Lake Tahoe Collaborative

Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

February 9, 2015 Minutes, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

  • 1:00pm WelcomeReview and approve the minutes from the January 12, 2015 meeting.
  • Introductions and Announcements from AgenciesMembers are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.
  • Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free: Tahoe Douglas Rotary Fundraiser for St. Patty’s, March 31strecipients are Tahoe Turning Point, Live Violence Free, Tahoe Young Professionals, buy tickets at any of those agencies. March 6, Lake Tahoe Golf Course, “Vagina Monologues”, auction, dance, cocktail hour, play.
  • Liz Maul, Lake Tahoe Humane Society and S.P.C.A.: They have just moved into a new office at 884 Emerald Bay Road (the cabin right next to Brothers Bar & Grill near the Y).  They will host an open house at their new location between 2pm – 7pm on Tuesday, Feb. 24.  
  • Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Save the Date for “Day of Young Child,” June 6 at Lake Tahoe Community College. There are sponsorship opportunities, application is two sided (participant and sponsorship).
  • Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: As of last week, they have a licensed DUI program. As of March they will offer Independent Living Skills services for foster youth. Still have transitional housing opportunities in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.
  • Eanad Lott, Live Violence Free, Director of Operations and Client Services: Starting up a new cycle of parenting class, and as of March, in conjunction with Tahoe Turning Point, are offering a Batterers’ Intervention Program.
  • Kelsey Magoon, South Tahoe Drug Free Coalition: Still looking for facilitators; Drug Store Project March 31 at South Tahoe Middle School; just came back from DC; looking for more youth advisory council involvement from middle school and high school students; next meeting is March 3rd, 3:30pm at Boys and Girls Club.
  • Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Just concluded the research for Community Health Needs Assessment; should have results delivered to Barton in March and present to the LTC at the April or May meeting. Wellness lectures in February on Sleep Apnea and March on healthy nutrition and eating.
  • Diana Lozano, South Tahoe Library: Programming is running smoothly. Work closely with First 5 and El Dorado County Office of Education.
  • Alexis Foley, Court Appointed Special Advocates: Recruiting advocates for spring training which begins April 28th.
  • Tracy Thomas, Lake Tahoe Community College: Not much to report. First week in March the registration begins for the spring session.
  • Amanda Hammond, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: Works with homeless students.
  • Karen Russell, Lilliput Kinship Care Program: Help those raising a relative’s children. Help folks get legal guardianship, if needed, see flyers.
  • Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: Barton is putting on Mental Health Forum first Thursday in March at South Tahoe High School, all day, intended to help folks know what services are available and where the gaps are.
  • Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health: No cases of measles in El Dorado County. State has funding for measles vaccine for kids and adults, call 573-3155 for more details, $10, but no one turned away.  Chronic Child Neglect workshop in Sacramento, Thursday March 19,
  • Jill Johnston, Welfare: Covered CA open enrollment ending Feb. 15. MediCal has open enrollment all the time, as does CalFresh and Cash Aid.
  • Kaylie Arnold, Girls on the Run: March 16 program begins in South Lake Tahoe. They train for 5k with 3-8th grade girls; volunteer night is this evening, 5-6:30pm at Base Camp Pizza, and need volunteers at Bijou School.
  • Heather Avila, El Dorado County Office of Education: Early Head Start is full and there is a waiting list. Employment positions available: Classrooms Assistant for State Preschool and Head Start and substitutes, visit:
  • Christopher Croft, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: Working with Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club for St. Patty’s Day dinner, $60 (discounted from $75).  Wants to have a non-profit table. Selling raffle tickets for $10 for a Hawaiian vacation, $5 goes to TYFS.
  • Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: They have just completed a Substance Abuse Treatment Training program and hope to bring the program to the JTC by next month.
  • De-Anne Hooper, South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center: Friday May 1, Heavenly, Cinco de Mayo. Offering four weekends of skiing four youth at Heavenly, February 22 to March 2, take a bus up and have slots if you know of kids who would like the opportunity.  Just lost a staff member, Luz Maria is working for them now.
  • Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: Transit Team looking at local fixed routes and how to restructure them. If there are stops too close together, need a new stop, stop that does not make sense, contact: Aaron with input. 
  • 3. PresentationTHE STUFF THAT AGENDAS ARE MADE OF-the Life Cycle of an Agenda Item  
    1. What feeds an agenda item?
    2. The presentation will focus on the life-cycle of an agenda item for a Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting including the origins of agenda items, the steps taken on each item and searching for content.  There will also be a brief demonstration of Legistar, the software tool used by the county for processing agenda items.
    3. The Clerk of the Board directs business functions of the Board of Supervisors, serves the public at large and distributes information pertaining to Board of Supervisors meeting agendas and minutes.  They also maintain the current status of filled and vacant positions of approximately 90 Board-appointed committees and commissions.
    4. Jim Mitrisin, Clerk of the Board, El Dorado County, (530) 621-5592,
  •  21 Departments, 280 active users. Policies, ordinances, State Code, MOUs, Personnel, Public Benefit feed agendas.
  • Legistar File Creation by County Departments: Pre-Legistar work, before staff reviews things. All agreements need to be approved by counsel (contracts, ordinances, resolutions), county contracts can take 2-6 months, Legistar file is created; department approval sequence initiated; department head approval; physical documents delivered to Chief Administrative Office (CAO) approval.
  • Agenda Coordinator: Looks at it for formatting, verifications of attachments (electronic only), all PDFs are labeled with a footer and certain file size; forward to CAO for more detailed analysis.
  • CAO Review: Intent of the item, writing style and format (goal of writing for 5th grade reading level), compliance check, CAO review/approval (electronic).
  • Agenda Review Meeting: Attendees (chair, CAO, staff, counsel, Clerk of the Board, Supervisor’s Assistants), review items for the following Tuesday with item placement confirmation (Consent Calendar, Department Matters, Time Allocation/Presentation; Closed Session-ex: Litigation related and Workman’s comp); BOS Planning Calendar review
  • Agenda Clerk: Verify physical documents, make minor corrections, categorized each file (consent, department matters etc.), cross references BOS planning calendar, reorder items alphabetical by department
  • Agenda Clerk: Produce final agenda for publication, duplicate and distribute hard copy packets, publish the agenda to the website, ancillary tasks (Granicus Media Manager-live viewing; iPad, GovDelivery-ListServ subscription).
  • Agenda Clerk: Meeting Date to Minutes Completion, enter all motions/actions while board meeting is happening and helps staff in departments to keep going on their work; following adjournment, trim video (first 15 and last 15 minutes), complete motions, items to/from, add public comment or other late attachments as needed; proof, publish and provide copies of the minutes, add agenda item to next meeting for approval of Minutes
  • Deputy Clerk-Follow Up: obtain Chair’s signature on original documents; scan and add to Legistar “fully executed” documents; prepare minute orders and interoffice memo’s; route appropriate documents to departments for processing; record documents with the recorder clerk as required; agenda file compiled for permanent public record
  • Part II: Brown Act and Agenda Items: 72 hours before a regular meeting, shall post an agenda 
  • Brown Act References: The Act is 23 pages in length.
  • Couple ways to see agendas: EDC website, BOS tabWhen it goes to calendar tab, you can search by pull down menu by subject. Can click on an agenda and click on an attachment. Things are always published 72 hours in advance.
  • Q&A: Jim was in CAO office for 6.5 years as Agenda Coordinator and that role was facilitator for different departments, kingpin between departments.  As Clerk of the Board, he has a staff of 3. Demeanor means a lot in this role; he has to be neutral with all members at all times and has to know rules, policies, and where to stand. Has 3 new supervisors this year, so that’s a lot, some counties get one every few years. His position is at-will, supervisor’s assistants jobs are at-will where supervisors can let go or other supervisor’s majority vote can release an assistant. He gets a lot of questions from supervisors, they come to him with questions, he is a resource.What advice do you give for writing an agenda item? Keeping vocabulary simple is important, keep definitions simple, have similar formatting for agenda items. A lot of Jim’s time and CAO analysts read agendas way in advance to keep formatting and language readable for supervisors.EDC meetings take place, weekly, from 8a-5p; LA County is done with their meetings at 1pm, so they are looking at how to get meetings done sooner.Judy MacCallum is Sue Novasel’s assistant and has been on the job for 20 years. Do you see the flavor of the county changing at all?  Yes, the County has a good and bad reputation and this varies by subject matter and which side of the fence you are on. Internally, it’s becoming a better place to work. Government is still bureaucratic and regulatory and things take time. Just one board member can change the dynamics. There were three new board members this election, so they did two days of intensive team building, used Arbinger Institute model.4. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  1. The Ralph M. Brown Act is wholly contained in CA Govt Codes Title 5. Local Agencies, Div 2, Part 1, Ch 9, Sec 54950-54963
  2. Next LTC meeting March 9, 2015, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.

Presenters: Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District, Specialized Transportation Service &

Mireya Ortega, Tahoe Young Smiles, Program Update & Carol Ledesma, Quality Child Care Matters

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.


January 12, 2015  Minutes, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

  • 1:00pm WelcomeApprove the minutes from the November 10, 2014 meeting.
  • Introductions and Announcements from AgenciesMembers are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Wendy David, City Councilwoman: Newly elected, learning a lot. First 5 El Dorado, Chairperson: No update.Karen Russell, Lilliput: Kinship Support program. Busy during holidays with toy donations. Brought flyers for relatives raising relatives, refer them to her.Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Nothing new. No new monies from state governor. Locally, more families coming in for free clothing, emergency diapers. There is a need for child care providers operating in the evenings and weekends.Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free: It has been very busy, maybe because of holidays. They are almost full in their safe house. Have a new attorney on board, speaks Spanish, helps with divorces, restraining orders, child custody. Jude Wood, Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe: Thank you to this group. Her limited time as a member has brought huge benefits and great partnerships. They have new programs. They will offer five activity summer camps open to members and non-members, as a way to diversify the product they offer at the Club. Have front desk job open at Bijou, 3-4 hours/afternoon, bilingual, refer anyone their way.  They were open for couple days across both holiday weeks. Had a great holiday party.  For more information, contact- Megan Buchanan, El Dorado Community Foundation, Donor Services Coordinator,, 530.622.5621.Nicole Zaborsky, Lake Tahoe Collaborative: Passed out “Postpartum/Baby Blues” brochures and “0-6 month Community Resource Guide”. Contact her if you would like more copies.Contact her with presentation ideas for the June Forum.Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: She will speak later in the meeting.Liz Barnekoff, Family Engagement Coordinator, El Dorado County Office of Education: They are short on teaching staff in South Lake Tahoe. Scrambling for qualified teacher aide positions, and always can use substitute teachers. Keep them in mind and spread the word.Elizabeth Blakemore, El Dorado County Office of Education: Together We Grow program provides developmental screenings; High 5 for Quality program-there are 152 licensed providers in the County, their program is touching about 75 providers in improving their services. If you know of licensed providers not yet engaged, get the word out.Lynnan Svensson, El Dorado County of Health and Human Services: Measles outbreak started at Disney Land, if they have a rash and fever, seek their medical provider. Have 16 confirmed cases in Ca and 4 in other states. Most are from those who were unvaccinated. Offering flu vaccines at Health Dept. increased activity at school and a facility.  Stay home when sick. They have plenty of supply.Jalia Kizito, Student, Samuel Merritt College: Observing.Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Health and Human Services: Coordinate medical for those with income under $40,000, and with Medi-Cal.Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Registering this month. They are in full gear on six different mountains. If you have kids who would like to join,  registrations are January 13 Bijou from 5-6:30 pm; and Tuesday January 20th at South Tahoe Middle School Rm 27 at 5pm for Middle School and High School students. If kids are not able to come, she can mail paperwork. Alexis Foley, Court Appointed Special Advocates: April 28th is their Spring Training to add more advocates for their program. Train and recruit volunteers that help kids who come to the court system.  If you know of anyone would be a good fit, sent them their way. Have flyer with training dates, and one with explanation on CASA.De-Anne Hooper, South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center: Happy New Year! Served so many families over the holidays. Thanks for everyone for supporting their programs. Toys for Tots served 94 families. 150 gift certificates went out for food for Safeway and Grocery Outlet.  Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: Rumor that they don’t provide 24 hour crisis intervention. They no longer go out to hospital during certain hours. They will not go to the hospital for adults that are at the hospital from 11pm to 8am and need to be cleared medically. If it’s an adolescent or child, they will meet them any time at the hospital. Provide phone response 24 hours a day. Provide therapy for severe mental health issues. Mild to moderate mental health patients are served at Barton. El Dorado County assists those with Medi-Cal or who have no insurance at all. Hector Ochoa, University of California Cooperative Extension, Nutrition Program: Their curriculum is research based. They are working with a couple of programs in community already. Starting to get garden-based nutrition at Sierra House at the growing domes, will get seeds in soon, and doing educational programs.  Want to have more gardens in the area. Finishing up at Bijou Family Resource Center and other programs. Talk to him if interested in classes.Shelly  Martinez, Kahle Community Center: Recreation activities for children birth-adults. Provide free meeting space to non-profits. If need space, make a reservation, fill out a form.  Little conference room for 8 people, other room for 100 or more.  Tuesday morning program, birth to three year olds, for those (nannies, grandparents, friends) with children, 9:30-11am, provide non-structured activities with a facilitator to chat with adult to provide some structure. They do this in winter months to support families who can’t get outside. $7/family, and have scholarships. Heather Avila, El Dorado County Office of Education, Family Service Specialist.Tracy Thomas, Lake Tahoe Community College: Underrepresented student liaison. Classes started last week. Have some late-start classes beginning in February.Su Briggs, El Dorado County Health and Human Services, Child Protective Services: Happy have 2 new social workers, at full staffing capacity. Koko Green, El Dorado County Health and Human Services, Employment Services: Open enrollment now for Covered California, can register: “,” 800-300-1506, come in office 3368 Lake Tahoe Blvd, first floor.Pat Lahey, El Dorado County Health and Human Services, Heating and Energy Assistance Program (HEAP):  Energy assistance (electricity, oil, wood, pellets, gas) to qualifying households, help with utility bills, accepting applications for 2015 and 2014. They offer for a one-time payment/year. Eligibility: Depends on priority points. Priorities to those with children 0-5, seniors, disabled. Applications at 1360 Johnson Blvd., Suite 103.  Starting new this year, providing bilingual staff assistance at Family Resource Center office  January, 14th 9-12pm. More dates may follow.Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: All beds are full. There are three individuals in transitional housing in South Lake Tahoe. Their other services include: outpatient clinic, mental health services and substance testing.Molly Hucklebridge, Barton Health: Smoking Cessation class, research-based through Lung Association, begins this Thursday. Have Birthing Classes. Covered California, support available: “” Hiring for a Digital Marketing Specialist, with web design, social media and marketing experience.  Wellness Lectures: This Thursday, Low Back Pain, 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College, Board Room. Sleep Apnea and Cardio Disease Thursday February 12, 6-7pm, Lake Tahoe Community College, Board Room.Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: Just had “Festival of Trees and Lights”, and excited to say it raised $71,000 for Barton Hospice, more than they have ever raised. The Gala raised $62,000 for Community Health Endowment.  Community Advisory Committee meeting was held last week and having the Mental Health Forum this year to address gaps in services (awareness and gaps last year). Feb 5 at South Tahoe High School, all day event. Goal is to come with action elements.  For more information, contact: sconrad@bartonhealth.orgKaylie Arnold, Girls on the Run Sierras: Has flyers, South Lake Tahoe program starts in March, have a new site at Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe, Jude has coaches covered. She handed out flyers calling for volunteer coaches at Bijou, March 16-June 6, 1.5 hours after school, one day/week.Savannah, with El Dorado County Office of Education: Observing.      Print Motivation: Joy of learning and reading. If reading and learning is not fun, they don’t want to do that. Narrative skills: Ability to listen to stories, retain information, recite it back. Phonological Awareness: Ability to break down and listen to smaller sounds in words. Apple has two sounds, “a” and “pple”. If a child can’t differential the sounds, reading is difficult. Hone this skill by singing.  1. Read: Reading on a daily basis supports all Early Childhood Literacy skills.3. Singing: They remember words easier when you sing to them. Helps with phonological awareness. 5. Play: Opens science, math, literacy skills.Why are Early Literacy Skills and 5 Best Practices important? By 3rd grade, children are reading to learn. Prior to 3rd grade, they are learning to read. If don’t read by 3rd grade, a child is 4 times more likely not to graduate from high school. 40% of low performing students come from low income students. What predicts 3rd grade reading levels? Vocabulary development from 2-4 years old. Low income youth age 5 recognize 9 letters, a typical middle class child recognizes 33. High school dropouts are more likely to be involved in crime or have a teenage pregnancy.Jude: Do you have resources on how to make learning fun? How to be less teacher-ish?      Trends right now: They have 300 families who want budgeting services, employment. Empower staff and families. If we reinforce what families can do to support their children, it helps them and the community.Poverty is cyclical and passed to the next generation. Every parent wants their child to be successful. Their job is to explain how parents have to do things a little differently to bridge a gap and have a different trajectory for their kids. When this gap is present when a child enters school, it persists and grows. Reading and language exposure. If you have been told or conditioned negatively, you are setting a child up to come into a classroom that doesn’t have self-confidence and knowledge. Low income children hear fewer affirmations and more discouraging statements made. And when spoken to it’s in one or two sentences. Encourage parents to speak in their home language. Culturally, many families don’t speak a lot to children. Maybe they don’t have a lot of time when they are working a lot. Stressors can consume time, too. How can we help families find time to speak, play, sing? It takes 11 positive things to erase 1 negative thing.1. Use positive discipline: They host monthly parent meetings at each site, publish newsletters, and have in-kind parent volunteer time. Redirect your child by explaining what you would like him or her TO DO, and why it is important, instead of simply saying what NOT to do.3. Establish Family Routines: Low income families are stressed and give up the routine. We want them to understand the importance of getting the child to school on time. What is your morning routine, evening routine?  Stanford research: What makes a Valedictorian? One common thread was having dinner with family regularly. Also, routines help children self-regulate and help with impulse control.BOTTOM LINE: Parents make the difference. Spend 20 minutes reading to your child every day…you will read 120 hours in a year, 240 hours over two years and you can close the achievement gap.   Liz: Have sliding point system for enrollments each year.  Jude: Boys and Girls Club focuses their curriculum on writing and reading. Please use BGCLT as a resource for an hour of art, writing, reading.Liz: On Family Development Matrix, shows high risk targets and interventions. She has leads for fast easy great tips and will share with Nicole and how to use research-based tips. With Wendy’s new position, she has facilitated LTC for ~16 years and in June, when she segues into new responsibilities, we’d like to find a new facilitator. Looking to find a new person for this position. See Nicole or Wendy to talk more about it. Thank you to Jane Flavin and Amanda Morozumi who have stepped up to co-facilitate for FY 2015/16. 5.  Discussion-LTC Attend EDCF Seminar  
  1. 6. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  2. Nicole Zaborsky, Wendy David, and Jude Wood are going and will sit on the panel. Others are invited, email Nicole to coordinate.
  3. On February 20th the El Dorado Community Foundation is hosting an all-day seminar for the nonprofit community, at their new community center, Cameron Park. During the day, there will be a series of breakout sessions.  One of those sessions they would like to have is on the South Lake Tahoe Collaborative. Would we be willing to tell the story of the collaborative, how it works, how participation is involved and how issues are addressed?  Who will attend?  We can use a panel, members of the collaborative, to also talk about some of the issues we have had, and some of the lessons learned.  They will of course pay for your mileage. The time frame they have for us is from 2:15 to 3:15pm.
  5. 4. Discussion-revisit who will facilitate/co-facilitate the LTC in 2015
  6. Elizabeth: California School Aged Consortium, after school programming for kids, has research-based information. They have components on that content area. She will also forward some information to Nicole. They will also come do free staff training.
  7. Theresa: Many times she works with kids who did not have strong foundations, and core values. Are there things that can help them with that?
  8. Tina: Some families have so many stressors and their work hours may not fit with Early Head Start’s schedule.
  9. Elizabeth: All of the Head Start and Early Head Start families get this service. Any average family can get this information from Library and Together We Grow staff. El Dorado County Office of Education staff can work with Tot Spot, Kahle, groups of families. Best Beginnings, Barton, can reach out and be a first line of outreach.
  10. Wendy: How are we identifying families? For those in this room, how can we recommend or refer?
  12. Resource, “The Achievement Gap and what YOU can do about it: A Guide for Parents and Families,” Acelero Learning, Acelero Learning Website: &  Achievement Gap Website:
  13. Narrative structure, reading has narrative structure with beginning/middle/end. Low income families get stuck in circular narrative structure. Reading helps build foundation to tell a story in this format.
  14. 4. Read with your child! Give tutorial guides to parents. Limit screen time. Engage with child at their height level. High 5 For Quality and Race to the Top programs have librarians going to licensed child care providers, have family engagement component, send things home to families. Do reading, activities to build early literacy skills.
  15. 2. Provide Language-rich Experiences: Every organization can talk about narrating their child’s life. Example: “Okay, here we are going to the changing table, taking the diaper off, taking the new diaper out of the package, wiping the baby clean, laying out the new diaper.” For many parents, this is unnatural.
  16. They want to empower their families. A parent is a child’s most important teacher. Give parents some ideas, close achievement gap, so all children, regardless of family background, enter Kindergarten ready to learn.
  17. Why is this so important? Its reading, expression, language, conversations. Parents are gatekeepers to this.
  18. Cognitive development from 0-5 years is a strong foundation.
  19. This gap has nothing to do with how smart children are! This gap doesn’t mean that children from low-income families can’t succeed at school.
  20. Research shows that by time children begin Kindergarten, there is a difference in literacy from low-income to high-income families. On average, a child from low income family shows less developed skills in the areas necessary for success in Kindergarten and beyond.
  21. One focus and goal is to know low income families are facing multiple stressors that can alter the direction of their lives and choices they make in a day. Often don’t have experience and modelling to have techniques in place to move through hardship. They help them understand the research. What happens to children before they enter school? Made it their mission to teach families about Achievement Gap. Pass out booklet to them in English and Spanish.
  22. They have a team of Family Service Specialists with their grant. They partner with their families, each specialist’s caseload is about 40 families. They link families to services in the community, partner with community organizations and bring together data on family assessments. What are our trends? Where do our families need support?
  23. The El Dorado County Office of Education’s Child Development Programs and Services is influenced by the research that supports the effort to close the Achievement Gap, so that all children, regardless of family or community background, enter Kindergarten ready to learn. Our Family Service work is organized around 4 areas that the research suggests have the greatest impact on family circumstances directly linked to positive child outcomes.
  24. Elizabeth Blakemore, Early Care and Education Planning Council Coordinator, El Dorado County Office of Education,
  25. Liz Barnekoff, Family Engagement Coordinator, El Dorado County Office of Education,
  27. Diana: Don’t be embarrassed. Sing.
  28. 4. Talk: Talking to kids every day. Don’t dumb down words. Use big words. Learn words and build vocabulary.
  29. 2. Write: Write with kids every day. Build small hand muscles through sensory activities. Give them a paintbrush, playdough, markers.
  30. BEST PRACTICES: 5 things they tell every family at storytime:
  31. Before you can master any skill you need a foundation.
  32. Letter Knowledge: Letters can look different but can be the same (upper case and lower case).
  33. Vocabulary: Knowing what words mean. Talk to children at an adult level.
  34. Print Awareness: Noticing that print is everywhere. It is powerful and has meaning in society. Noticing signs, knowing different parts of the book (cover, back, spine, author’s job, illustrator’s job, in America we read from left to right).
  36. Background: She partners with: First 5 El Dorado, Ready to Read at Library-storytime in English and Spanish- to empower families to read to children and reduce social isolation. It’s difficult with small child to get out of the house and socialize with other families/children. Their programs are free; El Dorado County Office of Education, Race to Top.
  37. She will be covering the stages, best practices and the importance of early literacy development in children ages birth to five.
  38. Diana Lozano, Early Childhood Literacy Specialist, El Dorado County Library,
  40. 3. Presentations
  41. Next month’s Lake Tahoe Collaborative meeting is at Lake Tahoe Community College.
  42. El Dorado Community Foundation: They are beginning to work on ‘Give Where You Live’. This is their 2nd annual 24 Giving Challenge for 501 (c) (3) nonprofits in El Dorado County. Last year about 50 nonprofits participated and $152,000 was raised. More than anything, however, this event showcases the work of nonprofit organizations in our county. This year it will take place on April 23rd. She’d like every nonprofit in the county to feel included in this event!
  43. Tahoe Magic: passed out business cards, serve families in crisis, one time only, and work directly through referral agencies. Busy year already. Families are suffering. Clients are passing along information and are contacting Wendy directly. She turns down folks who contact her directly. She requires a contact from agencies so there is a referral.


  1. Next LTC meeting February 9, 2015, Lake Tahoe Community College Board Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.


Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

December 8, 2014, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

  1. 1:00pm WelcomeReview and approve the minutes from the November 10, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from AgenciesMembers are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Agency Updates/Announcements:Wendy David, Facilitator of LTC, First 5 El Dorado; Councilmember at City of South Lake Tahoe; Tahoe Magic: Funding basic needs to families in financial crisis. Amanda Hammond, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: McKinney Vento Liaison, federal law protects students classified as homeless.Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: No updatesRoberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: Last meeting, she is retiring from College Board tomorrow, 2 new members: Jeff Cowen, Michelle Sweeney. Thanks to everyone who supported the bond. They want to hit the ground running, fix heating, new projects coming, correspondence program for incarceration students (recidivism drops with education). New University center for 4 year degrees, working with UC Davis to provide upper 2 years on the campus for different kinds of degrees. Tracy Thomas, Lake Tahoe Community College: Counselor at LTCC: Brought winter schedules. Registration is ongoing and classes begin Jan 5.Liz Maul, Lake Tahoe Humane Society: They are a small non-profit and do charity and education. They have quite a lot of pet food in the office right now. They are working with students in S-Club and private individuals on raising monies and collecting donations. They have emergency pet food for those in hard times, and working with Bread and Broth and pet food distribution. This is going well. Also working with Tahoe Youth and Family Services.Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Youth programs focusing on outdoor adventure for underserved or at-risk kids. Kicked off on-hill programs this past weekend with Mentor Program on Saturday and 5-day Learn-to-Ride on Sunday. Maxed out at 150 kids in the long term mentor program. Serving 550 kids in the 5-day and 1-day programs. Working to design different projects and collaborate with agencies.Emily Winter, Firefly Yoga International: Emotional/physical programs. Finishing up piloting programs. They went really well, looking for new agencies to partner with, including Nevada, for spring. Target audience is for trauma survivors (sexual violence, police, domestic violence, etc.)Betsy Glass, Barton Community Health Center: Begin implementing counseling program next week. Taking referrals now. Processing for mild to moderate adult program, accepting: Med-Cal, Medicaid, Med-Medi, uninsured. Piloting programs and see where it takes them and how to expand.  Collaborating with Sabrina Owen at El Dorado County Mental Health and helped to find the need for this group. They are focusing on 1:1 counseling and no family or couples counseling.  There are family opportunities with Med-Cal through with local non-profits.Christopher Croft, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: Two events, Gardnerville Dec. 17 and Tahoe Dec 18, 4:30-6:30pm, Annual Night of Giving, take a moment to purchase goods to donate to them (toilet paper, paper towels, paper products, sleeping bags, tents for their outreach program and drop-in centers who are mostly at-risk youth and teens). They put together survival kits. Give financially, since they are tax exempt they can stretch a dollar. Accept donations year round, refer to website.Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: No updates.Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado: They are recipients of tobacco tax dollars. They fund community, universal home visits, development screenings, medical insurance connection, high quality learning in community, library programs ages 0-5, community strengthening.South Tahoe Library  – Storytimes are on hiatus and will resume January 6  1360 Johnson Blvd., Suite 103, (530) 573-3155Melissa Uppendahl, Grant Management Associates: We are providing free grant writing services to county nonprofits, and I’d really love to see some of our south shore nonprofits take advantage of this service.  If anyone has any questions contactMelissa J. Uppendahl – Senior Associate                        Covered California open enrollment through February 15, 2015: 2) If you have general questions, or questions about the enrollment process, you may call Barton’s Customer Service Center at 543-5642 or email at      Lance Poinsett, El Dorado County Veteran’s Affairs, lance.poinsett@edcgov.usLance will present the services available to Veterans through El Dorado County Veteran’s Services.5. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  3.      3. Discussion-Cancelled-we will reschedule for 2015:
  4. As part of the City Council, she attended a Police Department meeting last week and it was sobering the amount of drugs in the community, the data hit her very hard.
  5. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: She just did her annual report. Last winter was a tough winter, got special grant from El Dorado Community Foundation to assist with housing needs due to no snow. Crisis rent assistance was $57,000.  Total crisis help was $70,000. Tahoe Magic provides one-time crisis assistance to those with youth. Accepting end of year donations.
  6. Christopher Croft: Kelsey described intervention program at high school. We need to recruit members of the community to volunteer to facilitate this program. We were told to expect 20 students over the school year, had 23 in the first three weeks. So, need is there and need to look beyond coalition table, so need community volunteers, do not need background in counseling, training is provided. Help in spreading the word. The little bit that has been done so far is working.
  7. Francie Alling, St. Joseph’s Community Land Trust: Built a house and a local family lives there, the land trust owns the land. They also own and manage low income apartments. They are currently raising money to build another house. Want to have housing all around the lake.
  8. 3) You can also visit Covered California’s website at
  9. 1) For appointments to get enrolled please call (530) 600-1984 to make an appointment with a certified enrollment counselor.
  10. Molly Hucklebridge, Barton: Wellness and community outreach. Thursday, Incline Village, Health Lecture. Want feedback on how Barton Health can better serve the community, attend a meeting once a month, have to be over 18, can’t be related to anyone who works at Barton, have to be past patient or family member of past patient.  New Health and Wellness Directories are printed.
  11. Mindi Befu, Marketing for Barton Health: Now launching Community Health and Needs Assessment, they have a third party coordinate this. The report will be ready in Spring and then we can compare to the last assessment from three years ago.
  12. Moirhian Martin, Child Protective Services: Still under staffed.  No supervisor, so opening up for that position again. Have case aide and social worker coming on after the holidays.
  13. Jill Johnston, El Dorado County Health and Human Services, Eligibility: Medical, food stamps, cash aid. Open Enrollment ends Dec. 15 to be effective January 1st. Medi-Cal is open enrollment open all year.
  14. Kelsey Magoon, New Coordinator, Drug Free Coalition: They work with the community to strategize on minimizing substance abuse. Implemented drug aversion program, on South Tahoe High campus. They conduct student training on drugs/alcohol. Next meeting is January 6, 3:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue.
  15. They see clients under 18, 24 hours a day, to meet at hospital. If 18 and over, they are asked to wait at the hospital. Lots of folks they see at ER are under the influence, so they wait for them to dry out to assess them.
  16. Sabrina Owen, EL Dorado Co Mental Health: Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) community meeting Tuesday December 16, 2014 at 6pm at the South Tahoe Library, 1000 Rufus Allen Blvd.  Give input on how MHSA funds should be spent, community mental health needs, what’s working, and mental health policy.  The county primarily works with Med-Cal clients. The requirements came out in Jan and they serve severe clients. So, others go to Barton, thus Betsy’s scope to work with mild clients. 8-8pm, 24 hour crisis line…just cut back services, no longer do psych services at hospital on certain hours. Two funding sources they operate, $1m tax, you can speak up on what programs should be funded, next Tues, 16 6pm. Generally have three people attend. They usually get $16,000 from County General Fund for Mental Health services. As a State, California got an F on Mental Health Service, drug use is high, suicide is high. Come and have a say in where money should go and amount of money to get allocated.  Mental Health Commission explains what goes on in each program, there are state mandated programs that there is no funding for, trying to get Laura’s Law-encourage people who have a history of violence and diagnosed mental illness to get assistance. We, as a community, pay for this one way or another, pain and suffering or monetarily.  Mental health affects 1:5.
  17. Deirdre Slater, El Dorado County Office of Education, Child Dev Programs: South Lake Tahoe programs, 0-5 students, head start, early head start, state preschool. They need a classroom assistant 2, job listing on “”.
  18. Kaylie Arnold, Girls on the Run: They serve the entire Tahoe Area, March 16, Bijou and Tahoe Valley Elementary School. Meet with girls 3-5 grades after school for 1.5 hours. Do self-esteem programs with girls, 5K June 5. They need running buddies and coaches (run, skip, play). Volunteer coordinator: “”
  19. Karen Jaime: Tomorrow at Library, Warm Room meeting, 12:30-1:30pm.  She has information on a shelter out of Nashville, TN and have about a dozen shelters with multiple services.  Online donation site, GoFundMe.
  20. De-Anne Hooper, South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center: Busy month, lots of people coming in for assistance. Doing a Toy give away with Toys for Tots for toys for their clients Dec. 23 12-5pm at SLTFRC. If someone does not qualify for proof of residency at another agency, refer them to them.  They won’t be serving needs of the entire community, just focus primarily on undocumented residents but don’t turn folks away. Also have some food vouchers.  Andre Tyson is coordinating a Clothes Give Away, Rec Center, Dec. 13, 12-5, no pre-registration, send families to rec center, first come first serve.
  21. Nicole Zaborsky: The TRPA website has information on wood stove replacement program, to reduce air pollution and increase energy efficiency.  El Dorado County and South Lake Tahoe residents, Placer County residents, and Nevada Residents may qualify for a $400-$1400 rebate.
  22. Star Walker, El Dorado Co Health and Human Services: Contact them for emergency Heating and Cooling or to replace and repair heating/cooling units. They manage Senior Programs now. She has applications, English and Spanish. Liberty Energy and SW Gas are separate applications. Has Senior Program brochures too.
  23. Lauren Montalvo, El Dorado Co Health and Human Services, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): To qualify for this program-an applicant is given priority points (income, citizenship, energy statement (wood, propane, gas, electric). The program provides funding in the form of a credit to a bill. They also do weatherization and making a home more energy efficient…priority is families with children 0-5 and seniors.
  24. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: Free rides on routes 50 and 53, Dec. 20-Jan 4.
  25. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: They are the proud owner of two Santa outfits that they loan out this time of year. Live Violence Free and Boys and Girls Club also have one each and the Humane Society has dog Santa outfit.
  26. Jude Wood, Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe: Started new program, Winter Program, open over holiday vacation, December 22, 23, 29, 30. Having a Holiday Party on Dec 23 in the afternoon. Looking for new board members if you know people in the community, young people. Their members don’t take food from them, so please take the food for your clients that is by the front door. For $1/raffle ticket, can win a necklace as a fundraiser. Will draw the winner at the holiday party on Dec. 23.
  27. Karen Russell, Lilliput Children Services, Kinship Program:  She passed out flyers . They help relatives raise kids, and host support groups Wednesday mornings. She has referral forms, too.
  28. Lorrie Pond, El Dorado County Mental Health Commission, Court Appointed Special Advocates: Generous thank you for helping CASA to fulfill wishes for our kiddos.
  29. Hector Ochoa, University of California Cooperative Extension: Bring their research based curriculum to the community for children and adults, working with Sierra House Garden Domes and Bijou to bring nutrition programs to the community. Working with Tahoe Valley and others for classes.
  30. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Reminders: Hopefully families are going to work and if they are in need of child care, contact them for referrals or funding. Tend to get a lot of toy donations before and after Christmas. Also they keep safe and fun toys children can take from their office. Have diaper/formula program in both of their offices.  June 6 is Day of the Young Child.
  31. Karen Naegeli, Outpatient Coordinator, Tahoe Turning Point: She described a new program on the out-patient side. The county got a grant and contracted with them to provide Home Visitation Program services on both eastern and western slope. Client is referred to them and they do parenting education. Have a few clients already. Refer clients to this program. Child has to be under 18, priority for 0-5 ages. Documentation of residency is not required but they do not have bilingual staff. A partner agency is welcome to send bilingual staff with TTP to homes.
  32. Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free: Thank you to everyone for participation in their Holiday Tree for adopting a family and children. All of them have been adopted.
  33. Eanad Lott, Director of Operations, Live Violence Free: Currently have opening for crisis counselor for weekends/evenings, PT. Hired an attorney to be on staff soon.
  34. Grant Management Associates, (530) 828-7242,,
  35. At Public Health we only charge $10.00 and we are not turning people away due to inability to pay. So I would encourage the agencies to refer to us. We are located at:
  36. El Dorado County Public Health: Some medical providers ran out of Flu Vaccine and are referring people to the local pharmacies where the shot cost about $35.00.
  37. They are collecting Caps for Kids at the front desk until December 20. Donate a new or newly knitted cap for a child in our community. The giving tree ends on December 13. Please come in and pick up a tag for CASA or Live Violence Free — return presents or gift cards unwrapped by 5 pm on the 13th.  Dream Spirit will play holiday music at the library on Saturday, December 13th at 11 am. It is a free event, but we are collecting food and monetary donations for Christmas Cheer All Year
  1. Next LTC meeting January 12, 2015, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.

Presentations from Diana Lozano on Literacy Development and from Liz Barnekoff and Elizabeth Blakemore on Achievement Gap

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

November 10, 2014, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

  1. 1:00pm WelcomeReview and approve the minutes from the October 13, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from AgenciesMembers are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Warm RoomWendy: Lake Tahoe Collaborative has been around for about 20 years. LTC is comprised of social service agencies and non-profits that come together to share what we are doing and include: CPS, Mental Health, CASA, LVF, TYFS, Boys and Girls Club–agencies that are focused on serving families and children. We are a Collaborative and there are no paid staff. Eight years ago, First 5 of El Dorado wanted to support groups in this area. Their funding pays for Nicole’s time and the retreat each year. When a need comes to us, we are not a paid group that can jump on a topic and make it happen. We try to bring together needs and gauge if the community is responsive to do something about it. We are an advisory group, a think tank. The Warm Room Subcommittee has held two meetings, that Salvation Army has already been involved, plus different entities; we are researching “can we sustain this (Warm Room) in the community?” Wendy: Some cities do have Warm Rooms. You can bring any agenda item to the City Council.Wendy: The meetings are geared around organizations and agencies serving the social, family service needs. There have been organizations that have joined our meetings. Each month there is a different makeup.  There is a special topic each community strengthening meeting and we can have this as a future topic, the City can attend, Police Department can attend, Salvation Army to attend.  Wendy: There are food programs out there. No homeless shelter. Most of the people sitting around the table deal with the homeless population.                                     Andrea Powers, First 5 El Dorado, apowers@edcoe.orgVeronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative, veronica.strauss@edcgov.usIntroduce the core First 5 Strengthening Families Framework Awareness Strategy.    Discuss what Mobile Outreach can look like in South Lake Tahoe.  Who is the audience? What are the themes or topics? Where in the community? When (winter=indoor, summer=indoor/outdoor).  Why is this needed?   Andrea: In their scope of works this year, they adopted Protective Families Framework. In the first strategy they ask as a collective if anyone is interested in participating in a planning session. They work to reduce isolation, take Children’s Health Initiative, Together We Grow, and the Library and conduct activities to connect families as networks and connect them to services in community. They discuss the importance of wellness visits, literacy, and developmental screens.  They modeling for 4 weeks, then have an exit strategy to ensure playgroups are formed and parents are connecting.Main question is how to best outreach to these families and meet them where they are and give them what they might need in areas of literacy, health, importance of wellness visits, importance of developmental screens, and any specific needs in the community, with an attention to health.Wendy: In the past, the focus has been on Bijou. There are at-risk kids at Tahoe Valley. There are about 35 kids at Sierra Garden apartments; there is also Tahoe Valley Apts that has a concentration of kids and populations at-risk. There are about eighty Preppy K’s at Tahoe Valley. This could be another opportunity for outreach to the developmentally young.Penny: Don’t worry about an indoor room. They can use the parking lot and dirt or gather under a tree, or popup tents. They bring carpet. They are planning for June and outdoors would work.  Penny: She and Veronica will talk to the apartment manager and get the information on families.Wendy: Amanda, with your job are you seeing homeless populations?  Kathi: One of things in groups with mom’s and babies is that we build relationships and we can coordinate with other agencies. First 5 wants to do prevention in a positive way to build assets and strengths. Kathi: They target children and families early. How do you find families?  Usually see them once they are in crisis. Messaging to families, “you are important enough that we are coming to you.” Engaging and developing relationships. Kathi: Want it to be owned in the community. Want to be the vehicle to start the conversation.Kathi: Successes: One family called her with questions in Spanish. Secondly, mom showed up at library. Little by little they build capacity.Kathi: There were families that went to talk about unmet transportation needs and got in touch with the transportation district to discuss how to better serve their needs.Veronica: In Cameron Park, apt manager’s sister drove in from Lodi with kids.
  2. 5. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  3. Follow up contact: Veronica and Penny
  4. They are coming to South Lake Tahoe in June, go to one place. Go the same day every week four times.
  5. Veronica: 3 moms signed up for library cards and had never been to the library.
  6. Kristi: In Cimmarron the isolated parents came down the street with strollers, just because live in apt complex, these events gave them permission to get to know each other, to play with their kids, go to the library. Each agency knew kid’s name, mom’s names. The engagement was incredible.
  7. Veronica: It’s a mini carnival.
  8. Penny: They have flyers to give to folks if they can’t come. Want parents to know they are their child’s advocate.
  9. Amanda: Bijou Woods, Sky Lake Lodge, El Nido. Mobile home park on Highway 89. Econolodge.
  10. Tina: Hope Lutheran Church is right next to Sierra Gardens Apts. and Tahoe Mobile Home Park is across the street. Hope Lutheran has licensed child care facility that closed and it may be available.
  11. Francie: Just got new little playground for children (at Sierra Garden Apts).
  12. Francie, St Joseph’s Community Land Trust: There are 35-45 children at Sierra Garden Apts. There is no community room there.
  13. Penny: In June, they were at Bijou Woods. The Library, Together We Grow, Public Health Nurses, Covered CA, and Dental Van participated. They engaged in activities where parents could interact with kids, did outreach to invite moms to come meet with these agencies, it went pretty well. Where are good places to focus on this next? Targeting stay at home mom or parent, talk to families/managers to see what places to focus. This could be an area to go or a place in the community.
  14. The reason they are here today is to see if anyone wants to participate in planning, and address specific needs in the community. The planning occurs over a few meetings. Contact Penny and Veronica to participate.
  15. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative,
  16. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado,
  18.      3. Discussion:
  19. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: Flyer for TRPA Unmet needs Assessment Thursday November 20, 2014 at 2:30, TRPA, Stateline, NV. If you are unable to attend, email or snail mail comments, Judy Weber, TRPA. PO Box 5310, Stateline, NV 89449,
  20. Andrea Powers, Program Coordinator, First 5 El Dorado
  21. Kathi Guerrero, First 5 El Dorado: They have a new bilingual program assistant. First 5 El Dorado is sad to see Norma Santiago leave as Commissioner. Children’s Dental Van services have been suspended. Unfortunately reexamining service delivery, currently working with Community Health Clinic, Barton, Marshall, embed these services in our communities and schools. Bear with them through their growing pains. Working on grant opportunity with rural health services. Look for dental services again this spring.
  22. Christy White, Public Health, Health and Human Services, Children’s Health Initiative.
  23. Mark Contois, Health and Human Service, El Dorado County: They investigate child abuse. Happy to report out Karen Shaleen (sp?) has accepted a position. The good news is they are moving toward stabilizing staffing. He is on the First 5 El Dorado Commission.
  24. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: They assist families that have needs for children, childcare, diapers, formula.
  25. Lindsay Simon, A Balanced Life: They fill the gaps in the community that the County mental health can’t do. They are currently brainstorming on what group options are available and possible, ex: Victims of Domestic Violence.
  26. Sabrina Owen, Mental Health, El Dorado County: They serve the underserved and untreated mental health folks in the community.
  27. Barbara Mick, Eligibility Supervisor Health and Human Services, El Dorado County: They provide CalFresh, MediCal, etc. This month open enrollment begins. Covered California starts Nov. 15th. Please remind folks they need to renew Covered California.
  28. Niki Congero Lake Tahoe Humane Society: They are starting to coordinate a food outreach program with Bread and Broth to provide pet food for people. People will get their pet food when they get their human food. Mental Health issues with clients is very challenging.
  29. Liz Maul, Lake Tahoe Humane Society: She is the Education Director; she gets out in schools and does programs. They are supported by donations and not the Humane Society of United States. “Santa Paws is Coming to Town” fundraiser will be held Saturday November 15, 2014 at Tahoe Production House, 10am-5pm.
  30. Karen Russell, Lilliput Children’s Services: She has flyers. They provide help to grandparents, brothers, aunts who are raising a relative’s child. Have a toy shop for holidays. New Parent Partner started last month. They host a caregiver meeting a Wed each month at Tahoe Turning Point.
  31. Mary McKee, Court Appointed Special Advocates: Graduating 5 new CASA’s. Gearing up for the holiday season and will see their giving trees at the library and at TRPA.  Spread the word.
  32. Katharine Miller, South Lake Tahoe Library: Programs for 0-5, teens, adults.
  33. Francie Alling, St. Joseph Community Land Trust: Purchase properties and build affordable and moderate income housing. Have one house owned by local family, they own the land. Have 76 units Sierra Garden Apts., low income housing. Just set up program to purchase a house in South Shore for local family. Spaghetti Dinner for housing fund, suggested donation $5, Thursday November 20, 5:30-7p, St. Theresa’s.
  34. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Mentoring programs, kids 8-18. Expose to outdoor adventure with off-hill components (life skill, goal setting). Gearing up for winter for kids at Sierra House and Zephyr Cove. Deadline next Wednesday. Email Theresa with referrals:  Their Executive Director resigned and they are looking for someone to fill his shoes.
  35. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: Non-profit for families in crisis. Has new business cards, address, website.  Mission to help families with children, one time only assistance.
  36. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative: They are busy doing neighborhood “Play to Grows.” They are setting up for more. They just finished one in Cimmarron, Cameron Park. They set up for kids to play and agencies come to show services to assist families.  Talking about this in today’s presentation.
  37. Veronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative, Bilingual Health Worker, Funded by First 5 El Dorado
  38. Amanda Hammond, McKinney Vento, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: Works with children’s homeless populations. This school year, LTUSD has designated 255 children as homeless (K-12), about ¼ of them are extreme cases–moving around living in hotels. This count includes the parents who self-identify their family as living doubled up in a home. The LTUSD definition of homeless includes those who are in a multiple family residence, mobile home or hotel. She is leaving after Thanksgiving and wants to know how she can get dinner to families she works with.  Nicole will contact Pat Frega at Kiwanis. Bread and Broth will host a Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday November 24, at St. Theresa’s.
  39. Carla Sells, Labor and Delivery Nurse Manager at Barton: They provide home visits to new parents, which is supported by First 5 El Dorado.
  40. Heather Hardy, Program Assistant, First 5 El Dorado
  41. Kae Reed: Lake Tahoe News
  42. Karen Jaime: Thanks for opening the floor.
  43. Christopher Croft, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: They are fully staffed again and can take AOD, Mental health referrals. Planning for annual night of giving for Dec. 18 in Tahoe. Trying to get material goods to at-risk youth who are couch surfing. Every year try to get sleeping bags, tents, hygiene products. You can bring these things, but they are a non-profit and can have tax advantages when they purchase and more buying power. Check them out on website and Facebook.
  44. Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free:  They are looking for volunteers and already in the holiday Adopt-a-Family season.
  45. Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Passed out a flyer for upcoming wellness lectures. “Nutrition” Tuesday December 2, 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College and “Ski Injury Awareness & Prevention” Thursday December 11, 6-7pm at Sierra Nevada College.  Barton is a member of the group “Tahoe Health Exchange,” as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s health-related businesses. If you have something that can benefit the community’s health, attend the meetings the last Wednesday of each month at noon at Tahoe Chamber, Stateline.
  46. Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: November 12 a woman will come up to sell jewelry. She is doing a raffle, $2/ win a necklace, proceeds support TTP.
  47. Shelley Martinez, Adjunct faculty Lake Tahoe Community College, pre-school
  48. Betsy Glass, Barton Community Health: Working with Kathi Guerrero, First 5, to establish DentiCal in the area.
  49. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: no updates.
  50. Agency Updates/Announcements:
  51. Leanne: Let’s schedule the next Warm Room meeting.
  52. Comment: At this table, we didn’t know what was out there in the community. She’d like to volunteer and then know what is out there. Are there programs out there for the homeless?
  53. Question from audience: Is this (LTC meeting) open to public or just agencies?
  54. Humane Society: Warm Room is a necessity. Should City government look at this issue?
  55. Wendy David: She saw that the paper noticed a Warm Room meeting today. This is not the main topic of today’s meeting. Before we start with the regular agenda, let’s do a short update on this topic.  Karen Jaime is here on behalf of Heavenly House Foundation.  Nicole Zaborsky gave an update on the LTC Warm Room Subcommittee.  The group has met two times this year following Diana Hankins’ presentation at the January LTC meeting.  We were searching for a compatible fiscal agent.  Salvation Army, Del Oro Division stepped up to partner with us. They requested we write a proposal to them on our vision and how to partner together.  This is in the works.  Karen Jaime spoke. She is not familiar with the LTC organization. She heard that the LTC is taking on the Warm Room task.
  1. Next LTC meeting December 8, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

October 13, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm WelcomeReview and approve the minutes from the September 8, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from AgenciesMembers are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.a. Hector Ochoa, University of California Cooperative Extension, Nutrition Educator: He is new nutrition educator for the area.b. Liz Barnekoff, El Dorado County Office of Education: All their positions are filled. They are in the process of doing a Family Development Matrix with each family with 21 core indicators to see the needs in community as a method to collect data. c. Koko Green, El Dorado County Health and Human Services. Health care options are available with Maximus, to help folks select a plan either through Blue Anthem or California Wellness, and housed at Lake Tahoe Blvd.d. Melody Easton, South Tahoe Drug Free Coalition: Had another prescription drug take back day, last one the DEA and Police Dept. will host. They are transitioning to a permanent disposal bin at the Police Department and hospitals. Implemented an alternative suspension program for drug infractions at South Tahoe High School. Students can do 3 day intensive tutoring and intervention with a service provider to learn about addiction and the brain. So far, 8 high school and 1 middle school student have participated. October 30 and 31, “Breaking Down Walls” workshop will be held at the middle school from 7 am – 2pm. They need volunteers to help in breakout sessions.e. Christopher Croft, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: They had a fun “Color Blast” event at Lake Tahoe Community College on Saturday.  They colored the campus and had a good time and are looking forward to doing it again next summer. They have had some open positions that were recently filled; most specifically they have a licensed counselor, Jennifer, starting at the end of October. Have full staffing again at Juvenile Treatment Center.f. Tanya Fontenot, Lilliput Children’s Services, Kinship Program: Over the summer they were on hold with their contract with El Dorado Co. They also lost Coleen as their employee.  Lucia starts this week and is Spanish speaking.  Their kinship program assists any relatives raising family members by helping them navigate they system, obtain guardianship, offer support groups at Tahoe Turning Point (Second Wednesday of the month from 10:30am-11:30am) , and do case management in Tahoe.  ::g. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: Just had a cocktail contest fundraiser at Riva, and raised $3800. Festival of Trees and Lights is December 3-6th and the Gala is December 6th at Harrah’s. h. Molly Hucklebridge, Barton Health: They do a lot of wellness output. The “We Can” program was at all elementary schools and every elementary student did a wellness and nutrition curriculum.  They hope to bring it back in the spring. The next Wellness Lecture is Tuesday October 21, 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College Board Room. The topic is Women’s Health Screenings and Q&A with two female physicians. The hospital is feeling confident they are prepared if Ebola comes through. It’s not spreadable until symptoms show: flu like symptoms. The Community Health Needs Assessment is coming up.i. Nicole Zaborsky, Warm Room update: The subcommittee met, created an outline for the South Tahoe Warm Room. Salvation Army, Del Oro Division will serve as the fiscal agent.  We are collaborating with Barton Foundation to generate a proposal for Salvation Army to review. The goal is to have a 6 month facility in town, on the bus line beginning this winter.
  1. Marisa Wishart, Covered Sacramento: Open enrollment for Covered CA begins November 15th– only about a month away. Her position has shifted to “Lead Navigator” as of October 1st – she probably won’t be able to attend meetings in person as often as before, but I will still keep everyone updated via email. She can always be reached by phone or email (530-488-0836, if anyone has questions regarding Covered CA or the ACA. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

She am still available for events/trainings/presentations but in a more limited capacity than before.

  1. Heidi Hill Drum, Tahoe Prosperity Center: They are an economic vitality non-profit, that focus on the three “p’s:” people, planet, prosperity. Have about two weeks left to complete the internet speed test. Trying to get high speed internet and cell service around the lake to attract businesses here. The more data they get, the better their data set will be to make the case we are an underserved area. Then they talk to the state to get a grant for infrastructure. If you do the test, you are entered to win an iPad mini. Their next project is Socio Economic Prosperity Plan Indicators. They will work with the Lake Tahoe Collaborative to ensure we track the right data.
  1. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency announcement: The Regional Transportation “Unmet Needs Workshop”, is on November 20th at 2:30pm at 128 Market Street.
  1. Alexis Foley, Court Appointed Special Advocates: Currently training 5 new advocates. Their seasonal Chevy’s Fundraiser is October 30th, 5:30-7:30pm. CASA volunteers are court appointed special advocates. They serve two types of cases: CPS/ Foster Care, and juvenile delinquency. They host trainings each year for volunteer advocates to help kids advocate their way through the court system.
  1. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: They are an outdoor adventure sports outreach program serving 8-18 year olds. They are enrolling now for the first session at Heavenly, 5 days of instructor, gear, clothing, $75 for 5 days. Have scholarships available. First session, elementary and middle school, contact her to enroll. Registrations are: Oct 16 South Tahoe Middle School 5:30pm; Oct 22, Sierra House elementary registration. Second session registration will be next month. They are hiring mentors for long term, University Program, keeping the youth involved with snow sport. They give them gear, the youth engage in community service days, events, life skills workshop, resume building, job skills. They need mentors for 150 kids in the long term program. They serve the Reno-Sparks and Bay Area kids and can support 650 kids this year.
  1. Emily Winter, Firefly Yoga International: They offer yoga as public health intervention. They are partnering with Tahoe Turning Point to pilot their first program a week from today. They will be running continuous programs in Feb. if you work with trauma survivors, contact her. Their programs are trauma informed.
  1. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: They offer peer counseling, parent support groups, clothes closet, food distribution program (no discrimination for these last two programs), and a food commodity distribution. No questions asked, clients self-report their income levels. They serve all age groups, all ethnicities. Have a bus going to tree planting with Sugar Pine Foundation this Saturday. The bus will leave Bijou School 9:30am and return at 12:30. Wendy David’s birthday is today, so we celebrate her.
  1. Francie Alling, St Joseph’s Community Land Trust: Their mission to raise money to build housing to keep people  living in Tahoe. Their next meeting is Oct. 20, to talk about refinancing their two housing units. The Chevy’s fundraiser raised $1000, which is being put into the housing fund with the ultimate goal of building another house in South Shore.
  1. Francie Alling, Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church, They service 68 families each month with food. One member asked what do we do with homeless folks each year, (send Francie info on Warm Room). Tahoe Care Coalition went away, talking about bringing this back with folks providing food.
  1. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: Numbers are down so there is time to focus on other things. They are working bringing on substance abuse treatment with Matrix. Working with California Conservation Corps to take kids who are 18. They are in need of partnering with agencies that have volunteer hours for their youth to work on in-house, such as: envelope stuffing, book graffiti erasing, and other safe activities.
  1. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: They are in the fall quarter, and are working hard on Measure F.
  1. Roberta Mason, Soroptimist: They have two award applications. The Violet Richardson Award is for $100 for a 14-17 year old young woman who volunteers.  The second is, Live Your Dream, an award for a woman who is the head of household and wants to further her education, $2,000. Visit   for details.
  1. Diana Lozano, South Tahoe Library: They have early child literacy programs for kids 0-5. They focus on reducing social isolation and reading to your child every day. Have public computers. Have free Wi-Fi. Have laptops for teens, can check them out. Have iPads to check out. Have e-books, audiobooks, and e-library. Visions of libraries are changing.
  1. Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: Good news, beds are full. Accepting applications for transitional housing.
  1. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: They serve the chronic and severely mental ill.
  1. Betsy Glass, Clinical Social Worker, Community Health Center: Working over last month to reach out to community . Currently assessing what community can benefit from. Discovered mild to moderate adult population has largest gap in services in addition to care management. Fulfilling this role, Patient to Center Home Model, allows more specialties in care management in clinics, more hours, access to resources, links in community. Working with Sabrina on referral process.
  1. Lindsay Simon, A Balanced Life, new owner. Accept almost all insurances, except Medi-Cal. They are growing, just recruited four new interns.

aa.Kim Stadtlander, Together We Grow, High Five For Quality: TWG: throughout October talking with Cafecitos regarding the link between vocabulary and school readiness. H5FQ: Inclusion workshop Oct 21, LTCC evening. Kim is going to be out the next few months as she is having a knee replacement.

  1. Lindsey Esser, A Balanced Life: She is Lindsay’s business partner, adding more programs, new interns, play and music therapy, equine therapy. She also owns a private growth equity firm, specializes in finding funding for non-profits.
  1. Wendy West, University of California Cooperative Extension: The nutrition education program is happy to have Hector onboard.
  1. Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health: In middle of flu season shots. The upcoming flu shot schedule is: Wed  15th at Bijou school; Senior Center Wed 22 and 29 9:30-12:30; November 5th 3-6 at Airport. Last week did a community health clinic and had 150 people at Bijou. WIC program moving into their suite, 1360 Johnson, at the end of the month.
  1. John Pillsbury, California Department of Rehabilitation: They exist and serve lots of people at the lake with disabilities, by offering training so they can get back to work. They collaborate with folks around the lake. They serve adults and start right before they begin to transition from high school. They are placing people into jobs, closing cases successfully. They help some folks in Nevada. They are a source of information on disability law, Americans with Disabilities Act.
  1. Wendy David, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: They have such a great administrative staff from the new high school principal, director of technology, and the principal at Mt. Tallac. The facility projects are completed.
  1. Discussion:

The Stuff That Agendas Are Made Of

El Dorado County Clerk of the Board to Present on the Life-Cycle of an Agenda Item

Jim Mitrisin (530) 621-5592

Ever wonder how the Board of Supervisors’ meeting agenda is developed?

Topics to be discussed will include Brown Act requirements; agenda development, from agenda item inception to conclusion; and public comment procedures. Mitrisin will also explain how and where to access videos and minutes real-time or after the conclusion of a Board of Supervisors meeting.

Does the LTC have interest in bringing this presentation to South Lake Tahoe or an abbreviated presentation to the LTC?

Josefina had seen this update. They did this presentation on the West Slope on how to get an agenda item on the Board of Supervisors.  What about Tahoe? She thought this would be a great forum, we might be interested in doing this presentation. Asking the whole group, what do you think?

Nicole will contact Jim to see about getting a tailored 30 minute presentation. Schedule the monthly meeting in the Aspen room at LTCC, so there is capacity for the community to join at 1:45pm.Contact De-Anne re: LTCC space and fee waiver.

  1. Discussion: Meeting Facilitator(s)/Advisory Group for 2015-

Wendy may not be the facilitator for LTC as of January.  Start thinking about how to facilitate from this point forward. One person for a year? rotating facilitators?—latter may not as effective b/c new style each month.

  1. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  1. Next LTC meeting November 10, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

September 8, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm Welcome
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Review the minutes from the August 11, 2014 meeting. Note changes to NAMI news, which has been changed to read as follows:Marleen Ames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: Hope to have a NAMI college chapter soon. They have support groups run by volunteers for the mentally ill. They recently had a program, dinner and film, “In Our Own Voice.” There were two guest speakers (one was bipolar and one schizophrenic). Their next meeting for Family Members is Tuesday 8/12/2014 at 6pm in the Library. (*Corrected 8.22.2014)                    Mothers support groups, depression groups, Cafecitos programs continue.Christopher Croft, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: He is the new Executive Director. They had a flood in Gardnerville office and never cancelled a single appointment. He is excited to be here.  They are hiring for several positions: AOD counselor at JTC and in Schools, will have job description by end of tomorrow on their website.  Also have several candidates for mental health counseling. Saturday Sept 20 doing Color Blast Fun Run at LTCC.  Cross country trail experience. Visit website to register.Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Childcare resource and referral agency. Serving families with resources, emergency supplies, toy lending library. Families are coming in to drop off supplies for other families. Continue to legislate. Day of the Young Child is set for 2015, moving to the first week of June, June 6th.Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: The next wellness lecture, Prostate Health, will be held Wednesday September 10, 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College. They recently brought a \urologist on staff.  Last year, movie was filmed in Tahoe, “Last Weekend.” Entire movie takes place in Lake Tahoe.Leanne Wagoner, Barton Foundation: The Riva fundraiser, Signature Cocktail Contest, will be held Wednesday, September 24, 5:30-8pm at Riva Grill.Barbara Mick, El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency: They provide Welfare to Work, Cash Aid, Cal Fresh.Melody Easton, Lake Tahoe Drug Free Coalition: Summer coalition put permanent prescription bin at the Police Department, in the first month it was emptied three times.  Couple new things at South Tahoe Middle School and South Tahoe High School re: suspension. Prescription Drug Take back Day Sept 27th at Safeway, prescriptions will be  incinerated in Sacramento. Keep them out of water, medicine cabinet.  Meeting tomorrow in this room at 3:30pm. Have workgroups. Will be voting in new Executive Committee.Hanna Greenstreet, Live Violence Free: Prevention program is exploding right now. Going to be working with TTP and JTC, Mt. Tallac right now, STMS presence quadrupled. Girls Empowerment retreat, no income guidelines,  November 8, all South Tahoe Middle School 6-8 graders, sign in online or with Beth Delacour or Karen Holmes.  All day, 9am-6pm, free.  Sunset Gala at Edgewood. Sun. Oct. 19, 5-8pm.  Silent auction, live auction. Buy tickets online, become a patron online.Ashley Yuill, Community Outreach Volunteer Coordinator, Live Violence Free: From Reno, first day on the job. Excited to get to know the community.Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: Has a website,  Has a PayPal link. Wendy David, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: Back to School nights coming up. Enrollment up 125 kids this year.  Law changed, by law have to provide transitional kindergarten at 4 years old. Have 4 classes at Tahoe Valley this year.  Lilliput (emailed update): Have been awarded contract with El Dorado County and have resumed caregiver services in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.South Lake Tahoe Library (emailed update): Library Storytimes will start this week and continue into December. Programs are available in English and in Spanish and open to children ages birth to five with their parents and caregivers. You are more than welcome to encourage families from your agency that you think will be interested to attend.  Our message to parents and caregivers:
  2. Dr. Alicia Paris Pombo, the Doctor for Public Health.
  3. Liz Barnekoff, El Dorado County Office of Education: You heard about employment positions available. Your agency may get a phone call from Family Services Person from their office, they are going to reach out.
  4. City Council Forum at Lake Tahoe Golf Course: Candidates and Questions, Wednesday September 10 5-7pm. Even if you are not a voter or live in the City, please attend.
  5. In honor of the football season starting up again, we will be showing football favorite films for “Movies in the Morning.” Join us Saturdays, September 6th, 13th and 20th at 10:00 a.m. for The Blind Side, Rudy and Invincible. Free coffee and donuts will also be provided.
  6. 1 on 1 technology help is available Saturday, September 20th & 27th for any persons seeking to become more knowledgeable with computers, the internet, tablets, eReaders, or smartphones. Seniors, adults, teens or children can sign up for 30 minutes of free help at the library. Stop by or call 530-573-3185 to set up an appointment in English or Spanish.
  7. Reading to your child is the single most important thing you can do to help them succeed in life and storytimes at the library are a fun way to get kids excited and passionate about books.
  8. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: The Mexican Consulate will be at Bijou School Cafeteria on Saturday October 4 to provide paperwork assistance, sign up in advance or walk-ins at end of day.  8:30-4:30pm.  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be at Lake Tahoe Community College Board room from 1-5pm on November 1, 2014 to help with application renewal process.
  9. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: Finally moved and are open at the remodeled location, 1900 LTB, across from Les Schwab.
  10. Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health: Flu season is here again, flu clinics are  available, see flyers in English and Spanish. $10 but no one turned away. Senior Center on September 24, October 8, October 22, October 20; Bijou School, October 8 and 15; South Lake Tahoe Airport, November 5.
  11. Shannon McIssac, Tahoe Chamber: Financial Workshop for non-profits is September 30, 2014 from 9:30-11am in the Tahoe Chamber Conference Room. Free for members, $20 for non-members. Spread the word,
  12. Tara Styer, Mobility Manager, Tahoe Transportation District: The Regional Coordinating Council meeting is  September  25 , 2pm, 128 Market Street. This meeting will focus on Veterans. They are looking to provide Veteran transportation to Reno. Lots of legislative initiatives in the works for local Veterans to get care at Barton (versus Reno).  VA presenters will discuss tele health to help rural veterans.
  13. Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free:  Ashley Yuill and Hannah Greenstreet accompany her today. Two positions available, Crisis Line bilingual, Alpine County Coordinator. Parent-Child Program begins September 10, 2014, see flyers. These can be stand alone classes, call if interested for more details, 530-544-2118 x7635..
  14. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach:  They are signing up 8-18 at risk youth, ski and snowboarding opportunities this winter, which includes mentors, life skill trainings, , leadership training. 65 kids are registered, 25 slots are available. Call Theresa to get signed up. All teachers, teacher coordinators on board. Work with Sierra House, Bijou, Tahoe Valley, Zephyr probation programs. Trying to get into Carson Schools, she has had a  hard time working with this area. Contact her with teacher contacts. Registration nights are up coming. They are recruiting mentors 18 and older that want to commit to 3 days/month to ski/snowboard.
  15. Court Appointed Special Advocate: Training is coming up beginning October 6th for new Advocates. Contact Alexis at 530-573-3093, or “”
  16. Amanda Morozumi, Tahoe Turning Point: Accepting transitional housing applications for people 18-21 who have been in foster care.
  17. Amanda Hammond, McKinney Vento liaison with the Lake Tahoe Unified School District. She works with homeless youth.
  18. Sarah Bond, Run For Courage: they will present later in the meeting.
  19. Ashlie Bryant, Run for Courage: they will present later in the meeting.
  20. Veronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative: They are assisting families with providers, insurance.
  21. Kim Stadtlander, High 5 for Quality, Together We Grow: They provide tech assistance and training for childcare programs at High 5 For Quality. Together We Grow is working with Tahoe Tot Spot, Sept. 23rd doing a 4 week class for parents, sign up online at Tahoe Tot Spot.
  22. Sarah Lanni, Tooth Travelers: The Children’s Dental Van has been providing services to adults on Medi-Cal, 630 unduplicated adult patients were seen this summer. They are booked through September and starting a school based program simultaneous with the adult program.
  23. Penny Smart, Children’s Health Initiative: They are busy connecting families to doctors, dental van, services.
  24. Marisa Wishart, Covered California: She will give a presentation later.
  25. Deirdre Slater, El Dorado County Office of Education: Classes are almost full but down staff. Have fliers opening for head start teacher, classroom assistant II, family service specialist, early head start teacher, substitutes.  The job openings are listed online, “”. Some are 5 hours, some are 4.5 hours, and include benefits.
  26. Wendy David, Facilitator: Welcomed everyone.
  27. Agency updates and announcements:
  30. “Run For Courage” presentationSarah Bond, Run For Couragesarahb@runforcourage.orgAshlie Bryant, ED and Co-Founder     Greater Impact: give to organizations that have their front line: Grace Network, Glass Slipper, AIM, A New Day for Children, Children’s receiving Home, BAATC, The House of Acts, City of Refuge, CASA, CAS-RE, WIND Youth Services…Prevention and education in high risk/foster youth; education with law enforcement and TSA agents and mobile apps; restoration. Together We Make A Difference.  Education: Invite anti trafficking orgs in Sac and Bay to events. Over last three years, they are booked in 15 high schools for this fall. During training cover human trafficking, history of slavery, global to local and how students might be affected by human trafficking (social media networking, employment,). School parties, drugs in drinks. This is how it looks in your home town. Depending on school can bring counselor or social worker with them.  Colleges, talk to sociology and ethics classes to do training with front line staff.See in Schools: vulnerability, misconception “this won’t happen to me,” isolation, peer pressure and recruiters at parties, immaturity, 2 types of cases…as talking at AG’s office, Foster kids at risk and non-straight A student both at high risk.  Students/Kids Online: Websites (Backpage, Facebook); Social Media Apps (Snapchat, Yik Yak, Kik Messenger, Poof which has been discontinued, Omegle, Whisper, Down, Chat Roulette).Relationships changing with our next generationCase Examples from last 6 months: July 4th Firecracker run, Freshman On-line with Connecticut man, Freshman befriended by online man and took public transportation to meet him, college male student shared friend posted girlfriend for sex on FacebookWatched video, Run For Courage.orgWendy: Do programs in schools, do you do programs for similar aged-kids?  Yes.And, can train agency staff, too.Wendy: One thing she’s heard is to train staff at the casinos. And hotel staff. Yes, they cross state lines.
  31. Can tailor to any age.
  32. Who we are: Raise awareness and funds to combat Human Trafficking. Educate agencies, Adult Awareness, Classroom Education, 5-10k races.
  33. Teaching 1,000 people just this week.
  34. Raise awareness and funds related to Human Trafficking.
  35. Ashley: Run for Courage is race to end Human Trafficking. Adopting their daughter in China and a woman approached them to sell her baby to them.  El Dorado Hills outing, 4 hours, saw 22 year old man, pimp, took a 17 year old community girl, drugged her, raped her, pimped her, 15-20 times a day she was sold.
  36. Sarah, Comm Outreach and Educator
  37. Director of Community Education and Development
  38. Run For Courage was founded in 2010 in El Dorado County and exists for two reasons – to raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking and to restore the lives of trafficking victims. For the last 4 years, we have held 5/10k races in Folsom and Oakland to raise funds for non-profit beneficiaries across the globe that are working on the front lines to combat trafficking and assist survivors. To prevent trafficking from ever taking place, we also see it as vital to educate middle school, high school, and college students as well as community groups and agencies on how human trafficking takes place and how to prevent, identify, and respond to trafficking in our own domestic communities. To this end, over the last two years, we have taught over 4,000 students in health, sociology, and government/economics classrooms across California. We, at Run For Courage, believe that knowledge is power and seek opportunities to educate our youth and our surrounding communities so that they, too, can help fight Human Trafficking!
  39. “Covered California” presentation

    Foster children are eligible through 26 years, go to Takela, El dorado County office to enroll. 2015 Updates: Open enrollment November 15 to February 15, 2015; Online shop and compare tool; covered CA TV and radio ads will begin in September; biggest updates are pediatric dental care now embedded in Covered CA plans; standalone dental plans for adultsVisit: Covered on Geographic Healthcare Coverage: The lawmakers are aware of the restrictions for communities near state lines and are working on making access easier across geographic boundaries.Barton’s perspective: 4x’s medi-cal enrollment…so successful for locals to get enrolled. Working at making changes to Community Health Center to add Saturday hours to ease ER and help families. Partnering with Chamber, Sacramento Covered, Small Business Majority…last year targeted individuals, this year doing workshops for small businesses for less than 50 employees. If thinking of getting insurance for your small business or worried about the healthcare costs, these workshops will benefit you.

  40. Summary: had very high enrollment in California.
  41. Eligible through Medi-Cal or experience “qualifying event.” Ex: loss of health insurance, aging out of a plan, moving to or within California, have a baby (entire family can use this to enroll) or adopt a child or receiving/placing a child in adoption or foster care, divorce, return from active duty military service, release from incarceration, gained citizenship or lawful presence. If someone is going through a big life change, call California Covered directly.
  42. Special Enrollment has a couple more months left.  See Powerpoint slide notes.
  44. Open enrollment for Covered California is currently closed, but there are still opportunities for individuals and families to enroll in coverage if they qualify for a Special Enrollment. Qualifying events include marriage, birth of a child, etc., and it is important to be familiar with these qualifying events so that we can better serve our communities and clients. Many individuals will experience a qualifying event without realizing that they are eligible to enroll in coverage. The presentation will provide the Special Enrollment basics so we can identify when someone may be eligible to enroll, and give the resources to direct them to the proper agencies for more information or enrollment.
  45. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  1. Next LTC meeting October 13, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

August 11, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm Welcome
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Heidi Hill Drum, Tahoe Prosperity Center: Their agency is focused on Economic Prosperity in the Basin. Their current project is to make data and voice upgrades in the community. Please take one brochure and order some for your office for the survey and speed test.  It will tell where the gaps in service are in the community. They will work on grants to pay for upgrades.Marleen Ames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: Hope to have a NAMI college chapter soon. They have support groups run by volunteers for the mentally ill. They recently had a program, dinner and film, “In Our Own Voice.” There were two guest speakers (one was bipolar and one schizophrenic). Their next meeting for Family Members is Tuesday 8/12/2014 at 6pm in the Library. (*Corrected 8.22.2014)Victoria Ortiz, California Tahoe Conservancy: They are an environmental part of the LTC. They continue to face ongoing management issues at the Upper Truckee Marsh.  There is a lot of vagrancy and drug use in the marsh.  Contact her to discuss your ideas for cooperative solutions for better management of the area.  Jamie Orr, Tahoe Mountain Lab and Lake Tahoe Community College: She is here as general support, looking at upper pipeline internships and outreach in Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) education.Sue Novasel, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: She is her as a sponge today.Doc League, Board of Directors, Food Bank of El Dorado County.John Blank, Board of Directors Chairman of Food Bank of El Dorado County.Josefina Solano, El Dorado County Public Health: Study released about SIDs kids that died. 0-3 months died because of bed sharing. Older kids suffocated with objects in the crib. The County will start a new campaign on this topic.  Going back to school: 6th graders will need to have immunizations, Meningococcal and T-Dap, which are also recommended for pregnant women in their third trimester.  Andrea Powers, First 5: The Dental Van is coming out with new calendar, visit the calendar at:  The Dental Van is working on where they will be on holidays and vacations. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: They raise funds for community health. They met two weeks ago to review grant applications for this year. Their Cocktail contest is September 24th, Riva Grill, proceeds benefit community health.Kathy Ide, Together We Grow and High 5 for Quality: TWG: Collaborating with Barton and doing Tahoe Tot Spot Parent group with babies, 0-12 months. The 4 week series will be held quarterly. All details are on the handout. Hoping to give parents support during the first few months.                   
  2. Tahoe Chamber (emailed update): They are offering a “Financials for Non-Profits” workshop the morning of September 30th at 9:30am  – 11:00a, 169 Highway 50 (next to the Urgent Care). It will be taught by the CFO of Parasol. Free for TC members $20 for non-members.
  3. Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension (emailed update): She is missing the meeting since her last class is with the seniors at Kelly Ridge on Monday. They are looking for two new educators, Family Nutrition Educator positions with University of California Cooperative Extension – Central Sierra. They are currently recruiting for two positions, one each in Amador County (Jackson) and El Dorado County (South Lake Tahoe).
  4. Sarah Lanni, Tooth Travelers (emailed update): They are parked behind Barton Community Health Center and are booked solid through the end of the summer!
  5. Steve Heggen, El Dorado County Probation: No updates.
  6. Wendy David, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: They have hired a new high school Principal, he is young and energetic. In his spare time he designs snowboards and skis.  Ivone Larson has moved into the district office as Assistant Superintendent working on grants and special projects.
  7. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: Non-profit provides crisis funding and works through referrals from non-profits and governmental agencies.  This is bridge, one-time only funding, their website is coming soon:  “”
  8. Anna Njoten, Tahoe Turning Point: They have a successful Transitional Housing program that accepts 18 young adults. They currently only have 5 at present.  This program is open to a young person who was  in foster care then they turned 18.  If you know anyone, contact TTP. A person transitional housing gets assistance with bills and independent living skills. The requirements are to stay enrolled in college or work 30 hours/week.  A new group home has opened for girls (they have 4 boys homes in Tahoe and one in Placerville).  The capacity for girls is 6 beds.  They look for the children to volunteer in the community.  The Kiwanis Community Fair is coming up, Labor Day weekend, Friday-Monday, carnival rides and games, food.  If you have a storefront, please put up a poster to advertise the event..
  9. Marisa Wishart, Sacramento Covered: She works out of Placerville. Covered California is in a Special Enrollment period.  If you have questions, bring them to next month’s meeting where she will give a special presentation.  She gives presentations and conducts outreach to small businesses in South Lake Tahoe.
  10. Mishell De Felice, Project 44 and Sky Forest Acres: She is a Site Liaison at Sky Forest Acres (across from the Cantina on Emerald Bay Road).  There are both available apartments and a waiting list. If you know anyone who might qualify, she is in the office in the afternoons.
  11. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District:  She is the Mobility Manager. They have an On-Call bus to meet American’s with Disabilities Act, see the brochure. Adults over 60, individuals who are certified through agencies, and veterans qualify. The fare is $3.
  12. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: They provide services to the chronic mentally ill.  They plan to move back to 1900 Lake Tahoe Blvd. (across from Les Schwab), the last week of Sept.  and be up and running at that location on October 8th.
  13. Mary McKee, Court Appointed Special Advocates: They continue to have a need for advocates, and have children on wait lists. The next advocate training starts on October 6th, see flyer.  Their Halloween fundraiser is on October 30th from 5:30-7:30pm, at Chevy’s, see flyer.
  14. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: They partner with First 5 and Ready to Read at Your Library for birth to 5. They have programming every day and promote early literacy. The Summer reading club for adults and teens was very popular.  August 23, 10-3, Saturday, Friends of Library Book Sale.
  15. Jude Wood, Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe: They have new programs for the after school semester. They are targeting increasing middles school and teenage participants and want to offer really fun life enhancements such as: yoga, junior cross fit, Glee Club. The annual fee is: $100 for the school year, if a child came every day it’s 40 cents a day.  Have donors who will fund this fee for the child, so no child is turned away.  They are averaging about 80-90 kids per day for the summer. Next year they will do summer camp programming. There are three jobs available for young and dynamic folks, Program Coordinator at Bijou Site and prefer  bilingual personnel; and 3 program leader positions. The Annual Golf Tournament is Monday October 13th at Edgewood.
  16. Tina Barna, Choices For Children: Day of the Young Child in June was positive, They are open to suggestions on how to improve getting more families there, such as holding the event on a different weekend other than Father’s Day.  If families need help with back to school childcare, refer families to them. There still is not as much school aged care available. Families are finding out that once they are off of welfare to work and cash aid that there is little help for childcare. It is harder and harder for families who have a job and get help with child care.  Emergency supplies are going fast, such as with diapers and formula.  They have a toy lending library.
  17. Carla Sells, Barton Health Family Birthing Center: They offer Child Birth Classes,  Home visits after delivery, and Lactation consultants by appointment.  There is help for costs of Child Birth Classes, contact Krista Carson.
  18. Jane Flavin, Live Violence Free: They have a 24 hour crisis line, safe house, and conduct education on domestic violence and abuse.  They offer back basic needs to their site: food, clothing, find mattresses, furniture.
  19. Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: They’ve grown in leaps and bounds. A new chief was hired last winter and is interested in programs. Their two biggest changes are: Moral Reconation Treatment (MRT) to reduce recidivism.  The other big change is they are now able to let kids out for work.  They have three kids working at FRC.  Contact her for employment opportunities,
  20. De-Anne Hooper, Family Resource Center: She extends an invitation to everyone to participate in Cafecitos, a parent engagement program at each school. The elementary school meetings are held every week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. They schedule specific speakers and attract Spanish speaking parents. If you are interested in a 15 minute talk, they look for topics specific to parents who have children enrolled in school.  Contact:  They can provide a translator.
  21. Molly Hucklebridge, Barton Health:  Free Wellness Lecture on August 19 on Improvisation in the Wilderness with Tamara Burns. She will discuss how to prepare and offer safety stories. 6-7pm at Lake Tahoe Community College, see flyers.  Pertussis and Whooping Cough is still around, and they encourage pregnant women to have the vaccine. Barton’s website is now in Spanish.
  22. Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: They are wrapping up summer programs. Had a lot of support and went kayaking, to the library, on hikes, and conducted clean up days. Hope next year to get funding and staff to grow this summer program. Did 5 day learn to Mountain Bike camps at Northstar.  They partnered with another program in North Lake and 70 kids participated in activities. They are gearing up for winter. Their  main focus is a 5 day learn to ski program. Long term program offers 8-18 year olds life skill workshops, service requirements, give them season’s passes to get on the hill and gear and clothing. In the next two months, she will provide registrations for winter programs. If you ever have a child you’d like to enroll, contact her,
  23. High 5 for Quality: They have 5 providers, it’s a quality improvement program to assist pre-school and day care providers to improve the quality of programs they provide.  The Cares Plus program has 75 people enrolled, which gives stipends to early childhood education students to supplement their educational costs.
  24. “Food For Tahoe” discussion              Doc League: It is important to take care of needy adults who have needy children. Adults need products too.  Mutual efforts are important to take care of adults in the community. Have over 4,000 veterans in South Lake Tahoe area, many of those are hungry and many of them are homeless and as a community we put them on the back burner and forget about them and figure they are able to take care of themselves. Let’s not forget about our veterans.  Lance Watson, Operations Manager for Placer Food Bank: One of the things food banks are doing as an organization is they are building relationships with agencies that are providing services to specific groups.  What questions do they need to ask their clients?  Economically, how do they get the clients in touch with services in communities?  They invite agencies to connect to clients at their distributions.Wendy: Bread and Broth has been servicing meals to hungry for 25 years. They serve Mondays from 4-5:30pm and also send clients home with one very large bag of groceries. A large majority are vets who have come out of our wars and come out with mental issues that have kept them from working at long term jobs.  This is their home on Monday afternoon. This is a culture that is very important to them.  Jude Wood: They run summer food program out of the Boys and Girls Club Lake Tahoe. This program provides breakfast, lunch, and a snack Monday through Friday to anyone under 18. They would appreciate a heads up if there will be more folks eating than at the BGCLT so they cook enough food.  They are putting on “A Master Chef” program to look at how to shop, cook, and work on essential life skills.  If you are in the field and have staff that can help, they would love that. They are looking for grants and are lacking a stove top and food for the program.  Victoria: What’s best way folks can help?Carey:  Volunteer. Taking food to recipient’s car at an event. Participate in food drives. Advocacy and getting the word out there.  Mobile Food Pantry Outreach is working with other agencies and they outreach at distributions to educate recipients.  Bob Lear: Call Christmas Cheer: 530-542-4934 (leave a message) to volunteer.  De-Anne: She is new to Family Resource Center and found in the last year that there is a great need for nutrient dense food. They have had an increased delivery to their clients thanks to Raley’s. Bread is great as it’s a filler.  Mentally ill are not helped by this though. A large quantity of folks are on the brink of mental illness. Canned food is great, but it is not nutrient dense food. There is a causal link between nutrient dense food and mental illness prevention. If folks don’t have a home, they take non-perishable food.  Folks need our support.  Wendy: Bread and Broth would love to see more Hispanic folks at their dinners.Joanne: They have seen a huge bonus of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Kathy Ide: As a home visitor, she’d like to know, does the Food Bank require documentation?Carey: They request a client to self-certify they meet income requirements.Lance:  They don’t turn anyone away. Grocery stores are not throwing food away.  Typically when they pick up food in the a.m. they will have it on someone’s table in the p.m.Carey: They collaborate on the “Fresh to You” program with Raley’s. Wendy: Would a smaller group that would like to continue this conversation?  Or will this conclude this conversation at this time?Steve: What’s the unmet need? How many still need to be served?  Carey: Quite a bit. The “Hunger Survey” will be available next month and she will send it to Nicole for distribution to the Lake Tahoe Collaborative membership.  Jenny passed out a document, see attached.  Many folks make too much to get services and there is a gap there. Doc: One last comment. There is such a great foundation of a team here.  And it is wonderful to hear a team that is working together to come together. This will help individuals and the team will help feed the multitude.
  25. John Blank: They built a 21,000 square foot building in Cameron Park with a USDA Rural Agriculture Grant. The loan payback is same as rent for 25% of the space. It has allowed the Food Bank of El Dorado County to coordinate from a central location, store, and distribute food.  Comments on produce in 6 months has been that the quality of the produce has been amazing. They have a Friday night dinner at a church and distribute twice a week to folks and the recipients are in awe, saying, “I couldn’t buy this stuff.”
  26. Mobile Food Pantry Rural Outreach: American Legion on a rotation schedule at their 12 different sites throughout the county.  This is emergency supplemental groceries. They outreach to partner agencies, local media, flyers.
  27. Mishell: Thank you Carey. Only one person has a car in our complex, and you helped 14 folks. Residents don’t usually come out of their rooms and this fresh produce brought joy to these residents who are usually apartment bound.
  28. The Free Farmer’s Market at the American Legion go through October. They are held the fourth Wednesday of the month, 10-11am. Thereafter, agencies come to pick up produce.
  29. Carey Fong, Food Bank of El Dorado County: They are doing a lot of outreach. Their work helps to fill void in South Lake Tahoe by collaborating with agencies to fill needs. They come up monthly with commodities and monthly with a food pantry trailer and free farmer’s markets. In April, they rolled out a Hunger Study, and the results are being compiled. They will host a follow up meeting to discuss the Hunger Study. The results show a glaringly evident need here.
  30. Clyde: Increased. Walmart also gives lots of produce.
  31. Bob: How did summer work for fresh produce from Raley’s?
  32. Jenny Yeager, Food Bank of Northern Nevada: They have had a great relationship with clients in South Lake Tahoe. Their fresh produce, quality, amount, and quantity has improved dramatically.  Families on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits struggle to have fresh produce and their partners have stepped up for cold storage for this produce.
  33. Clyde: It was almost 20 years ago Christmas Cheer called and partnered with them to bring food to South Lake Tahoe. They stepped in where there were not too many resources.  Today they continue to service the north side of Lake Tahoe and Nevada.
  34. Audience Question: How can you cross state lines?
  35. Clyde Takahashi, Food Bank of Northern Nevada: All the Food Banks present today are members of “Feeding America.”  It is a parent organization with 250 member food banks nationwide and coordinate their efforts and increase their buying power related to hunger.  The Food Bank of Northern Nevada has helped Christmas Cheer, Tahoe Turning Point, and Live Violence Free.  Carey has lots of ideas to expand and increase energy of Food Bank of El Dorado County.  Having a physical presence here and how they can collaborate to provide food for folks.
  36. Joanne Shope, Christmas Cheer: They have changed their distribution times to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11am-2pm. Their other change is Virginia Buffington has moved so they are working up a coalition with three people.  They need volunteers.
  37. Bob Lear, Raley’s: This is a feel good room.  He has been involved in Christmas Cheer since 1981 and been on the Board most of the last 20 years. Raley’s has been supporting Christmas Cheer for many years and the owner asked them to get involved.  We need to feed people and supplement that.  All your donations go to “Food For Families,” Raley’s matches that and donates to Christmas Cheer.  Good to see young faces in the room so that he has faith in the future.  Thank you for the invitation here today.  Raley’s gives food on a weekly basis to Christmas Cheer, Family Resource Center, Bread and Broth.  Raley’s has been a stable distribution of food.  Their goal is not to throw food away and to help you help others.
  38. Wendy David: Look at the agenda for definitions on Food Insecurity, Food Scarcity, and Food Stats in El Dorado County.  For each invitee, what do you see on this topic?  We encourage the members to ask questions. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be here.
  39. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  1. Next LTC meeting September 8, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

June 9, 2014  Minutes

Annual Forum, South Tahoe High School

1735 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Fallen Leaf Room

12:00pm – 2:00pm

  1. 12:00pm Lunch Potluck lunch. Attendees will bring a potluck lunch item to share. Plates, napkins, utensils, cups and drinks will be provided.
  1. 12:30pm Welcome and Introductions
  2. 12:40pm Tahoe Prosperity Center Presentation“Community and Economic Prosperity Indicators”Jesse Walker,“B” Gorman: We can be doing better. How do we do this? How do we measure better? In 2006, the North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe Chambers worked on prosperity.  In our community, this is very challenging as there are 5 counties and 1 city. There was a struggle to find data. Even government entities and economic developers struggled.  They worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers and funded the Lake Tahoe Basin Sustainability Indicators Project. This was a lengthy process. They formed a steering committee from all sectors around the basin. Two consultants worked for two years. They engaged the community in workshops and asked them what data they wanted to collect. There were approximately 143 indicators to work through. Was the desired data accessible? Was it accessible at state level? Zip code level? One obstacle was that crimes are not reported the same in both states. A report was published at the end of 2010. By 2015 it will need to be updated.  Who will do the update?  The Tahoe Prosperity Center has taken on this project. They will be responsible to raise funds to update the plan. There is a small committee working on how to go forward.  There are new things going on that indicate new information will need to be collected.Jesse: He was born and raised in Tahoe. He is an alumnus of South Tahoe High. Currently, he is on the Board of the Tahoe Prosperity Center, involved in the Tahoe Mountain Lab, and he is an economist.  He looks at data in his daily work—trajectories of trends in the Tahoe Basin. It is challenging to collect uniform data. From the large list of ~143 potential indicators, the indicators list needed to be narrowed so the data is manageable, updateable, and the information collected can be benchmarked (collect the same data at set intervals so they are able to be compared).  The Community Indicators tell the story of the community.  See handout. He would suspect that grant writers will need this information.  Are there other indicators to include?“B”:  Are there things missing off the list?Theresa: Would like to see the graduation rate.“B”: Sustainability. Access to healthy food. Distance from convenience store vs. grocery store. What are the benefits of living here? We would expect to see a decrease in health issues here. What are the lung cancer rates? What does radon exposure look like?“B”: Payers for hospital services gets at this issue. This tells the story of private payers.Jesse: Yes, the base of the data will be ACS and census.  Unfortunately, issues aren’t consistent across geographic areas. This is a concern. While the answer is “Yes,” there are alternative things to look at, such as the limitations on sources of data.Wendy: The indicators list accounts for total employed and unemployed. How do we reflect underemployed? Those with cut hours certain times of year? How can we tell this story?Erica: If you broke down school enrollment by ethnicity, this might give insight into ethnicity composition in the community. Other community indicators are mental health and unemployment.Kathy: In home visitation in South Lake Tahoe vs. the Western Slope, there are different ethnicities. She would like to see breakdown of different indicators by ethnicity.De-Anne: Food security and homelessness are issues in our community.De-Anne: The Food Bank surveys (El Dorado County and Nevada County) their clients and would have data. She sees a great need here as we have two counties contributing to food needs in our community. Homelessness is also an indicator. One other thing as a non-profit that would be helpful are crime rates by pocket neighborhood. Where are the biggest crime rates?Jesse: He does not know and will need to look this up.Next Steps: This project is in the early stages. They are wrapping their arms around the indicators right now and how often to update them. The project will cost money and it is a balancing act with needs and funds. In the next few months, they will vet this out, hire someone to collect the information, create a hardcopy report that is easy to follow and be used by various folks in the community. The goal is to complete this process in twelve months.
  3. Tina: She sees that clients need to know availability in Childcare, Early Care and Education, yet there is an emphasis on quality, too.
  4. Tara: Are there subcategories in “Population Growth/Decline”?
  5. “B”: How do you get at food security data?
  6. Jesse: Subcategories will be included in each indicator.
  7. Jesse: Thanks. We will be meeting with Barton soon.
  8. Jesse: We can easily evaluate these two extremes.  It is more costly to break this down to looking at part time employed, but it is possible.
  9. “B”: We can’t change the data. It’s not under reported; some data simply is not reported or collected. What the report can do is tell the story around the data. Ex: An archaeologist collects data and a historian interprets that data, from which conclusions can be drawn.
  10. Elizabeth: Issue of population growth decline. She sees certain ethnic groups get undercounted (ex: Latino population in South Lake Tahoe). Will Tahoe Prosperity Center use ACS as a data source?
  11. Kathi: If you want to move and relocate your family here, what type of information is relevant to that person? The data could quantify “Do the children see a doctor on a regular basis?” What are the draws for the employee?
  12. Question: What is “Diagnosis Groups of Concern”?
  13. Melody: She is interested in seeing a breakdown of crime by type of crime (ex: property) and age of person (ex: juvenile).
  14. “B” Gorman,
  15. 1:15pm Reflections on FY13/14 & Projections for FY 14/15 DiscussionWhere have we been?• Began warm room discussions• The child abuse/mandated reporter presentation• Developing stronger connections with transportation and government   inclusive of everyone• Better collaboration with First 5 contractors• Networking/issue solving abilities• Centralized meeting place Where are we going?• Allow for discussion/questions in meeting presentations• Advocate on behalf of the Collaborative’s issues—formalize the roles and positions  form a sub-group to meet prior to August 14 Collaborative meeting then meet with • Faith panel presentation and outreach• Literacy development (3rd grade reading level, early literacy)–Diana  Dorado Community Foundation, etc.)• Achievement Gap–Liz  Elementary, middle and high school outbreaks have been reported from counties all over CaliforniaThe most important prevention strategies remain vaccination of pregnant women and young infants. Everyone else should have a 1 time booster of Tdap, especially those who are in close contact with young infants.
  16. Pregnant women should be vaccinated each pregnancy in the 3rd trimester to provide maternal antibodies against pertussis to their newborns who are too young to be fully vaccinated until 6 months of age.
  17. In EDC, we have had 3 confirmed cases on the Western Slope (this includes one newborn) and 3 probable cases in SLT.
  18. 1. El Dorado County Public Health: As of May 28th, 2,649 cases of pertussis have been reported to CDPH for 2014, more cases than were reported in all of 2013; 104 of these were hospitalized and one was fatal
  19. Announcements:
  20. • Dental issues (access, uninsured/underinsured, consent form count)
  21. • Parent support strategies/outreach
  22. • Connect with North Tahoe Collaborative and local foundations/funders (Parasol, El
  23. • Early childhood education future with (4 year olds, capacity, affordability)
  24.   food bank and faith community on impacts to services
  25. • Food Security topic and stakeholder discussion (Wendy, De-Anne, Nicole, others to
  26. • Take a leadership role in mental health issues
  27. • Dedicate a meeting to members and their work in the community
  29. • Expand access to and utilization of community resources
  30. • Bring issues to light in the community
  31. • Developed the Collaborative MOU
  32. • The agenda changes to include speakers
  33. • Membership has increased in numbers and diversity of partners…membership is
  34. • Mental health forum
  35. • Connecting the non-profits with the community
  36. • Streamlined communication
  1. Angela Swanson (emailed in her announcements):

Mental health.  In her travels these past months, this is THE issue – at least on the public’s mind. There seems to be no specific ‘fix’ called for.  The concerns are many – inadequate service levels, lack of transportation to agency providers, HEPA, local access, integration across age levels and circumstance, homelessness, early intervention for teens, children, family to prevent long-term problems.

City of SLT update:  On June 17th,  (council starts at 9, this issue likely to start after 10) the Council will be discussing its mid-year budget and doing planning for coming year.  We are urging public to attend and provide input.  The big question is, “how do we grow our economy?”

  1. Jamie Orr is providing Science Outreach to local agencies/non-profits, contact her at
  1. The Tahoe Youth and Family Services new Executive Director reception is Thursday June 12, 2014 from 12-2pm, 1021 Fremont Avenue.

The Color Blast! Fun run is July 26, 2014 9am, Genoa Town Park, visit:

  1. SOS Outreach has a few spots left in their two week summer camp as well as a few opportunities to work on activities/projects with youth, contact: Theresa Papandrea
  1. Covered California Special Enrollment is open, visit:, or call: 800-300-1506, see attached flier.
  1. Together We Grow presents “Taming the Media Monster” Monday June 16, 2014, 11am-12pm, Tahoe Tot Spot, bring your children for open play, see attached flier.
  1. CASA Child Advocate training begins July 7, 2014. To register for classes, fill out an online application at: and contact Alexis: 530-573-3093,, see attached flier.
  1. El Dorado Children’s Dental Van has mobile clinics in South Lake Tahoe. Call 530-626-8626 to schedule an appointment, see attached fliers.
  1. 2:00 pm Adjourn
  1. Next LTC meeting August 11, 2014, 1100 Lyons Avenue, Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room, 1100 Lyons Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1-2:30pm.

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

May 12, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm Welcome Review and approve the minutes from the April 14, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Amanda Hammond, McKinney Vento Liaison, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: McKinney Vento is a federal law that protects homeless students. She works with students day to day and sees what they need for school related matters (tutoring, clothing, bicycles, jobs). There are ~270 students on the school homelessness list. The school defines homelessness as living in hotels, motels, trailers, doubled up with relatives, couch surfing.Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: Regional Coordinating Council meeting, May 15th, 2:00pm, 128 Market St., Stateline, NV in the Tahoe Room.The Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) identifies ways to coordinate transportation services and promote independence and mobility for the most vulnerable populations in the Region.  The focus of the RCC is inter- and intra-regional collaboration with participation requested from medical groups, social service agencies, faith-based institutions, school districts, non-profit organizations, colleges, general improvement districts, local government, resort associations, transportation providers, and affiliated groups. Transportation is integral to most community programs, so the achievement of goals identified through the RCC and the regional coordinating process will contribute to the mission and success of individual member agencies.Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: Barton Health Grants are open until June 27th. The Tiki Tee Off Gold Tournament June 26th, tickets are on sale now.Marleen Ames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: May is Mental Health Awareness month. May 13th NAMI will recognize Deputy Yarborough who has helped tirelessly for the mental health cause, has 40 year’s experience in the field, and knows how to talk to those in crisis. He is a CIT officer, recognized at Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow and NAMI meeting tomorrow too.Marisa Wishart, Sacramento Covered: She is doing outreach and education working in El Dorado and Placer Counties.  Available to do 1:1 and presentations to organizations and community events.  Not in the open enrollment season, and can prepare folks for next enrollment event, or special enrollment (have a child, get married), Medi-Cal enrollment is open year round. 530-488-0836, Kathy Ide, Together We Grow: She does outreach to families on child development, both 1:1 and group presentations/ evaluations. Have an event at Tahoe Tot Spot, May 19, 11am-12pm, “Effects of Arguing in Front of Children,” bring your children for open play. 530-295-2456Lorrie Pond, Community Member: No updates.Erica Eng, Tahoe Youth and Family Services: Hoping to get a new Executive Director next month and are preparing a welcoming ceremony. Still hiring for Part Time Alcohol and Drug Counselor/Therapist. Melody Easton, Drug Free Coalition Coordinator, and community had a successful Drug Take back Day, took over 57 pounds of drugs. There were over 20 some deaths from drug overdose in the last year and one half.  Working with Lake Tahoe Unified School District to provide additional counseling at schools on prevention. Big epidemic in kids cutting themselves. Penny Smart & Veronica Strauss, Children’s Health Initiative: They talk to parents about bringing kids to the doctor/dentist/eye doctor. They are setting up outreach event at Bijou Apartments playground, Tuesday mornings in June. There will be booth and activities for kids to target stay at home moms, cooperating with different agencies. Contact them to join, plan an activity for child to engage in, no soliciting.  Did this event in Camino and was “happening.” 800-388-8690Julie Day & Sarah Lanni, Tooth Travelers: Manage Children’s Dental Van, El Dorado County. Made an effort to have a permanent facility in South Lake Tahoe. Have secured a clinic in Placerville. Acquiring things they need to get Placerville clinic up and running. Hope to have it up by July. Have been coming up to Tahoe once a week every month. Just got approval to see children client’s parents, call: 530-626-8626 for appointment. Scheduling for June now. Barton Hospital Foundation gave permission to park at the clinic location for Medi-Cal clients. Like to see 15-20 patients/day.Leanne Wagoner, Barton Health: Wellness Lectures coming up: “Running: It’s Your Journey,” Tuesday May 20th, 6-7pm Lake Tahoe Community College and “The Healthier You: 10 Simple Steps to Better Living,” Wednesday June 4, 6-7pm, Lake Tahoe Community College.Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension (not in attendance, update read by Nicole): Invited teachers and their classes to be a scientist for a day by participating in the 100th anniversary of Cooperative Extension, a Day of Science and Service. 30 teachers from Bijou, Sierra House, Tahoe Valley and Lake Tahoe CDC participated in the Day of Science and Service. They received a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Kit with mini lessons so that students could count out tsp of sugar in several different sugary beverages (sports drink, fruit drinks, soda, etc.). Goal: students can better choose a healthier beverage. They were then able to taste a healthier drink juice spritzer. A total of 665 youth participated in South Lake Tahoe.3 adult classes that will start at the Senior Plaza, Kelly Ridge and Hope Lutheran Church this week.Emily Winter, Firefly Yoga International (not in attendance, update read by Nicole):  As a reminder, they are a non-profit organization that provides trauma-informed yoga programs to survivors of trauma (populations include those who have survived sexual and domestic violence, people living with HIV and chronic STIs,at-risk youth/institutionalized youth, vets with PTSD, etc.)- They are on track with our timeline and fundraising goals to pilot this fall (Sept-Nov)- She is available to meet or present on our programs in the area for anyone who is interested –, 857-208-0496.Deirdre Slater, El Dorado County Office of Education: Gearing up for recruitment and enrollment for Fall. Some confusion on school calendar and transitional kindergarten. 4 year olds have a choice on where to go. See handout. Recruitment schedule is in English and Spanish. June 9 & 10, 9am-3pm, Al Tahoe School; Thursday June 12, 8am-5pm Child Development Office; Friday June 13, 2014, 9am-3pm Family Resource Center. 530-543-8200Alexis Foley, Court Appointed Special Advocates: Gearing up for July training, July 7, 10, 14, 21, 28 5pm-8pm and July 16 all day and July 24 half day at Lake Tahoe Community College, call 530-573-3093, See flyer. Chevy’s Fundraiser sold out and was very successful.Tina Barna, Choices for Children: Emergency Diapers and Formula still available. The program welcomes those in need of diapers, then go through toy lending library, clothes, and parenting resources. For help finding a preschool program contact: 530-676-0707 or Passed out all extra grocery and gas cards from El Dorado Community  Foundation through Tahoe Magic.  Finished Childcare Provider Brunch, parents played with giant parachute. Day of the Young Child, we have 36 groups signed up, fill out a registration form to participate, June 14. Get the word out to parents/families to join the festivities.Colleen Cadaret, Lilliput: See handout for workshops, groups, case management, social events, special classes, referral form.  This month the support group meets with Kathy Ide. If any of you would like to attend as a presenter, contact her. First official Tahoe event, June 7 at Tahoe Bowl, 11:30-1:30 with pizza with soda. Next parenting Second Time Around meeting June 3. Contact 530-314-5998, Angela Swanson, City of South Lake Tahoe: Construction season has begun. There are many commercial, residential, and public projects which are all a barometer for job stability and economics. The Parks and Recreation schedule is out for summer. Live at Lakeview will be back.Kristen Hunt & Anna Njoten, Tahoe Turning Point: Kristen is going to manage new outpatient office, they are growing. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: Measure L will appear on the June 3 ballot. The measure will keep the library open at current levels. If does not pass, reduced hours, and staff, and resources. El Dorado County won the best Early Literacy award in the state. They will celebrate Thursday May 22, 10am, Placerville Library, 345 Fair Lane.Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In the process of hiring front desk position, clinical positions (Intensive Case mgmt.. On Call Clinician). “Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness” film will present next month, June 11, 6-8:30pm, Lake Tahoe Community College. Plugging away at remodel to their new old location. Steve Heggen, El Dorado County Probation: No news.Kristin Mozzochi, Live Violence Free: No news. Janna, the interim Executive Director, will stay on until end of June. Megan Ciampa, Foster Family and Adoption Services: Focused on “Project 44,” to have 44 foster homes in Tahoe. Started with 6 families, now have 9 families. The most productive way for getting the word out are their radio ads. Donate $6/ad to keep the ad on the radio. Need 4 more ads/day to be sponsored, see flyer, contact Steve Harness 775-580-7130 x18; . They are in need of a bike for a female teen, contact Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: Still handing out help for folks with cut hours to aid their rent/food needs. Wendy David, Lake Tahoe Unified School District: Lake Tahoe Education Foundation is having an event Wednesday afternoon to see the projects supported throughout the year, held at Lakeland Village. Board meeting tomorrow evening, will discuss counseling, behavioral needs of the kids with the community.
  2. Tahoe Mountain Lab is a small space on Ski Run to foster start up, 1148 Ski Run Blvd.,
  3. Kiwanis Community Fair: This year the event will be held in the parking lot at library, Labor Day weekend, run by service clubs and money raised goes towards programs in the community. Contact Kristin Hunt,
  4. First 5 meets this afternoon.
  5. – They have been actively meeting with potential partners in the Tahoe/El Dorado Co/Placerville areas and are close to confirming our first two pilot sites in this area.
  6. – As of last week, Firefly Yoga International is officially incorporated as a non-profit organization!
  7. Still working with Sustainability Collaborative to deliver Nutrition Ed classes to 9 kindergarten classes. We have 8 volunteers.
  8. Policy & Legislative Updates on Family IssuesAngela Swanson, City Council Member Women’s Caucus in Legislature: There are only 32 women in legislature right now. Women don’t want to be seen as supporting home and hearth issues. If we don’t have women standing up for us, then who? Women need to support women and families and support legislature. Current hot topics in legislature: water issues, legal issues. Budget equality is what domestic violence, family issues fall under. Right now women only account for 26% in the legislature. Why is this important? District 4 women make 72% of what men make. $16,000 disparity. If women in poverty, children are in poverty. Children under 18 are largest sector in poverty.  Other issues: Transitional Kindergarten, Adult Daycare.Department of Corrections: When see a woman with health issues, they get a woman to agree to full sterilization. Not good education and advocacy for woman prior to sterilization. This is a narrow group of the population.Bills that Got Killed: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Bill, Accessible Housing, Adult Daycare, Maternal Healthcare Act and Postpartum Care.Things to look at: More women in California in poverty, women underrepresented in legislature, 40% of California adult females report having been in violent relationships.
  9. Call to Action: Women stay active and strong. Call to knowledge. Apply to Board appointments?
  10. Second Degree Rape: SB991, creates a second degree rape charge. With release of prisoners there are a lot of sex offenders released and bill provides for better tracking of sex offenders.
  11. Women’s Veteran’s Report: Women who go into military are 12x more likely to report homelessness, they will be of ethnic minority, make less money, be more poorly educated. They are 2.5x and up to 4x more likely to have encountered domestic violence both in service and out. This group is hard to reach because of victimization issues they face.
  12. Emerging issues in State Women’s Politics: Veterans issues, Rape, Illegal sterilization in women prisoners.
  13. Governor has 2000 seats to appoint each year, and don’t have enough applications to fill the seats each year.
  14. California Women Lead: Their whole theory is about empowering women to run for office.
  15. Two thoughts: “Men get hired for their potential, women get hired on their experience and this holds us back.”  “If it’s now you then who?”
  17. Tahoe Prosperity Center Presentation on Broadband IssuesHeidi Hill Drum, Executive Director
  18. See handout (attached).
  20. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  1. Next LTC meeting June 9, 2014, South Tahoe High School, 12pm-2pm, Annual Forum

Lake Tahoe Collaborative


Our Mission: The Lake Tahoe Collaborative (LTC) is a community strengthening group focused on building stability and resilience in our children and families.

April 14, 2014 Minutes

  1. 1:00pm Welcome Review and approve the minutes from the March 10, 2014 meeting.
  1. Introductions and Announcements from Agencies Members are encouraged to share new program or staff changes, important dates, and other pertinent information to the Collaborative.Kristin Hunt, Tahoe Turning Point: Transitional housing has 3 kids, will have 7 soon. Dr. Leo Kadehjian is doing a presentation on “Legalities of Drug Testing,” May 1, 11:30-1:30pm, Harvey’s Casino, RSVP 530-541-4594, see handout and RSVP. Roberta Mason, Lake Tahoe Community College: “Day of the Young Child,” June 14th.Sally Williams, Juvenile Treatment Center: They are well staffed, and have 2 girls right now. They are in the process of being trained in MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy), it’s a 12 to 16 step program cognitive skills program where offenders participate in a group setting and focus on thinking errors. Melody Easton, South Lake Tahoe Drug Free Coalition: “Prescription Drug Takeback Day,” Safeway parking lot, 1020 Johnson Blvd., April 26, 10-2pm, safe disposal.  Looking at an early June event at LTCC, more information will follow.Kathy Martinez, University of California Cooperative Extension: Jan-March did 14 youth classes, all schools except the Magnet school. Reached 75 adults, 35 adults did 6 hours. Adult Classes, see flyer for schedule.  Workshop April 23 9:15am and April 24 at 6pm, Tahoe Valley Elementary, contact Kathy 530-543-2312 x238, see flyer.Francie Alling, St Joseph’s Community Land Trust: 12 years as a non-profit. They purchase property in the Tahoe Basin for moderate to low income local housing. They are looking to purchase a new property and conducting fundraising now.Carla Sells, Barton Health, Labor and Delivery: Continuing all their services. Do home visits with Best Beginnings; still have lactation consultants and child birth classes.Emily Winter and Annie Kiel, Firefly Yoga: Establishing a non-profit to pilot in South Lake Tahoe and Boston. Fire Fly Yoga International, designing a program with specialized yoga classes as complementary therapy for those who have experienced trauma. Just getting started, pilot beginning early this fall.  Pilot groups: Chronic STIs and STDs, trauma: at risk youth, veterans, police, fire fighters.Theresa Papandrea, SOS Outreach: Wrapping up winter season this week. Graduation for long-term university, Friday,  5:30pm American Legion, upstairs. 7 youth have completed the 4 year program. Over the winter their youth completed 360 hours of service to the community, 237 in North Lake. Summer programs are on track in South Lake and North Lake Tahoe, topics to include: nutrition, goal setting, paddle board, disc golf. If you have a need for youth, contact her. There will be an info night in May. South Lake Tahoe Rotary Club: Theresa  is selling tickets for car raffle. $50 ticket, coupons, and support scholarships and community groups,
  2. Lake Tahoe Unified School District: The State of California is interested in universal pre-school for 4 year olds. It would change the childcare community and public education in the community. Potential changes could be to have the transitional kinder housed at one site.  Governor Brown is adamant about public education and getting teacher’s raises.
  3. Wendy David, Tahoe Magic: They are a non-profit that helps families in financial crisis and work through referral agencies. They are working on a website, getting a logo, and business cards. They were given some funds through El Dorado Community Foundation to assist South Lake Tahoe folks through the poor economic winter. If you know of a family that is suffering, contact them (groceries, month’s rent).
  4. Liz Barnekoff, El Dorado County Office of Education, Family Engagement Coordinator: 24 parents completed a “Parent Leadership,” four session training based on the 5 protective factors.  The parents felt empowered by the training and EDCOE can’t wait to bring it to South Lake Tahoe this fall.  EDCOE will partner with other South Lake Tahoe organizations on this effort.
  5. Jan Genovese, Live Violence Free: All day training on June 20pm, Inn By The Lake, 3300 Lake Tahoe Blvd., 9am-5 on “Human Trafficking”, contact Kate Cowan 530-544-2118 x7627, see flyer.
  6. Marleen Eames, National Alliance on Mental Illness: The Mental Health Commission will meet April 22 at 11am, 1360 Johnson Lane, South Lake Tahoe, to discuss representation within the county. A combined meeting April 23, 5pm, will be held at the library.  It is important to keep representation here in South Lake Tahoe. NAMI assesses local agencies, juvenile detention center, jail. It would be more challenging for someone from outside the basin to come here to do assessments. The issue could be elevated if need be and your support is appreciated.
  7. Andrea Powers, First 5 El Dorado: They are in the process of revising scopes of work for next year. Looking at investing more money and time in communication plans for next year, strengthening families frameworks, offering things like webinars, monthly newsletters, updating website. Grant funding, Mental Health Services Act, prevention and early intervention to expand and reach their target underserved populations.
  8. Angela Swanson, City of South Lake Tahoe: Spring recreation programs are up and running. 2014 will be a quieter summer in road work. CalTrans is delaying some work slated for this summer.  Lakeview Commons’ access will be challenging this summer due to the Harrison Ave construction. Parking improvements begin May 1.  Funding for Harrison Avenue was made possible from the City, Business Improvement District, and water quality improvement project monies.
  9. Paul Smyrski, California Highway Patrol: “Prescription Drug Takeback Day,” Safeway parking lot, 1020 Johnson Blvd., April 26, 10-2pm. They continually take back drugs, contact them at their office, or call them to safely give prescriptions to them in the field.
  10. De-Anne Hooper, South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center: Cinco de Mayo, May 2, Heavenly California Lodge, 5-10pm, $20, authentic food, tequila tasting, bouncy house. Tickets going out later this week. Call them: 530-542-0740.
  11. Sabrina Owen, El Dorado County Mental Health: No updates.
  12. Steve Heggen, El Dorado County Probation: No updates.
  13. Matt Williams, Center for Violence Free Relationships: There is funding for families falling through the cracks. This funding will serve families who do not qualify for MediCal. It will fund families for home visiting, counseling, group services, etc.  He has a referral form he will email to Nicole and she will distribute to the group.
  14. Diana Lozano, South Lake Tahoe Library: She partners with First 5 El Dorado.  Saturday they had screening of “Frozen” and 50 people came. They have adult programming, too. Kevin Manning, “Star Tour,” May 6, 6pm, a former NASA Consultant will present Astronomy for Everyone; Debra Gauthier will present “Bright Lights Dark Places,” pioneering as a female police officer in Las Vegas, April 26th at 1pm. They have online magazines, free computers for public. 83% of library funding comes from taxpayers. Measure L is on the ballot. Only South Lake Tahoe residents can vote on it, see flyer. Passing of Measure L ensures the same level of service from the library in the future.
  15. Tara Styer, Tahoe Transportation District: No updates.
  16. 2014 Health grants are open, see flyer, or website,
  17. Tahoe Type 1 Diabetes Support Group: May 6th is the next mtg, 5:30pm, Barton Board room, see flyer.
  18. Sara Conrad, Barton Foundation: Barton Health updates, “Mom’s Morning Out,” event at Lake Tahoe Community College, massages, food, fitness 8:15am. Don’t have to be a mom to go. See flyer.
  19. Mishell De Felice, Foster Family and Adoptive Services: April 21, see flyer, for  “Project 44” info night.
  20. Leila Rosner, Foster and Kinship Care Education: They are hosting an info night for prospective local Foster and Adoptive parents, April 21, 5:30-6:30pm, Foster Family and Adoption Services, 2580 Lake Tahoe Blvd. She offers PRIDE training at the end of this month for certification for foster/adoptive care.
  21. Kim Stadtlander, Together We Grow: They use the “Ages and Stages” screening tools. They work with care providers. Doing a series of 7 programs, starting April 21.
  22. Judy Knapp, Community Resource Center, Placerville: They received a grant from “New State of Mind” to bring a film to the community regarding Mental Health Stigma. Barton had a Mental Health Awareness Symposium; this forum would be a bit different. She will coordinate all the details, the grant pays for food, room, daycare, etc. She was hoping that group would be willing to host event with a panel. Mental Health has been a constant topic. The film shows what different counties are doing to advance community education on this topic.
  23. Prescription drug use leads to heroin use in our community, and they are the leading cause of accidental death in our community. Post the Prescription Drug Takeback flyers. The next DFC meeting is May 6th.
  25. Lilliput Children’s Services UpdateTracy Hancock, MSW2750 Sutterville Road, #3  Kinship Support Program: Lilliput has been around since 1980, providing kinship care in El Dorado County. They assist with adoptions in California, about 500 a year. ~60% of adoptions are kinship care adoptions. There are a number of benefits to kinship adoptions, such as: formally provided with a provider (Lilliput), a family member providing for the children.  Benefits of kinship care are less traumatic for a child. Siblings are more apt to be placed together, less apt to be moved around a lot, and to see their parents more often. A child’s stability and well-being are better in kinship care than stranger foster care. Many kinship providers are financially and emotionally unprepared to care for the children and need to rearrange their lives. Most have had no training and support when they assume this role and the provider can be socially isolated.  A core clinical issue that caregivers face is grief and loss for the children and providers. Most times the grandmothers face this plus a loss of personal space, free time, and helping the children cope with their loss of neighborhood/school/friends. Roles and responsibilities change in the family and Lilliput helps the caregivers navigate them and set boundaries.  Lilliput also help providers deal with anger, resentment at birth parent, resentment at the person who called CPS. They provide supportive services on the Western and Eastern slopes of El Dorado County. Their programs are provided for caregivers to work with each other. Lilliput assists caregivers work on guardianship paperwork, help with fees associated with court documents. Lilliput hosts events, such as respite activities that are free of charge for families to connect. They do a lot of advocacy. It can be difficult for providers to navigate the systems for support and care. Colleen:
  26. “Derby Day” is a 2014 Kentucky Derby-themed Fundraiser in Sacramento, wear your hats.
  27. Karen Russell coordinates emergency gift cards for families for necessities.
  28. June 2, there will be a South Lake Tahoe get together, more information will be forthcoming.
  29. “Parenting Second Time Around” will be offered April 29, 1-2pm, 2494 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, Room B-6, see flyer. This is a kinship care informational meeting. Call 530-314-5998.
  30. A Kinship Support group meets the second Wednesday of the month at Tahoe Turning Point, 10:30-11:30am.  Currently, 6 caregivers attend the meetings. The format of the meeting is to have a presentation and then to have an open discussion. At a recent meeting, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department came to share the concerns of the community.
  31. Tracy:
  32. Sacramento, CA 95820
  33. Regional Program Director
  34. Child Protective Services & Adult Protective Services UpdatesAPS                                                     CPSProgram Manager                              Program Manager
  35. Suzanne Ballen, Child Protective Services:  Tahoe will have new manager, Moirhian Martin, starting Monday. CPS is housed in the El Dorado Center. Currently, lots of referrals are being screened through Placerville. Met with their director, Don Ashton, she does not think this is effective for Tahoe; so they are looking at that. They employ three social workers. They look for relatives if they have taken children from the birth parents. There is a full-time placement worker that supports El Dorado County as a whole, works with group homes and county foster homes.  They have a foster care licensing unit, Foster Care Manger and Social Worker, and connect with PRIDE classes for incoming family caregivers.
  36. In cases with adults versus those with children, they deal with self-neglect. APS works with the adult to see if they can put services in place to help the person at home.
  37. When they hear from banks on suspected abuse, they collaborate with Senior Legal Services and the local District Attorney’s office.
  38. Jayle Goucher: Adult Services Program Manager, Adult Protective Services and In Home Health Services. APS is a state mandated program for them to take suspected abuse reports and conduct an investigation for seniors, elders over 65, or disabled 18-64 year olds. Phone: 530-642-4800, ask for APS or make a report with intake staff 8am-5pm. Most of their reports are made by social workers, doctors, banks.  The 341 form was handed out. They cannot remove anyone from their home, but work with various agencies to best support folks.  Your job is if you feel that a situation is inappropriate, call them and they will investigate.  There is one worker in South Lake Tahoe and 2.5 workers in Placerville.
  40. Jayle Goucher                                                Suzanne Ballen
  41. 2:30 pm Adjourn
  42. NOTE DATE & TIME CHANGE: Beginning in May, Drug Free Communities Meetings are the first Tuesdays of the month at 3:30pm, 1100 Lyons Avenue (Boys and Girls Club Meeting Room).
  1. Next LTC meeting May 12, 2014, 1-2:30pm.