needs for children, childcare, diapers, formula.
  25. Lindsay Simon, A Balanced Life: They fill the gaps in the community that the County mental health can’t do. They are currently brainstorming on what group options are available and possible, ex: Victims of Domestic Violence.
  26. Sabrina Owen, Mental Health, El Dorado County: They serve the underserved and untreated mental health folks in the community.
  27. Barbara Mick, Eligibility Supervisor Health and Human Services, El Dorado County: They provide CalFresh, MediCal, etc. This month open enrollment begins. Covered California starts Nov. 15th. Please remind folks they need to renew Covered California.
  28. Niki Congero Lake Tahoe Humane Society: They are starting to coordinate a food outreach program with Bread and Broth to provide pet food for people. People will get their pet food when they get their human food. Mental Health issues with clients is very challenging.
  29. Liz Maul, Lake Tahoe Humane Society: She is the Education Director; she gets out in schools and does programs. They are supported by donations and not the Humane Society of United States. “Santa Paws is Coming to Town” fundraiser will be held Saturday November 15, 2014 at Tahoe Production House, 10am-5pm.
  30. Karen Russell, Lilliput Children’s Services: She has flyers. They provide help to grandparents, brothers, aunts who are raising a relative’s child. Have a toy shop for holidays. New Parent Partner started last month. They host a caregiver meeting a Wed each month at Tahoe Turning Point.
  31. Mary McKee, Court Appointed Special Advocates: Graduating 5 new CASA’s. Gearing up for the holiday season and will see their giving trees at the library and at TRPA.  Spread the word.
  32. Katharine Miller, South Lake Tahoe Library: Programs for 0-5, teens, adults.
  33. Francie Alling, St. Joseph Community Land Trust: Purchase properties and build affordable and moderate income housing. Have one house owned by local family, they own the land. Have 76 units Sierra Garden Apts., low income housing. Just set up program to purchase a house in South Shore for local family. Spaghetti Dinner for housing fund, suggested donation $5, Thursday November 20, 5:30-7p, St. Theresa’s.
  34. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Mentoring programs, kids 8-18. Expose to outdoor adventure with off-hill components (life skill, goal setting). Gearing up for winter for kids at Sierra House and Zephyr Cove. Deadline next Wednesday. Email Theresa with referrals:  Their Executive Director resigned and they are looking for someone to fill his shoes.
  35. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: Non-profit for families in crisis. Has new business cards, address, website.  Mission to help families with children, one time only assistance.
  36. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative: They are busy doing neighborhood “Play to Grows.” They are setting up for more. They just finished one in Cimmarron, Cameron Park. They set up for kids to play and agencies come to show services to assist families.  Talking about this in today’s presentation.
  37. Veronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative, Bilingual Health Worker, Funded by First 5 El Dorado
  38. Amanda Hammond, McKinney Vento, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: Works with children’s homeless populations. This school year, LTUSD has designated 255 children as homeless (K-12), about ¼ of them are extreme cases–moving around living in hotels. This count includes the parents who self-identify their family as living doubled up in a home. The LTUSD definition of homeless includes those who are in a multiple family residence, mobile home or hotel. She is leaving after Thanksgiving and wants to know how she can get dinner to families she works with.  Nicole will contact Pat Frega at Kiwanis. Bread and Broth will host a Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday November 24, at St. Theresa’s.
  39. Carla Sells, Labor and Delivery Nurse Manager at Barton: They provide home visits to new parents, which is supported by First 5 El Dorado.
  40. Heather Hardy, Program Assistant, First 5 El Dorado
  41. Kae Reed: Lake Tahoe News
  42. Karen Jaime: Thanks for opening the floor.
  43. Christopher Croft, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: They are fully staffed again and can take AOD, Mental health referrals. Planning for annual night of giving for Dec. 18 in Tahoe. Trying to get material goods to at-risk youth who are couch surfing. Every year try to get sleeping bags, tents, hygiene products. You can bring these things, but they are a non-profit and can have tax advantages when they purchase and more buying power. Check them out on website and Facebook.
  44. Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free:  They are looking for volunteers and already in the holiday Adopt-a-Family season.
  45. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Passed out a flyer for upcoming wellness lectures. “Nutrition” Tuesday December 2, 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College and “Ski Injury Awareness & Prevention” Thursday December 11, 6-7pm at Sierra Nevada College.  Barton is a member of the group “Tahoe Health Exchange,” as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s health-related businesses. If you have something that can benefit the community’s health, attend the meetings the last Wednesday of each month at noon at Tahoe Chamber, Stateline.
  46. Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: November 12 a woman will come up to sell jewelry. She is doing a raffle, $2/ win a necklace, proceeds support TTP.
  47. Shelley Martinez, Adjunct faculty Lake Tahoe Community College, pre-school
  48. Betsy Glass, Barton Community Health: Working with Kathi Guerrero, First 5, to establish DentiCal in the area.
  49. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: no updates.
  50. Agency Updates/Announcements:
  51. Leanne: Let’s schedule the next Warm Room meeting.
  52. Comment: At this table, we didn’t know what was out there in the community. She’d like to volunteer and then know what is out there. Are there programs out there for the homeless?
  53. Question from audience: Is this (LTC meeting) open to public or just agencies?
  54. Humane Society: Warm Room is a necessity. Should City government look at this issue?
  55. Wendy David: She saw that the paper noticed a Warm Room meeting today. This is not the main topic of today’s meeting. Before we start with the regular agenda, let’s do a short update on this topic.  Karen Jaime is here on behalf of Heavenly House Foundation.  Nicole Zaborsky gave an update on the LTC Warm Room Subcommittee.  The group has met two times this year following Diana Hankins’ presentation at the January LTC meeting.  We were searching for a compatible fiscal agent.  Salvation Army, Del Oro Division stepped up to partner with us. They requested we write a proposal to them on our vision and how to partner together.  This is in the works.  Karen Jaime spoke. She is not familiar with the LTC organization. She heard that the LTC is taking on the Warm Room task.
  1. Next LTC meeting December 8, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.